Our Tips for Getting Fresh Breath in South Wales


Bamboo Dental Img_Fresh Breath 001_1What causes bad breath?

Bad breath (or halitosis) has a number of possible causes, though poor oral hygiene is the most common reason that people come to suffer from this confidence-knocking ailment.

If bacteria are left to build up in the mouth they settle on the teeth causing plaque, decay, gum problems and ultimately bad-breath. The nasty smell is a result of the bacteria combining with saliva to break down food  particles which are left in the mouth, in the process releasing an unpleasant smelling gas.

What can I do about it?

To prevent bad breath, and to promote fresh breath, regular brushing and flossing are essential. In fact this is the main way to ensure that all unwanted food particles are removed from the mouth on a daily basis.

As bacteria also favour the surface of the tongue as a place to live and grow, brushing your tongue is also advisable.

Of course, sometimes even with regular brushing and flossing problems will still develop and for this reason it is important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups, so that problems can be found and solved early.

Bamboo Dental ‘Fresh Breath Polish’

At Bamboo Dental we offer a special ‘Fresh Breath Polish’ for £60 which takes just 30 minutes. This is a safe and effective way to ensure that the surfaces of the teeth are clean and free from plaque and that there are no residual pieces of food or decay in your mouth. It is an excellent way to improve your dental hygiene and to give you fresh breath you can be confident in.

We also offer a number of products to give you continuing fresh breath:

Ultradex Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

This is an alcohol free rinse which is ideal for everyday use. It eliminates odour causing compounds and gives you fresh breath for up to 12 hours. It has a special anti-bacterial action which kills unwanted bacteria, protecting you against tooth decay, gum disease and other problems in the mouth. It is available in original flavour or mint flavour to suit your personal taste. It also has a gradual whitening effect and after 14 days you can expect visibly whiter teeth. This mouthwash also contains fluoride to strengthen teeth. Use 15ml twice daily before or after brushing.

Fresh Breath Oral Spray

This product is handy to carry around with you and slips easily into your pocket or handbag. It contains approximately 130 sprays and is perfect for getting fresh breath whilst you are on the go.

If you live in South Wales and would like fresher breath contact us here at Bamboo Dental. We will be only too happy to book you an appointment.

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