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9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
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9x Award
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9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
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22 February 2017

What a Private Cardiff Dentist Can Offer You?

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Our private Cardiff dentist is not only open 7 days a week but is manned by a 5 times award winning team. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider registering at our Cardiff dentist now! But that's not all, there are so many reasons that you should consider when deciding on which route to take your dental treatment down. Take a seat and contemplate. It's a very important decision and should be thought about carefully.

Our Cardiff Dentist is the Dentist for you!

Many people are deciding to switch their dental provider from the NHS to private and this is not surprising considering the wide plethora of benefits to making the change. Here we are going to discuss what these benefits may be and open the lid on real life after joining a private Cardiff dentist.

Why join Bamboo's private Cardiff dentist?

If you start to consider switching your dental provision to private then you will most likely come across the general stigma that it is just too expensive. Well, this is actually no longer the case. In fact, the price of private dentistry has decreased dramatically in recent years making it more affordable than ever. Due to this large decrease in price there has been a 20% increase in cosmetic work carried out through the last 3-4 years. This is not only due to the decreased prices but also due to the advancements in technology that have made a wider variety of treatments even more accessible to those searching for ways to look after their smiles.

A wider choice of treatments

New innovations spring up in the dental industry every year and you'll find these mostly available in the private sector. This is due to the fact that most newer treatments wouldn't be eligible for NHS funding. If you chose to go private then a wide range of treatments are available to you ranging from fillings and crowns to teeth whitening and dental implants. Not only this but there is an incentive for private dentists to keep on learning about new techniques and treatments as these add an extra dimension to the practice. Having these available to you may be priceless in your future dental treatments.

More time with your dentist

Under the pressure of NHS targets, many dentists will be forced to cut the time they can spend with you to as little as possible. However, when you visit a private dentist there is more leeway. The dentist does not need to be so rushed and can make sure that your treatment has been completed thoroughly and to a high standard. NHS targets can be a real burden in terms of the quality of treatment provided. It is kind of a paradox in that targets are needed to provide enough treatment for everyone who needs it but the more people that require treatment means that less time can be spent on each patient per time period in order for all of the targets to be met. In private dentistry, your practice will only accept the amount of patients that it has the capacity to treat to the high standards that they have set. This reflects strongly on the individual practice and so is certainly the way to go!


Where NHS treatments often focus on solving issues that you have with your teeth it is important not to neglect the idea of prevention. When you visit your private dentist, not only will current issues be solved but extensive care can be taken to make sure that you are very low risk from gaining problems in the future.

A range of finance options

When opting for higher end treatments such as dental implants or cosmetic veneers or simply choosing to sign up to a dental plan, there are numerous ways you are able to pay for your treatment.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is widely available and can be purchased from several reputable companies. Some of these include; Bupa, Cigna and Allianz and you can expect to pay around 20 per month. Many employers will actually offer you dental insurance as a part of your contract. When you go for this type of dental insurance you will usually have 70% - 100% of your treatment costs covered.

Monthly Payment Plans

The majority of private dentists have some form of payment plan available. These come in the form of a medical loan and can help you spread the cost of your treatment interest free across up to three years. This can make a seemingly expensive treatment very affordable and accessible to everyone!

Practice Dentist Plans

Most private dentists will have some form of health plan available for its patients to sign up to. One of the most popular is called Denplan. This plan has a general cost of 15-25 per month and is great at nurturing the habit of visiting the dentist for regular check ups, something essential for healthy oral hygiene. These regular visits enable the dentist to spot any potential issues very early. This means that problems can be resolved before the get worse down the line.


You'll find that when you go private, you will see a higher quality of care that is back up by guarantees. For example, Bamboo Offer a personal 5 year guarantee on cosmetic treatments. This is key as it reflects the immense confidence that our Head Dentist, Dr Dan has in the quality and success rate of his treatments.

Want to join?

If you would like to consider joining the private list then take a look at our Bamboo Dental Care plan and complete the contact form or give us a quick call on 02920569769 if you are interested!