Perfect Your Smile with Teeth Veneers in Cardiff


girl1If you’re less than happy with your smile you’re not alone: Many people wish that they could do something to improve the appearance of their teeth and in particular to improve chipped, cracked or crooked teeth. Teeth veneers can be the solution to this, so if you’re looking to find out more about getting teeth veneers in Cardiff read on.

What is a tooth veneer and how does it work?

A tooth veneer is a very fine layer of hard material, perhaps porcelain, which is custom made to fit your tooth. It sits on top of the existing tooth and gives the appearance of having a new undamaged tooth.

Veneers can be made in a wide range of shades so you can choose to have a ‘natural’ looking finish, with the veneer blending seamlessly in with the other teeth in your mouth, or you can choose to create a ‘whitening’ effect by selecting a shade that is lighter than your existing colour.

Are they suitable for me?

Almost anyone can have tooth veneers fitted in the right circumstances. If this is something you’re considering you will need to book an appointment with your dentist to speak to about the right course of action for you.

How long does it take to get teeth veneers?

The process of getting tooth veneers requires two visits to the dentist.

In the first visit the dentist will prepare the tooth for the veneer by taking a fine layer of enamel away from the tooth. He or she will then take a cast of the tooth and give this to an experienced dental technician for them to make customised veneer ready for your next visit.

On your second visit the veneer will be fastened in place with a strong bonding agent. As a layer of enamel has been removed the veneer will not take up any ‘extra’ room in your mouth. Once the veneer has securely bonded the procedure is complete.

How safe are veneers and how long will they last?

Dental veneers are very safe and all of the components/applications used during the process are completely safe for you and for your teeth.

Veneers typically last a number of years, though just like ‘real’ teeth they must be cared for in the appropriate way to ensure they remain in top condition.


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