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If your teeth have become substantially decayed and damaged through acid erosion or perhaps they have become partially broken through an accident, then it may be necessary in some cases to have a dental crown fitted.
Bamboo Dental has an expert and experienced dentist called Dr Dan, who is able to offer you expert advice, in order to see if a dental crown is the most suitable option for you.
If you need a crown, veneer or you are suffering from any sort of dental pain then why not consider Bamboo Dental of Cardiff today:



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We can offer you a range of dental crowns there are many varying types for you to choose from.

So no matter if you wish to pick a crown for functional purposes (Gold or metal crowns) or a crown for its aesthetics and function (Porcelain) we have many options for you to choose from in Cardiff.

Dr Dan is an expert within this field of dental crowns and emergency repair to teeth, within the Cardiff areas.

The dental practice is easily located on Cowbridge Road West, and regularly sees patients from the following areas:


o Penarth
o Vale of Glamorgan areas
o Cowbridge
o Surrounding areas such as Newport and Caerphilly
o City centre patients looking for a quick solution to tooth pain from an emergency Cardiff dentist.
o Valleys, North of Cardiff


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With a specially designed dental crown covering fitted, it will allow for the broken or decomposed tooth to become improved in its aesthetic appearance overall and to stop dental pain also.

So not all crowns are chosen just to fix and repair teeth, sometimes crowns are used to improve the aesthetic look of the tooth overall as well.

If you have a slightly misshapen tooth that has become an undesired colour then a dental crown may be the solution that can change the appearance of your teeth for the better!

A crown tooth covering is sometimes also referred to as a “dental cap” but have the same meaning in dentistry.


  When is a dental crown required? 


If a tooth has sustained substantial damage perhaps through acid erosion overtime or decay then a filling may not be deemed sufficient enough in order to repair the problem.

In these mentioned cases a dental crown may be required.

Crowns are also required as a protective covering to protect fractured teeth and the remaining tooth’s structure from experiencing further damage and decay.

For example in contact sports such as rugby, part of the tooth may become fractured and damaged therefore in order to repair such large damage sustained a crown may be needed urgently.

We offer an emergency dental service in Cardiff. More information can be found here: Emergency Dentist Cardiff.


“To supplement our traditional and cosmetic dentistry services, we also offer an emergency dentist service for late evenings and weekends in Cardiff!”


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Misshaped teeth or discoloured teeth

It’s important also to know that crowns are also often used in cosmetic dentistry- this is in order to correct teeth with undesired shaping or those which have become noticeably discoloured over time.

Can you give me a little bit more insight into the procedure into what happens when a dental crown is fitted in Cardiff by Dr Dan?


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What will happen at your first visit to Bamboo Dental in order to get a crown fitted:


First visit:

Your first meeting will be to meet our highly experienced dental team and our reception staff, who will show you to a modern and comfortable waiting room.

Then at an initial appointment with our dentist here at Bamboo Dental, we then confirm that a crown is the best option for you.

After this we may carry out the reduction work required to the actual tooth. This is in order to neatly fit a permanent crown at a later date.

Our dentist then will take an impression of the tooth using a specialist material, a form of putty, which will allow for a detailed understanding of the mouth.

This is in order to form a blueprint and to design the tooth’s crown by the specialist laboratory technician.

Dental impressions are then sent away to a specialist dental technician, who will then carefully craft the dental crown ready for fitting at Bamboo Dental.

Dr Dan in the meantime would protect the remaining tooth’s structure through placing a temporary crown covering until a permanent crown has been designed.

We will take the time to understand if you are an anxious dental patient and to recommend solutions to help you throughout getting your crown fitted.


Second visitation to Bamboo Dental:

Normally at the second visitation to our dental clinic within Cardiff, our dentist will carefully remove the temporary crown covering, this is then ready for the tooth’s structure to receive its permanent crown covering.

If you and the dentist are then content with the fit and appearance of the crown it will then be fitted on top of your tooth’s structure.

It is fitted using a specialist dental cement, which will be applied to the crown and the remaining tooth’s structure.

Please do remember that although most dental crowns do not decompose, good dental care is needed in order to protect the gums and surrounding area to make sure the area stays healthy and protected.

Also your dental crown will be checked at regular dental check ups with us at our dental practice.

This is to make sure the dental crown has been fitted in the desired way and that the gum lining has received the crown in the desired way by the dentist.


“You may then also be asked after short period of time to return to Bamboo Dental just to make sure that you are happy with the crown covering, and that it fits comfortably and that it fits adequately”.



Have I got a choice of what dental crown is actually fitted?

There are a range of dental crowns that can be fitted- in recent years materials that can be used have changed quite substantially, to more modern materials.

For example you can pick dental crowns that are more for aesthetic purposes. This is because they may be made from porcelain materials or you may pick a less invasive and malleable crowns such as a gold crown.

Many dentists still prefer to work with gold crowns as they are easier to work into the desired positioning, and require the removal of less tooth tissue.

Bamboo Dental has a wide range of crowns to choose from, which differ in price depending on the material you choose.

It’s important to discuss with your dentist in Cardiff the look that you wish to create and we can advise you on the most adequate dental crown to suit your needs.

You may wish to pick a metal free crown or a composite material for aesthetic purposes.

Whatever you choose Bamboo Dental will have a crown solution just for you.

If you are somebody who tends to grind your teeth then it may be worth thinking about receiving a metal crown or a high strength porcelain crown.

This is because they will be able to withstand more forces exerted on them overtime, if you are someone who tends to grind or clench your teeth allot.

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Why should I choose a crown as opposed to a dental veneer?

As with all dental procedures it will depend on individual circumstances as to whether a crown or a veneer is best suited to particular needs.

In the majority of cases a dental crown provides a lot more strength and longevity in terms of its purpose, as compared to dental veneers.