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Primary causes of tooth discolouration

Tooth discolouration can occur for a multitude of reasons- often the most common reasons are lifestyle habits such as smoking and also the consumption of certain beverages and certain food types.

The consumption of tea and coffee and red wine are widely known causes of tooth discolouration, yet the less well-known causes can include eating certain fruits and vegetables, coupled with poor dental hygiene.

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Image of teeth being checked by doctor

Image of teeth being checked by doctor

Due to these lifestyle factors combined with the accumulation over time of this problem can cause the protective surface of the teeth, what’s known as the enamel to erode and to gradually decay.

The part underneath the teeth is what’s called the dentin and this erosion of the enamel can lead to a primary cause of discolouration and also tooth loss.

Other factors that can determine enamel decay and discolouration

Although the most common and known about causes of yellow teeth and tooth discolouration have been mentioned, there are many other reasons that are less well-known.

These can include trauma- that is trauma that may have been sustained to an individual and this can cause discolouration to a persons teeth.

Also genetics can play a part in the appearance of your teeth, for example it may be hereditary within the family-line to have slightly thicker enamel, than say compared to somebody else’s teeth.

Also another less well-known cause includes for a nerve ending to die within the tooth itself, which will cause over time the tooth to discolour and display un-natural shading.

What teeth whitening options does Bamboo Dental currently offer in Cardiff?

There is currently a wide selection of whitening options on the market today, from laser whitening right through to professional dental bleaching.

Bamboo Dental offers advanced LED teeth whitening, that can be carried out within the dental clinic and also further enhancements that can be made at home if you choose. For more information contact Bamboo Dental today in Cardiff.

That is if you choose to supplement your teeth whitening procedure further with teeth whitening applications at home then this is possible after receiving a procedure at our practice.

“For more information please contact Bamboo Dental today to choose a teeth whitening option that is best suited to you”.

Bamboo Dental can offer you a powerful teeth whitening option with the reassurance that this is carried out by a Dental professional here in Cardiff.

What Bamboo Dental can offer you in Cardiff | LED Teeth Whitening

Cardiff Teeth Whitening Solutions

Cardiff Teeth Whitening Services From Bamboo Dental | Your local dentists in Cardiff, South Wales.

By appointing a dental professional to whiten your teeth you can rest assured the teeth whitening procedure will be handled with the highest levels of client and oral care.

Bamboo Dental within Cardiff utilise some of the latest methods of teeth whitening available on the market today.

Teeth whitening services Cardiff

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“Bamboo dental offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures here in Cardiff”.

Bamboo Dental’s head dentist Dr Dan is committed to offering the latest and safest methods on the market today in teeth whitening procedures.

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