Six months smiles in Cardiff



model-teeth-clear-ceraminc-braces-orthodontic-treatment-brackets-35417844 (1)Do you live within easy reach of the Welsh capital of Cardiff and would like to straighten out a crocked smile?

If the answer is yes Bamboo Dental is Wales’s leading provider of Six Months Smiles who will help you put a sparkle back into your smile.

Living with crocked teeth can be extremely difficult both for your self confidence and for your health. Having to live with name calling can have a negative impact on people especially children and not being able to bite properly or clean in between teeth can add to the stress.

Thanks to Six Months Smiles you no longer have to suffer in silence or have to wear a brace for an agonising 12 – 18 months as often the case with traditional braces.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a different type of treatment from the use of traditional braces. This treatment uses brackets and wires that match the colour of your teeth, so people don’t really notice that you are wearing a brace. The Six Month Smiles system gently and quickly straighten the teeth that show when you smile.

 What are the advantages of Six Month Smiles?

This treatment offers plenty of advantages which include the following:

  • The brackets and wires are made from special, practically indistinguishable colour-matched materials so people can’t tell you are wearing a brace unless they look closely.
  • Since the system uses low force to shift your teeth, they’re more comfortable. They work much faster than traditional braces, giving you results in six months or under.
  • There is less risk of gum irritation, root damage, and teeth problems.

Why should I get Six Month Smiles?

Month Smiles is one of the fastest routes to straighter teeth. Not only will Six Month Smiles shift your teeth into optimal position, but it will do so comfortably. The main focus of Six Month Smiles is to cosmetically align the teeth that show when you smile.

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