Toothbrushing tips for patients at Bamboo Dental



369px-Electrical_toothbrush_20050717_001Most of us are pretty good at remembering to brush our teeth at least once a day, however you may be surprised to hear that many of us aren’t brushing thoroughly enough.

Here are some toothbrushing tips you can follow:

* When you clean your teeth you may be unaware that you’re actually performed two functions, the first one is by removing the layers of bacteria which build up over your teeth and the second is by applying a layer of fluoride which is contained in the toothpaste.

* To ensure that both of these functions are performed adequately remember to brush your teeth for 2 minutes each time. Each tooth should be cleaned for at least 30 seconds.

* If you are using a manual toothbrush remember to brush the outer surface, the biting surface and the inside surface of each tooth. Once you have done each activity in your top jaw repeat again on the lower jaw.

* When using a manual toothbrush make sure your replace it every 3 months.

* If you are using an electric toothbrush then you will need to hold to brush against each of the tooth surfaces and the brush will do the rest for you.

* Make sure you replace your brush head at least four times per year.

Here’s a video which explains how to use a Philips Oral B electric toothbrush

You might not be aware of this but brushing your teeth only covers 80% of the tooth surface which leaves 20% which you can’t reach. The problem is that this 20% is between the teeth and is a critical area as this is where most of the bacteria builds up; this is why it’s also important to floss on a daily basis.

Check out this video of how you can floss correctly



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