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Cosmetic Dentistry | E-Max Veneers

Veneers Solve a Variety of Dental Problems to Give You the Perfect Smile in Just 2 Easy Visits.

Bamboo Dental of Cardiff are committed to bringing you the latest cosmetic dental procedures and are pleased to provide E-Max dental as one of our veneer options to you.


Brighten Stained and Discoloured Teeth…Permanently

Staining and discolouration are common problems. Teeth whitening is a common option, but may not eliminate all the stains, or last as long. Veneers provide a long-lasting white smile, no matter what you eat or drink! Whether the stains are caused by time, drinking coffee or red wine, or by tetracycline staining, veneers can transform your smile with a permanently bright and natural look.

Restore Chipped Teeth

Do you have a chip on one of your teeth? Is it right in the front where everyone can see? Veneers offer a painless and pleasant way to fix your chipped tooth for good.

Eliminate Spacing and Gaps

Is there a gap between your front teeth or some other spacing problem that you wish you didn’t have? Veneers are a fast, non-invasive procedure for eliminating gaps between teeth. In just 2 short visits to your dentist, these ultra-thin “smile shapers” will eliminate excess space.

Align Crooked Teeth

Veneers provide a painless, fast alternative to braces that offer a perfectly-aligned look along with a beautiful smile. Now you can have a completely corrected smile, in just 2 short visits to your dentist.


Reshape Small or Misshapen Teeth

Misshapen teeth can really detract from your appearance. Not with veneers. Ultra-thin veneers can be simply placed over your original teeth, and in most cases don’t require the removal of any sensitive tooth structure.


Renew Old Dental Work

No matter your age, old crowns and bridgework add many years to your face. Veneers can easily be placed on top of crowns and bridgework to give you a beautiful smile—painlessly.


Bamboo Dental of Cardiff are committed to bringing you the latest cosmetic dental procedures and are pleased to provide E-Max dental as one of our veneer options to you.


What are E-Max Veneers?

E-Max veneers are made from an extremely durable and high strength porcelain allowing the veneers to be very thin indeed. But not only this, they are one of the most natural looking veneers ever to be developed.


E-Max veneers can be made as thin as 0.5mm, which means the tooth surface can be preserved, and in many cases without the need for an injection first.


Normally substantial etching and removing of the enamel surface is needed with such cosmetic procedures, yet with E-Max this is now a thing of the past or substantially reduced!


This makes this veneer type created out of pressed ceramic materials very popular in Cardiff. This is due to the minimally intrusive nature of the procedure needed in order to implement without causing pain or discomfort to you without major removal of the tooth’s enamel surface.


This easier, more practical veneer type is directly because of the veneer’s design and innovation in veneer technology, which follows a more patient friendly type of dental work, for comfort and style in mind.


E-Max veneers are very different in the sense that these veneers can be fitted directly to the harder enamel outer surface of the tooth (The enamel surface directly, and not dentin layer).


This type of veneer therefore provides a much stronger adhesion between the tooth and the veneer itself, this is because of its stronger grip to the harder enamel surface, as opposed to the dentin which is a softer layer of the tooth’s structure.


Because of the simplicity of this veneer type often this cosmetic procedure can be carried out in only two visits to our dental practice located within Cardiff, South Wales.


What’s worth bearing in mind also is that because this veneer type is extremely strong this makes the veneer less prone to damage, and chipping of the surface over time so you can stay looking good for longer!


What does the actual cosmetic procedure involve when getting E-Max Veneers fitted?


Prior to carrying out any cosmetic dental procedure, it is important to allow your dentist to evaluate if the cosmetic work planned through E-Max will be suitable for you, and if the condition of your teeth will allow the veneer to be bonded to the receiving tooth’s structure.


This will also allow you to have a discussion with your dentist about the look that you wish to create through this cosmetic dentistry and which areas you want to enhance and concentrate on the most.


Dr Dan our dentist at Bamboo will then take a putty like impression of your teeth while also recording the shading of your existing tooth’s colour.


Your impression will then be sent away to a dental technicians lab – who are able to carefully craft replica veneers specifically to your needs and contours required.


You will then be able to wear these replica veneers for a short period of time before confirming with Dr Dan that you are happy with the result. We will the proceed with the final fitting.


Finally this is where often there is strong differentiation in terms of results in between the standard of dentistry received, so choose an experienced cosmetic dentist in Cardiff, one well versed in veneers, teeth straightening procedures, orthodontics, and teeth whitening for example.


Dr Dan’s experience will allow him to make sure that your dental veneers are fitted in an optimum way, and that is achieved by observing the bite impression after fitting the veneers, this is to make sure that maximum comfort is obtained for the patient who receives such a procedure.


Also Dr Dan will be able to spend time putting the finishing touches to dental veneers, by making sure the ceramic is carefully perfected into place, this is so that both the dentist and patient are satisfied with the end result.



What are the advantages of choosing E-Max dental veneers?

Apart from being extremely thin requiring little preparation of the tooth’s surface, E-Max veneers are widely considered extremely high strength and durable making them a more cost-effective veneer for most.


We are now going to look at ways in which the E-max veneers can be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.



Covering Single or Multiple Discoloured Teeth


Perhaps you have a single chipped or discoloured tooth that is affecting your confidence.


Through E-Max dental veneers it is entirely possible to cover a single tooth to make a grey or yellowish tooth appear healthy once again and restore your smile to its former glory!


To Lighten the Shade of the ‘Social Six’ Set of Teeth


Many people have cosmetic dental veneers fitted over what are called social six teeth.


These set of teeth are often referred to as the social six, as they are the most visible within the oral cavity and are seen when you smile or talk for instance.


Perhaps you are unhappy with the alignment, colour or gap spacing, then E-Max dental veneers may be the option for you.


Improve the Colouration and Shape of Your Teeth

Perhaps you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth due to smoking habits or consumption of certain foods or beverages over the years, then dental veneers can help mask this problem area.


To Improve Small Gap Spacing Issues In-Between Your Teeth

Have you always been self-conscious about the slight spacing issues between your teeth?

Dental veneers can provide in some circumstances the perfect solution for making your teeth appear more uniform and symmetrical.


How Much Will it Cost to Receive this Cosmetic Dental Procedure in Cardiff?

Bamboo Dental prides itself on offering first class patient care accompanied by procedures which are professionally undertaken and offer strong value for money to the patient. Please take a look at our price list for an idea of the cost of this treatment. It is important to note that the price will depend on how many dental veneers your intend to have.

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