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What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is that branch of dentistry concerned with the movement of teeth into a position that functions efficiently and looks fantastic. Cosmetic orthodontic treatment also know as short term orthodontic treatment solely focuses on moving the teeth to produce a fantastic natural looking smile.

How long does it take to get straight teeth?

Bamboo Dental will give you straight teeth in as little as 3 months in some cases using the Inman Aligner and with minimal interference to your everyday life.
The most popular Orthodontic treatment is Six Month Smiles, where the average treatment time is just six months. Some patients prefer an ‘invisible’ removable brace like Smilelign, and typically wear this for 6 to 12 months.

Will I be able to have Orthodontic treatment?

Cosmetic orthodontic treatment/cosmetic braces are not for everyone. There are some occasions where a person is unable to achieve a fantastic result using short-term orthodontic treatment alone, but at Bamboo Dental we currently provide straight teeth conveniently and quickly to over 95% of patients who enquire.

Does it hurt?

Any brace used to provide orthodontic treatment will cause a degree of discomfort. Cosmetic or short-term orthodontic treatment uses light forces to gently move teeth into position and any tenderness is easily managed and quick to go away.

Do I need teeth out?

Not usually. At Bamboo Dental 99% of our orthodontic treatment is completed without the need to remove a tooth. We safely create space to move teeth in other ways. This helps to reduce the treatment time considerably.

What are my options? And how do I arrange an appointment?

At Bamboo Dental we provide three types of orthodontic treatment:

> Six Month Smiles
This is our most popular treatment and the treatment that helped Dr Rogers achieve the award of ‘Best Young Dentist, Wales and South West England’.

Inman Aligner
This convenient removable brace is used to straighten the front four teeth only. Great for those who want straight front teeth in as little as three months.

This is a great option for those patients who want total invisibility, and the convenience of a removable brace.

To arrange a free consultation simply give us a call any time of the day, or send us a contact request and we’ll ring you at a time that is convenient for you.