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Bad breath can stifle your confidence, often preventing people from having conversations in close proximity with others, and generally preventing you from functioning normally socially.

If you want to freshen your breath so it makes you feel confident and healthy then you need to visit Bamboo Dental of Cardiff.


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We understand that bad breath and halitosis has a stigma and taboo of causing embarrassment for the individual who is suffering from this condition, yet this need not be the case when you visit us at Bamboo.

We have an expert team which can freshen your oral hygiene and help you can regain your confidence in simple and affordable steps within Cardiff.

We treat all cases of halitosis with the strictest of sensitivity and professionalism.

We have an experienced and established dentist Dr Dan and a professional dental team of hygienists who are ready to alleviate your symptoms of bad breath.

It’s important to know that bad breath is very common indeed, and that you are just a quick phone call away from receiving the treatment that you need within Cardiff, South Wales.

We have an expert dental team, on hand to start fighting bad breath often very quickly and in cost effective manner.

  What is Bad Breath and Halitosis? | How is this caused? 

Quite often and in the majority of cases of bad breath we see it is caused by a poor oral hygiene routines, this also could point to the onset of gum disease occurring and developing. This is why it’s so important to have regular dental check-ups in Cardiff, to allow your dentist to find the early stages of gum disease or tooth decay.

Quite often a modern lifestyle aggravates halitosis further, often through the consumption of alcohol or smoking habits for example, this further dries the mouth causing bad breath symptoms to magnify and worsen.

There are also sometimes medical reasons which can cause the problem of bad breath that could also be the reason for unpleasant odours originating from the mouth.

Causes of bad breath can originate from the following areas:


The accumulation of poor oral hygiene over time


Poor oral hygiene and the lack of brushing and flossing can mean that food decomposes in those hard to reach areas.

During the decomposition this can release foul-smelling odours.

Consumption habits of certain foods, smoking habits and alcohol.

Smoking habits and alcohol can cause the drying of the mouth, which can further exacerbate the problem of halitosis.

Eating food types such as onions and garlic can also worsen bad breath if trapped between the spacing of the teeth and allowed to decompose.

So this is why it is so important to incorporate flossing into your dental hygiene routine!


Poorly fitted dental fillings


Dental fillings that have been poorly designed and fitted can allow for leaking and aggravation of the gum lining.

This can also be caused by poorly fitted dental crowns for example as well.

Medical conditions

It is possible that bad breath can be caused by certain medical conditions and from certain medications.

For example dry mouth (xerostomia) is a medical condition that affects the level of saliva that is present within your oral cavity.

Properties originating from certain medications could therefore be the reason for bad breath and dietary habits can cause dry mouth that can further increase the chances of halitosis occurring.

Other medical conditions such as sinus pain or nasal mucus becoming infected can also affects one’s breath.

“If you are self-conscious about visiting your dentist in Cardiff, why not try as a first attempt of cutting down on the amount of alcohol or cigarettes and tobacco you consume- to see if this alleviates some of the signs of bad breath?”

Sometimes once known causes of bad breath are reduced this can have a noticeable effect on ones breath.


What can Bamboo Dental do to treat bad breath symptoms in Cardiff?


We have an experienced dentist who can offer you pragmatic advice and solutions for bad breath.

Our resident dentist Dr Dan can offer solutions to help fight bad breath. Whether this be through regular visitations or a one-off scheduled appointment with Dr Dan, we will be able to offer advice on causes of bad breath.


Expert Dental Hygienists in Cardiff

Bamboo Dental in Cardiff has a team of dental hygienists who can offer professional advice about oral care methods and preventative dentistry.

Our dental hygienist team can also offer a range of services which can help protect your teeth and prevent bad breath from redeveloping. See our meet the team page to see our friendly and welcoming dental professionals.
We can offer a range of professional bad breath treatments:

Bamboo Dental retails a performance driven bad breath range of treatments to help reduce odour causing compounds within your oral cavity. UltraDex

 Fresh breath | Bad breath treatments Cardiff 

If you are suffering from halitosis or bad breath why not call us today to schedule in an appointment to see how we can help you in Cardiff.

We also regularly have appointments made from patients who travel from:

o Penarth

o Vale of Glamorgan, Cowbridge areas

o Surrounding areas of Cardiff such as Caerphilly, and neighbouring regions.


   Bad breath treatments Cardiff | Fresh breath solutions 

Bad breath can be an indication of some serious underlying health problems, such as the onset of gum disease for example.

Do not put off treating your bad breath- visit your expert local dentist within Cardiff Dr Dan today.

   Bad Breath Dentists Cardiff

Call us today for our fresh breath professionals and dental hygienists, who will be able to help you feel more confident through fresher, healthier breath.

Bamboo Package

Fresh Breath Polish (30 min) £60

Bamboo Ultra White Polish plus direct application of UltraDEX odour eliminating solution to the areas that cause bad breath. UltraDEX fresh breath oral spray, and UltraDEX fresh breath daily oral rinse to take away.