What drink ingredients to avoid this summer


With the summer months approaching and everyone spending more time outside, carbonated drinks and juices are an increasingly popular choice for a ‘cool-down’ drinking option. Here, we outline some of the ingredients to watch out for and the hidden dangers of certain drinks.


It may seem an obvious ingredient to avoid but which drinks contain sugar isn’t always obvious. Supposedly ‘healthy’ drinks like fruit juice or vitamin water may contain much more sugar than you realise so it’s worth checking the labels. Why avoid sugar? Simply put, increased sugar means an increased risk of tooth decay. The bacteria in plaque will use sugar as a form of energy, releasing the acid which can weaken your teeth.

What about sugar free?

The ‘diet’ version of carbonated drinks are often just as dangerous for your teeth as their non-diet counterparts. These diet drinks often contain artificial sweeteners and the acids within them will erode your teeth.


Acid is another ingredient which presents as much danger to your teeth as sugar. Phosphoric and citric acids are commonly present in soft drinks and these substances put your teeth at increased risk of decay. The high acidity level of these drinks are likely to erode your tooth enamel and weaken your teeth.

It’s not just soft drinks to watch out for – fruit juices are often another high-acid drink. Try to drinking no more than one glass a day of fruit juice. Also, remember to brush soon after as if the acid is left on your teeth without being cleaned, it gives it more time to begin to soften your tooth enamel.


While many love to relax in the sunshine with an alcoholic beverage, alcohol consumption can be detrimental to your oral health. Alcohol abuse has been linked to a higher risk of developing mouth cancer.  Alcohol itself is a corrosive substance and it presents a danger to your enamel as it can erode the outer surface of the teeth.

If you are concerned that what you drink is affecting the health of your teeth and gums, why not give us a call to book a check-up on 02920569769.



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