The Best Dental Apps for your Smart Phone


800px-Young_girl_with_smart_phoneThe world of apps has been growing and growing over the past few years. Everyone has some, some people have a lot – all that really matters is having the right ones.

When it comes to dental apps we like to think we have a pretty good idea of where to find the best ones. So take a look below to see our favourites:

Brush DJ

The recommended time to brush for each day is two minutes – once in the morning and once at night. But how many people can be sure that they are actually brushing for two minutes each time? The best way to ensure this is to use a timer but this could be seen as a little boring, right?

So how about this app that chooses a song from your own playlist and plays it to you as you begin brushing and then gives you an indication of when your time is up. Great idea and great fun too.

ADA Dental Symptom Checker

Many people are familiar with checking for symptoms to illnesses online due to resources such as the NHS Symptom Checker for medical queries. ADA Dental Symptom Checker is a similar idea but for dental health. It contains a wealth of information and is a good first port of call –of course nothing is more important than booking an appointment to see a trained dentist, but this can be an interesting and good place to start.

Kids Dental Health

Anyone who has small children will know that getting children to brush can sometimes be a struggle, especially at the times of day that it matter most, like before leaving for school in the morning and just before bedtime. So, how about engaging you children with their own dental health by getting them active on this app. It is essentially a fact-packed book with all your kids need to know about dental hygiene, complete with fun illustrations and interactive games. In fact, they might just enjoy it so much that they don’t realise they’re learning…


Of course brushing isn’t the only practice that is necessary for good dental health – regular flossing is important too. If you have trouble remembering to floss, this app could be very useful for you. Flossy is an assistant that helps you to get into the habit of flossing regularly, with a ‘button’ on the app to press every time you floss. The app then keeps a record of how often you are flossing and sends you a reminder if you forget. A great tool for forming a good habit.


Which dental apps do you use? Will you have a go with any of these? Let us know – we’re on Facebook and Twitter.








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