Summer treats that won’t hurt your teeth


Ice-cream, ice lollies… These cool treats are a summer staple that so many look forward to each year. However, the high sugar content means that these treats aren’t so great for your teeth. Here are a few chilled summer snacks to satisfy that sweet craving without damaging your teeth:

Fruit and Vegetable Based Treats

It’s important to ensure your diet contains enough fibre, so that your teeth and gums get the appropriate nutrition for optimum health.

– Apple quarters with peanut butter: crunchy and filling, these make the perfect snack

– Frozen grapes: the sensation of an ice-lolly with none of the artificial sugars!

– Fruit and veg ice lolly: blend bananas, avocado and your favourite berries in a blender (vary the quantities to taste), blend and freeze in ice-lolly moulds. For a creamier, more ‘ice-cream’ like texture, you could try mixing with coconut milk. Particularly fun to make with the kids!

– Carrot and celery sticks with hummus: again, these are filling and nutritious.

Sources of Protein

Including protein in what you eat is key to ensure that your diet is balanced and that you are getting the right substances for your body. Some of the following dishes are a way of ensuring your diet contains protein:

– Cold meat platters: ideal for the summer and easy to prepare

– Hard-boiled eggs: a good vegetarian option, these are a great snack for the hot months. They are a great way of satisfying the appetite and taste great when chilled.

– Pulses: another option that’s great for vegetarians as these are an excellent source of iron. Beans, lentils and peas all make wonderful additions to a summer salad.


Milk and dairy foods are a great source of calcium, which is especially important for keeping your teeth strong.

– yogurts and fromage frais: a good low-fat option (check for no added sugar), these are a great way of having a cooling snack. Try with chopped nuts and/or fruit.

– cheese: this is a great source of calcium and a lovely indulgent after dinner snack. However, check the labels as some varieties are particularly high in fat and salt. Go for white cheeses such as feta and mozzarella, which make a lovely addition to a main meal.

Remember to keep up a good oral hygiene routine alongside your diet and to keep having regular check-ups to ensure that your teeth keep healthy – call us on 02920569769 to book an appointment.



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