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Cosmetic Veneers

Award winning dental veneers in Cardiff

Veneers come in various styles, materials and designs.

Here at Bamboo Dental, we only use the most durable and proven veneers available so that you can smile with confidence with the knowledge that your veneers not only look great, but will stand the test of time. Our options include E-max and Lumineers, two proven leading brands that will give you the smile that you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Bamboo For your New Porcelain Veneers?

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  • Proven high quality and durable veneers.
  • 0% interest monthly payment options.


Watch Jason’s story.

Jason was so unhappy with his smile that he was hesitant to even have pre-treatment photos taken by our dentist. Now he just can’t wait to get his smile out!

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are wafer thin pieces of porcelain designed specifically to bond onto each individuals teeth like a cap. The porcelain is secured onto the front of the tooth and can be designed to your own specification. In general, the function is to give your teeth a more aesthetically pleasing look. However, they also help to protect the teeth and can give structure to teeth that may have been damaged in the past. This treatment is often used where patients have chipped teeth as well as suffering from discolouration, crowding of the teeth or if the teeth are uneven in appearance.


How much do cosmetic veneers cost?

The price of cosmetic veneers is dependant on many factors including the amount of teeth that you require them for, as well as the type of material used. However as a general guide the price as around £400-£500 per tooth. We do offer finance options that allow you to pay monthly and a free consultation for you to discuss in detail your options before going ahead with treatment.