Bamboo Dental Private Fees

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General Dentistry
New patients Full Examination (Includes X-rays & Light Scaling) £50


Existing patients Full Examination (Includes X-rays & Light Scaling) £40
White Composite Fillings Small £65

Medium £75

Large £85

E-MAX Veneers per tooth | Local Laboratory £410
E-MAX Veneers per tooth | Knights Dental Design £510
Lumineers per tooth £510
Porcelain Bonded To Metal Crowns £320
E-MAX Crowns | Local Laboratory £440
E-MAX Crowns | Knights Dental Design £550
Lumineer Crown per tooth £485
Full Gold Crown | Non-precious £320
Full Gold Crown | Precious £550
Bonded Bridge per tooth | Local Laboratory £320
Bonded Bridge per tooth | Knights Dental Design £440
Porcelain bridge per tooth | Local Laboratory £440
Porcelain bridge per tooth | Knights Dental Design £550
Sticky bridge £320
Extractions £65
Root Fillings Front Tooth £160
Root Fillings Side Tooth £200
Root Fillings Back Tooth £320
Tooth Clenching Inhibitor
Sci Appliance £105
Tooth Whitening
Take Home Professional Whitening £205
Zoom £320*
*Includes Activators and Take Home Whitening Trays
Orthodontic Treatment
Consultation FREE
Six Month Smiles £1,500 to £2,750*
Inman Aligner £1,250**
Smilelign Clear Braces £1,750 to £3,800**
*Inclusive Of Tooth Whitening and Fixed Retainer

** Inclusive Of Fixed Retainer

Hygiene Services
Bamboo Scale and polish £35
Bamboo Ultra White Polish £50
Bamboo Fresh Breath Polish £60
Anti-Snoring Treatment
Sleepwell Snoring Device £380
Silensor Snoring Device £330


Emergency Fees
Emergency Temporary £85

Inclusive Of Assessment, X-Rays, Temporary Fillings, Prescription, Recementation of Veneers/Crowns/Bridges, First Stage Root Filling, Simple Extractions.

Emergency Permanent £20 off permanent treatment following an emergency assessment.


Visit the National Health Services Website for information on treatments and NHS fees.