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The process of straightening teeth often conjures thoughts of clunky metal braces that are unsightly and can sometimes have a significant impact on our self-esteem.

Thankfully the world of orthodontics has moved on greatly since then and a “mouth full of metal” is now for many, thankfully a thing of the past!

Bamboo Dental of Cardiff can offer a number of procedures to help you straightening your teeth and obtain that smile you have always wanted to have, delivered in a cost effective manner.


How do you carry out Teeth Straightening procedures in Cardiff?

Our dental practice is conveniently located on Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, just minutes from M4 J33. We have a friendly dental support team and an expert dentist called Dr. Dan, well versed in methods of modern orthodontic procedures.
We have the experience and knowledge to safely straighten your teeth in a modern dental practice – we are well versed in cosmetic dentistry so we are the go to choice for many in South Wales.


We have a range of teeth straightening options, for more information on the processes of each procedure please visit these links:

Six Month Smiles Cardiff | Inman Aligner | Invisalign

Dr. Dan will be able to explain a range of options open to you when you choose to have your teeth straightened with us. You are never, therefore, restricted in terms of options with Bamboo!

For example, Bamboo Dental uses Invisalign, an invisible orthodontic aligner system with an emphasis on patient discretion and assuring as much comfort as feasibly possible for you when undergoing the teeth straightening procedure.


I’m interested in an invisible teeth straightening process, can you tell me some more about the Invisalign procedure please?

Invisalign involves having a number of fully removable aligners designed specifically to your individual requirements.

These aligners are then fitted to gently coerce the teeth into a new alignment and position.

Invisalign is unnoticeable to anybody who does not know you are undergoing a teeth straightening procedure.

You then may have to visit your dentist approximately every 6 weeks in order to keep the teeth straightening process on track and monitored.


How long does it take to achieve the desired results when having my teeth straightened through the Invisalign procedure?

As with all orthodontic procedures, it will heavily depend on individual circumstances.

It can take in some circumstances, as little as 12 weeks to see the results that have been agreed prior with your dentist.

Impressive results can be achieved through this revolutionary orthodontic system!


Will this process hurt? I have heard that teeth straightening is rather painful, is this true?

As with all teeth straightening procedures today, there’s been an emphasis on patient comfort factored into the design, whilst making sure the design is discreet.

Although with that said, this process can seem unfamiliar at first and can sometimes affect speech for a short period while you adjust to having a gentle pressure exerted on the teeth.

The Invisalign procedure is similar to some other teeth straightening procedures in the sense that pressure is exerted in a measured way over consecutive weeks.


I’m considering a number of teeth straightening options – why should I choose Invisalign in particular?

Bamboo Dental has found that a number of patients have praised how practical Invisalign is in terms of how slim-line the feel is to the aligners.

Also, unlike some other orthodontic procedures, there’s been a great emphasis on this product to make the process as discreet as possible, through removing any noticeable wires and unsightly brackets.

It’s important to note that a number of patients have commented that the system is practically invisible to view from an outside perspective.

This makes this teeth straightening process ideal when you want to tackle misaligned teeth, yet also not by making this public knowledge at work or within your personal life.


This teeth straightening procedure sounds like the option for me – how do I get started?

As with all teeth straightening procedures, you will first need a consultation with your dentist. To arrange a consultation in Cardiff, give us a call today or visit our contact page.

Your dentist will then be able to cover all of your questions you may have, and can assess whether this teeth straightening procedure is suitable for you.