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9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice


Bamboo Dental Private Fees. We offer 0% interest monthly payment plans! Take a look by clicking here.

General Dentistry

New patients Full Examination

* Until further notice, our list is closed for new patients who want general dentistry. We still have capacity for new cosmetic patients.

Existing patients Full Examination

£35 (includes X-rays)

White Composite Fillings

Small - £80
Medium - £90
Large - £100

E-MAX Veneers per tooth | Local Laboratory


E-MAX Veneers per tooth | Knights Dental Design


Lumineers per tooth


Porcelain Bonded To Metal Crowns


E-MAX Crowns | Local Laboratory


E-MAX Crowns | Knights Dental Design


Lumineer Crown per tooth


Full Gold Crown | Non-precious


Full Gold Crown | Precious


Bonded Bridge per tooth | Local Laboratory


Bonded Bridge per tooth | Knights Dental Design


Porcelain bridge per tooth | Local Laboratory


Porcelain bridge per tooth | Knights Dental Design


Sticky bridge




Surgical extractions


Multiple teeth surgical extractions

Additional £117/tooth

Surgical apicectomy


Root Fillings Front Tooth


Root Fillings Side Tooth


Root Fillings Back Tooth


CT Scan


Tooth Clenching Inhibitor

Sci Appliance


Dental Implants

Single Implant With Crown

*Fully restored (includes crown) and CT Scan Included (usually £99)

Tooth Whitening

Take Home Professional Whitening


Zoom In-chair Laser Whitening

£360 (Includes Activators and Take Home Whitening Trays)

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

£582 (Discounted to £382 for patients who have had teeth straightening (not inc. the Inman aligner)

Orthodontic Treatment



Six Month Smiles

£1,950 for Upper or Lower Arch. (Inclusive of, whitening, minimal bonding, removable retainer & fixed retainer)

£2,500-£2,750 for both Upper & Lower Arches. (Inclusive of, whitening, minimal bonding, removable retainer & fixed retainer)

Inman Aligner

£1,450 (Inclusive Of Fixed Retainer)

Invisalign Clear Aligners

£1950 - £3800 (inclusive of tooth whitening and fixed retainer)

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

from £100 per tooth

Composite Veneers

£380 per tooth



Hygiene Services

Bamboo Scale and polish


Bamboo Ultra White Polish


Bamboo Fresh Breath Polish


Anti-Snoring Treatment

Sleepwell Snoring Device


Silensor Snoring Device


Emergency Fees

Emergency Temporary

(Inclusive Of Assessment, X-Rays, Temporary Fillings, Prescription, Recementation of Veneers/Crowns/Bridges, First Stage Root Filling, Simple Extractions.)

Emergency Permanent

£85 plus the difference to the item of service outlined in our price list.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Do you have a question and can't find the answer? Give us a call on 029 2056 9769 or send us an email at [email protected] Alternatively you can send us a message via our contact page.