What causes bleeding gums and gum disease?


Why bleeding gums may be an early sign of gum disease and a leading cause for tooth loss.

Gum disease word cloud

Gum disease word cloud


When we think about oral hygiene our teeth spring to mind, yet we should also consider the health of our gums.


Healthy gums are vital in order to help defend and protect your teeth from infection, as well as holding your teeth firmly in position!


Although bleeding gums is a very common condition, it is definitely not one that should be ignored. If ignored and allowed to persist, then this can cause gum disease and other serious problems.


What is Gingivitis ?


If you have noticed that when you brush your teeth, that in your waste toothpaste there is signs of blood, this may be a sign of gum disease.


This is sometimes coupled in some cases with noticing bad breath, this is a fairly common form of gum disease which is called Gingivitis.


Even at this stage it is important that you obtain advice from your local dentist in order to prevent further damage to your gums and teeth.

At Bamboo Dental we will be able to advise you regarding the best course of action.


We can also provide professional hygienist services within Cardiff, to remove the build-up of plaque, that can lead to tartar deposits, which can contribute to gum disease.


What exactly is Periodontitis?


Periodontitis is a much more of a serious condition which if left ignored can have serious detrimental consequences for your gums and your overall oral hygiene.


For example the actual bone within your jaw could decay if you experience this condition.


It is also possible for the distance between your gums and teeth to increase, in terms of the gap spacing, therefore making your teeth more loose even increasing the possibility of your teeth falling out!


How to prevent gum disease


It’s important to prevent gum disease by looking after your overall oral hygiene.


This can be achieved by brushing your teeth in the correct manner at least twice a day, and where applicable flossing on a regular basis.


It’s also important to make sure you are using a suitable toothbrush and that you are brushing correctly.


If you need advice on correct oral hygiene techniques, then why not get in contact with a dental hygienist at Bamboo Dental within Cardiff for more advice.


It Is also very important to make sure that on a routine basis you attend a check-up at your local dentist.


This will allow our dentists to spot the early stages of gum disease, and to advise on the best possible way forwards.


“If you are worried about your gums or overall dental hygiene, then why not contact Bamboo Dental in Cardiff today on 02920 569769”.


We even offer an out of hours and emergency dental service, so there is no reason to suffer if you feel that your teeth or gums are being neglected.


How your local dentist can help


You should attend a check-up appointment with your local dentist if your gums are causing you any pain or they are inflamed or swollen in any way.


If your gums tend to bleed on a regular basis, when you brush your teeth, it’s important to inform your dentist of this at the earliest opportunity.


Your dentist will be able to conduct an in-depth examination of what is going on with your gums, to advise the best possible course of action.


This is not an invasive examination in any way and you are unlikely to incur any discomfort, while your dentist is checking the condition of your gums.


Normally the procedure just involves using a thin metal stick called a periodontal probe, just to gain an idea for the condition of your gums at that particular time.


To even the most apprehensive and nervous of patients attending a dental practice can rest assured that this is a quick routine check, that will cause little discomfort to you.


What exactly causes gums to bleed in the first place?


The majority of cases of gum disease have been caused by the build-up over time of what is called plaque.


This can encase your teeth with a film like substance that will stick to your teeth almost like glue, and will over time harden and form what is known as tartar.


Tartar is much harder to remove and is much more stubborn and resilient to brushing, in attempts made to remove.


Other reasons gum disease and bleeding gums can be caused is by vitamin deficiencies and also over vigorous or incorrect brushing of your teeth.


That’s because some individuals may be incorrectly brushing their teeth in an overly abrasive or incorrect manner.


It may be worth therefore visiting your local dentist practice such as Bamboo Dental, to gain advice from expert dentists, or a dental hygienist in order to gain an understanding of how to correctly brush your teeth.


Are you currently experiencing gum disease, or are you spitting blood when you brush your teeth in Cardiff?


If you believe you are suffering from the symptoms of gum disease, that has been briefly outlined above, then why not call Bamboo Dental today to arrange a check-up.


Bamboo Dental offer emergency dental appointments in Cardiff and also an out of hours service. Please call 02920 569769 to arrange an appointment.

For more help and advice on how to prevent gum disease why not visit this link: How to prevent gum disease.



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