How to cut down on your sugar intake and reduce the chances of tooth decay


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Our modern lifestyles and modern culture means many of us crave sugar as part of our daily eating and drinking habits.

Yet if many of us continue over consuming sugary based food and beverages then we run the risk of increasing our chances of not only tooth decay but also diabetes and heart disease.


So what can we do about this?

By making gradual and continuous changes to how we think about sugar and how we consume it can have a huge impact to our well-being and lifestyles.


“When it comes to tooth decay, added sugar is hard to defend. More than a quarter of five year olds have tooth decay” Source: BBC

As the BBC quotation shows, for many our lifestyle choices are also being mirrored by our children.

With more than a quarter of five year olds having tooth decay it’s more important than ever to look at how sugar is entering into our food and drink consumption habits.
Here at Bamboo Dental we like to provide help and guidance on how you can help reduce the chances of experiencing tooth decay through changing your daily consumption habits.

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