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Regular check-ups and visits to a hygienist are a must and form the basis of our preventative dental care plan. We strongly believe in the motto – prevention is better than cure and recommend an examination at least every 6 months and ideally 3 monthly visits to our hygienist. This ensures problems are caught early on and treated when they need a “little fix,” instead of waiting until it hurts and a more drastic and costly solution is required. Sarah our hygienist is a fully qualified experienced Dental Therapist and is able to spot any problems in-between your routine check-ups.


More than just a scale and polish

Bamboo Dental offer a full range of dental hygiene services, ranging from painless treatment of advanced chronic gum disease to a Bamboo Fresh Breath polish. The fresh breath polish is our most popular hygienist service with many patients taking the opportunity to achieve a healthy stain free smile and fresh breath with a Saturday morning appointment.


Direct access hygiene services

Our hygienists work closely with our dentists and are always present together in the practice. You don’t have to see the dentist to arrange an appointment with our hygienist.



Bamboo Scale and Polish (20 min) £35

Removal of tartar to maintain healthy gum condition, with basic stain removal using ultrasonic scaler.


Bamboo Ultra White Polish (30 min) £50

In addition to an ultrasonic scale and polish we also offer the latest prophyflex power clean system which fires a jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles at your teeth to polish the surface and remove debris. It cleans your teeth thoroughly removing any superficial stains giving you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching.


Bamboo Fresh Breath Polish  (30 min) £60

Bamboo Ultra White Polish plus direct application of UltraDEX odour eliminating solution to the areas that cause bad breath. UltraDEX fresh breath oral spray, and UltraDEX fresh breath daily oral rinse to take away.


 The clinically proven technology:

  • Instantly eliminates odour-causing compounds (VSC) and delivers 12 hours fresh breath.
  • Kills the bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum problems and plaque.


Discrete and easy to use, the handy spray can fit easily into pockets, bags or desk drawers.

  • 130 sprays within each pack.
  • Perfect for on-the-go freshness, all day long.
  • Clean mint flavour, sugar & alcohol free.


Alcohol free rinse, safe for daily use. The iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology® is clinically proven to:

  • Instantly eliminate odour-causing compounds (VSC) and deliver 12 hours fresh breath.
  • Whiten teeth within 14 days by gently lifting organic stains to reveal their true brightness. Excellent for use as part of a whitening maintenance programme.
  • Highly effective anti-bacterial action. Kills the harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum problems and plaque.
  • Contains fluoride* (230ppm) to help strengthen teeth
  • Free from colouring and available either pre-flavoured with mint or as original unflavoured (comes with a separate mint sachet to suit personal taste).


* Fluoride free version also available – click here for more information

What forms of dental hygienist services does your practice currently offer in Cardiff?

Bamboo Dental has a highly trained and capable team of dental hygienists, who are able to offer you professional deep cleaning of your teeth and also to treat possible bad breath.

Traditionally this procedure of removing stubborn plaque and decaying matter is called a scale and polish. We offer this service as well as many other preventative dentistry procedures.

Why not give us a call if you would like to supplement your oral hygiene routine with a professional deep clean of the oral cavity?


Why is visiting Bamboo’s team of hygienists so important?

Daily our teeth are under constant attack from acid erosion and the build-up of plaque and tartar.

We may have a daily dental routine in place, which we think is adequate, yet does this process have the ability to cut through the stubborn substances that cling to our teeth?

The truth is no-matter how sophisticated our modern toothbrushes are, they may not have the power to cut through those hard to reach places within your mouth such as the back teeth for example.

This is why you need a dental hygienist who can clean through the hard tartar layer and help improve your oral health, while offering you information to help keep your teeth healthier for longer!


Why should I pay for regular visits to see a Dental Hygienist at Bamboo Dental? Surely this is the dentist’s job to inform me about when things go wrong?

It’s far too easy with our modern lifestyles to forget about the importance of preventative dentistry.

Dentists are in agreement that dental hygienists are in a great position to be able to spot potential problems in the mouth before they arise. Regular hygienist visits are essential for maintaining gum health and preventing gum disease but also for general oral health.

Therefore your dental hygienists can offer you an early warning system of problem areas that may be encountered further down the line unless they are tackled head on now.

So do not wait to see your dentist, unless of course you know of a problem now, why not use your hygienist at regular intervals in-between regular dental check-ups?

Also your dental hygienist will be able to cast their expert eye within the oral cavity and look for any abnormalities or problem areas that may need urgent dental attention.

You may have over-looked these areas, therefore the dental hygienist can sign-post you straight to a dentist if the need arises to tackle a problem they may have noticed.

Also your dental hygienist will have other options at their disposal to protect your teeth, such as applying fluoride via a varnish formula for example.

