What Patients in Cardiff Should Know About SleepWell


SleepWell is an anti-snoring treatment which uses a custom-made mouthpiece which is worn to hold your jaw in position at night and prevent your airways closing – airway closure during sleep is a usual cause for snoring.

It is an effective and affordable solution: a safe way to make your snoring problem cease. Here are four things that you should know about SleepWell if your snoring is a source of concern.

It’s Personal

Your SleepWell mouthpiece is made to your personal specifications, resulting in the optimum fit for your mouth. It’s slim size also means that it is discreet and comfortable. Patients have found that they adjust quickly to wearing it and even stop noticing it.

It Lasts

It can also be adjusted by you. This means that it’s a treatment type that is long-lasting. It can even be modified to work alongside dental treatments, so that you can continue to address your snoring without this being a barrier to any other dental work. It also protects your teeth from the effects of tooth grinding or clenching while you sleep.

It Works

With a reported success rate of 95%, SleepWell is a great option for those who want to take control of their snoring. It is ‘the most clinically successful and advanced two-piece mouth piece to stop snoring.

It Can Transform Your Life

Snoring can result in a disturbed night’s sleep – both for the snorer and those they share a bed with! This can have extreme negative effective on daily life. Those who are regularly deprived of a good night’s sleep report the following: constant tiredness, not being alert during the day, frequent headaches, lack of memory and concentration and increased irritability. Getting sufficient sleep can affect all these areas for the better and those who find their sleep suddenly improving are thrilled at it’s positive impact on the rest of their daily lives.

Our specialist technicians are highly skilled in fitting the SleepWell mouthpiece and will work to effectively address your snoring. For more information about SleepWell with Bamboo Dental, click here and start your journey to a better night’s sleep. Call us on 02920569769 to book your appointment today.



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