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British Oral Reputation And The Private Dentist

There seems to be quite the reputation regarding the British concerning one thing; Bad teeth. As more and more people get treatment from private dentists this is a reputation that is getting very outdated very quickly.

Here are some interesting facts. We’re not so far behind America.

With the media putting focus a lot of focus on a “Hollywood” smile it’s no wonder people are going to a private dentist. Magazines, adverts and all forms of media are talking about oral hygiene and health. We, as British people are becoming more aware of our smiles and that’s a good thing!

The limits of the NHS

The NHS, whilst extremely valuable at times, are limited in what they can and will do. It seems as if unless a treatment is absolutely necessary they are happy to leave it. This is why private dentists are becoming so popular. Oral health is not only important in regards to physical health but well being and mental health as well. This is why many people are going to a private dentist; to fix something that will improve their quality of life in every aspect.

Private dentists can usually accommodate needs a lot more as they are able to perform most treatments at a time that suits you. We are open 7 days a week with long hours. They are able to offer cosmetic treatment in a hassle and judgement free space. A lot of NHS dental practices rarely accept new patients and some places have waiting lists for up to a year. There are horror stories we see each week about how people couldn’t get appointments or emergency treatments.

Private Dentist

People in severe pain can struggle to find appointments.

The Private Dentist Influx

This is why the private dentist trend is booming. Whilst cost might put people off a lot of private dental firms aren’t as pricey as you might think. For example, here at Bamboo dental we offer 0% finance over 12 or 24 months for any treatment over £350. That is as little as a phone plan for some treatments.

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The mindset is changing. Our British “Stiff upper lip” has always been ingrained into our culture – often to our disadvantage. We often leave problems hanging until they are absolutely unbearable. It’s the same with oral health. Cosmetic treatments are often ignored completely by the NHS and and braces not given unless the teeth are extremely wonky. That culture is changing; The stigma to fix a broken smile cosmetically or for health reasons is almost non existent. The focus on oral health and treatment is becoming more available to everyone through media, articles and all other forms of news. Thus allowing a more informed choice and contributing the influx of people going to a private dentist!


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