Seeking Anti-Snoring Treatment in South Wales?




Suffering from snoring or sleep apnoea?

Snoring is caused when the airway closes a small amount during sleep. As a person slips deeply into sleep, they relax their muscles, including those of the neck and jaw. As the muscles relax the soft tissue in the throat can begin to vibrate, causing the sound we recognise as snoring.

Snoring can be distressing for the sufferer as often the sound of snoring will waken them from sleep. More than that though, snoring can cause great disturbance to a sufferer’s partner or family who may have to listen to the disruptive sound night after night.

Sleep apnoea is when the muscles relax to such a point that the airway is significantly obstructed during sleep and sometimes even completely blocked for a number of seconds.

What can I do to prevent this?

Many people will put up with snoring for a significant amount of time before seeking help. This is a shame as treatment can be very effective and can greatly enhance sleep for the sufferer and those around them.

Sleepwell is a custom made mouth-piece, created specially to fit your mouth. It prevents the lower jaw from falling back during sleep and thus stops the airways from closing. This means that snoring will be greatly reduced if not eradicated altogether.

What’s so good about Sleepwell?

The mouthpiece is customised to you, meaning you will feel maximum comfort whilst wearing it. As this system has a reported 95% success rate in reducing snoring, many clients are very satisfied with the results.

One of the many benefits of Sleepwell is that it’s possible to adjust your mouth-piece once it’s fitted, giving you greater control and flexibility. The guard is also both strong and unobtrusive, whilst teeth still have option to move sideways whilst the guard is being worn.

Sleepwell also protects against clenching and grinding and is an effective way of guarding against sleep apnoea, as it prevents the lower jaw from slipping backwards.

Finding out more…

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