Fluoride varnish is used in some circumstances to help protect and strengthen the outer enamel surface of your teeth.

Your dental hygienist is therefore focused on preventing gum disease also. An area of dentistry that many people may not be fully aware of is the implications of gum disease and its overall impact on our health which can be severe.

Gum disease should be taken very seriously indeed. There is now very sound evidence linking gum/periodontal disease to a number of serious systemic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. We believe that if many more people actually knew about the implications of gum disease, then visiting a hygienist would be seen as just as important as visiting your dentist.

So we would advise a routine dental check-up, via your dentist and to supplement this with a hygienist visit allowing them to look after your teeth through as many methods as feasibly possible. If you are serious about looking after your teeth in Cardiff do call us today!


Can you tell me a little bit more about what services your dental hygienists offer to help protect me from gum disease then?

Bamboo Dental offers traditional scaling and polishing and this is to remove the most stubborn and hard to reach deposits of tartar.

Through this process an intensive cleaning of the oral area can help to leave a fresh feeling left within the oral cavity. This can improve bad breath also if this persists.


Why visiting your dental hygienist can change your dental regime forever!

We are said to be creatures of habit, that is why we often wake up and perform the same oral care regime daily, without any changes as the years pass by.


Yet we must ask ourselves – are we currently using the best approaches to protect our teeth over the long term?

Part of a dental hygienists responsibility is to look at your overall oral health and to assess how well you’re brushing your teeth and carrying out your oral care regime currently.

If weaknesses are found through your brushing techniques for example, then a dental hygienist can spend time with you explaining the correct brushing methods that you need to adopt. This may involve advice for looking after certain teeth in particular, or your whole oral cavity if needed.


Apart from scale and polish procedures, can your dental hygienist offer anything else?

Dental hygienists play a vital part in a modern dental practice setting – they supplement the activities of the dentist and are also able to spend more time with you explaining crucial aspects of preventative dentistry.

Also dental hygienists can take dental x-rays where needed, and they can apply fluoride varnishes. Once prescribed by a dentist a hygienist can oversee your teeth whitening treatment. Such an approach might be taken to offer a more intensive form of protecting your teeth if it is noted that the dental enamel is wearing thin, or needs a “fluoride boost” in order to help strengthen your outer surface of your teeth.


Can your dental hygienist therefore help prevent against the onset of certain dental diseases from occurring?

A primary focus of a dental hygienist is to help slow down the effect of acid erosion and decay on your teeth through educating some patients about good oral care methods as well helping to protect you from gum disease through removing plaque.

Calculus is a very hard substance also called tartar, which can be removed and depleted which helps slow down the onset of gum disease. This is just one example of how our hygienists can help you.


I’m quite fearful about visiting a dentist in Cardiff. I am an extremely anxious patient, so can you offer me some form of reassurance that such procedures do not hurt?

Dental hygienists are expertly trained and have to undergo rigorous training in order to complete their valuable work. [See our meet the team page her]

It is widely regarded that the scale and polishing procedure, for example, is in-fact a procedure that can be a matter for your regular oral care routine in terms of protecting your teeth and is considered a pain-free procedure in the majority of cases. With all dental procedures if you feel any form of discomfort or pain there is always pain relief on hand to help improve patient comfort.

At Bamboo Dental, our hygienists are able to gently massage a numbing gel on the gums. This allows for pain free advanced gum treatment without the need for injection.

So you do not need to suffer when you undertake any form of dental procedure and patient care here at Bamboo is our number one priority at our dental practice, located within Cardiff.

I am worried about the dental costs. I don’t mind undertaking dental hygienist procedures on my teeth, but can all costs be made clear to me in advance?

We totally understand this view-point and worry over what the final dental bill will be, this is why we offer a clear pricing policy.

At Bamboo Dental some patients when visiting our dental practice even when sometimes in a great deal of pain, there is still a primary focus from some patients, as to what the final cost will be.

A common concern is therefore “how much will this actually cost, to get out of pain totally” , we understand this concern fully.

We operate a forward thinking modern dental practice in Cardiff, and we offer cost-effective solutions for both traditional, preventative and cosmetic dentistry.

What we always seek to generate is loyal custom and satisfaction with the level of service that has been delivered.


This is why we employ friendly and approachable staff at our reception area and throughout the practice accompanied by a clear pricing policy.

Our staff members will be able to give you cost estimates in advance, so you know exactly what the dental hygiene procedure will cost you, and the process is made clear and unambiguous.


Other hygienist service at Bamboo Dental

  • Ultrawhite polish
  • Freshbreath polish

Advanced gum health care

  • Perio chip
  • Glycene infusion