Five reasons why adults in Cardiff should get braces


Braces are becoming more popular as they help to improve your looks and confidence and offer millions of adults, teenagers and children a chance to improve their lifestyle by getting their teeth and bites corrected.
However, there are still lots of adults who are too afraid to get their teeth straightened and feel that they are too old for braces.
Here are five reasons why adults in Cardiff should get braces:

Braces help improve your speech and appearance

Orthodontic treatment can help to improve your speech and your appearance. People now have the ability to speak better by properly aligning their teeth using braces, and surgery.
Orthodontic treatments have a positive impact on an individual’s self- esteem and self-confidence. Many research studies have shown that an attractive smile carries social benefits at all ages and levels of society, while an unattractive smile can be a significant social handicap. Appearance can and does make a difference in how a person is perceived and treated.

Straighter teeth can improve your oral health

Straighter teeth are healthier than crooked teeth as they have fewer cavities and are less likely to have problems with discoloration, uneven wear and fractures. By getting braces your gums will be much healthier therefore you are less likely to develop periodontal (gum) disease. Straight teeth and healthy gums will make it much easier for you when eating as you will be able to chew much better. Your teeth are also less likely to be sensitive to heat or cold and you lower your risk of painful and expensive dental problems.

Your confidence will improve with straighter teeth

One of the best reasons to invest in braces is to feel better about yourself. Studies have revealed that a smile is one of the most important things people look for when meeting and dating someone for the first time. An attractive appearance and smile also applies to job opportunities. Like it or not, your smile is a reflection of you.

Research suggests you can live longer with straighter teeth

Did you know that having your teeth straightened can potentially help you live longer? There are well known studies that prove that people who floss daily will live an extra seven years longer. Flossing is much easier when you have room for the floss but tricky when your teeth are crooked and crowded.

Braces can help prevent your teeth from getting damaged

Protruding (buck) teeth can easily break from an accidental fall or sports injuries. By getting your teeth straightened and your protruding teeth back inside your mouth, you will find that you have a better chance of protecting them from an injury. Those of you who play contact sports, should always wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth during orthodontics and after your treatment has been completed.
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