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9 July 2015

What does a Dental Hygienist do?

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Dental Hygienists Cardiff

A dental hygienist plays a pivotal role within the dental care team. Our dental hygienists in Cardiff support our Cardiff dentists, by offering preventative dental health procedures, which can help support maintaining your overall oral health and dental well-being.  To arrange a visit to see our dentist in Cardiff Dr Dan, why not visit our contact page and drop us a line, or call us in Cardiff.

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To see our range of services on offer by our dental hygienists in Cardiff, why not take a look at this page also. Dental hygienists Cardiff Bamboo-Dental-Banner-Contact_2-1024x398 Our dental hygienists offer expert services which help to reduce the amount of tartar on your teeth through a range of services we can offer you in Cardiff. Our dental hygienists support the activities of our dentists by offering traditional services such as Scale and polish as well as other procedures to assist with your dental health. This allows our dental hygienists to spend time informing you about ways of how to prevent the build-up of dental tartar to help you reduce its formation in the future. Many refer to this as the scale and polish procedure yet our dental practice in Cardiff can offer this service and many other procedures. In-fact Bamboo Dental of Cardiff can offer you a whole range of dental solutions, from cosmetic dentistry services, right through to offering Cardiff an emergency dental service. So if you need anything from teeth whitening right through to visiting an out of hours dentist we are the natural choice for many Cardiff residents.

How our Cardiff dental hygienists, can help you fight tooth decay and gum disease


This important role played by our dental hygienists at Bamboo Dental can support the activities of our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan, who also offers regular checkups that can inform you of the progress of your dental health. Dental hygienists therefore can advise and help to keep your teeth healthy, also advising on methods to help you protect your gums also. This crucial activity can help gradually reduce the amount of tartar to slow the build-up of this substance on your teeth. Also through regularly visitations to our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan, and by also arranging regular routine visits to our dental hygienists, who can receive more time and advice on correct methods of brushing, and dental hygiene advice. This can improve your oral hygiene and help you protect your teeth.

Do you ever feel you had a burning question you wished you had asked your Cardiff Dentist, but missed the opportunity on your last visit?

For example quite possibly you may not have had the time to talk to our dentist over matters that regard your oral health, and discuss those matters you would have liked to discuss if you had more time. Therefore visiting your dental hygienist on regular basis will enable you to discuss with the hygienist concerns you may have regarding your overall oral hygiene, that maybe you didnt have the time to ask your Cardiff dentist. Many patients discuss brushing methods, different toothbrushes, and what fluoride toothpaste to use for example. To arrange a visit to your local dental hygienist in Cardiff, why not visit our contact page. For further information on dental hygienist services on offer in Cardiff click here.


Yes but I do not currently use a hygienist, so how can a dental hygienist help me if I have never used one in the past in Cardiff?


The dental hygienists primary focus is to carry out procedures on your teeth and also to offer you  advice on methods to prevent and treat in some circumstances gum disease. Bamboo Dental has a range of services that can help improve your oral hygiene, especially if this is carried out on a routine basis. You can also ask our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan regarding what dental hygienist services you can benefit from. Therefore you will be receiving expert advice from our dentist, accompanied with professional dental cleaning services, that can be carried out by our expert hygienists in Cardiff. Traditionally many who are already well accustomed with visiting a dental hygienist will request for what is called the scale and polish, we are now able to offer other services as well that are carried out by our dental hygienists.


 Whats important is that you may only have a short time with your dental hygienist and dentist.

It is the patients responsibility therefore to look after their teeth in between visits, so it is an important time to ask questions on how you can maintain and improve your oral health, when visiting any dental clinic


Your dental hygienist can also offer advice from our Cardiff dentist who will enable you to carry out ways to help prevent tartar, and help reduce the amount of plaque build-up on your teeth.

Has Bamboo Dental got its own team of dental hygienists?


Yes, Bamboo Dental has its own team of dental hygienists, that are available to carry out a range of services within Cardiff. Some private dentists may not have their own dedicated dental hygienist team. Bamboo Dental can offer you the full range of dental hygienist services that you may require in Cardiff. Therefore if you are looking for a private dentist in Cardiff that can carry out preventative dentistry and general dentistry, while also combining supplementary services such as cosmetic dentistry, then Bamboo is the natural choice for many within Cardiff.

How can a Bamboo Dental hygienist help prevent tooth decay and dental disease?

Why not have a look at our range of dental hygienist services available in Cardiff. Dental hygienist services Our dental hygienists in Cardiff are experienced and expertly trained, they will be able to target areas of tartar that builds up and help remove the onset of this tartar. Also dental hygienists can provide tailored advice specifically for you, concerning ways of how to moderate or change your diet, to prevent the increase of tooth decay and plaque build-up. Many unwittingly have got their selfs into dietary habits which includes the consumption of sugary foods or beverages, and other harmful food types, which over time can accelerate the damage levels sustained to our teeth. Our dental hygienist team in Cardiff can therefore offer advice to you if you are concerned that a particular dietary habit that is causing you dental problems. Our resident Cardiff dentist and our dental hygienist, will be able to tell you about problem food types and beverages that you may want to avoid, or reduce the consumption of to help preserve the health of your teeth.

How can I help the dental hygienist in between visits to my local dentist?

Correct brushing methods


Preventative dentistry and looking after your teeth starts at home!

Many patients may be surprised that they could be incorrectly using their toothbrush or using the wrong form of toothpaste. Its important therefore to get into a regular routine of looking after your teeth in the correct manner. For example some patients suffer dental pain and problems because of overly abrasive and hard brushing, therefore our Cardiff dental hygienists and dentist will be able to advise on methods of correct preventative dentistry methods, such as flossing, how to brush your teeth properly, and using the right sort of tooth brush.

Using the right toothbrush, and toothpaste can make the world of difference!

Our Dentists will be able to advise on the correct toothbrush, that will be suitable for you, and also what fluoride toothpaste that you may benefit from using. They will also be able to tell you if it would be advisable to use a particular dental floss and how often.

Dietary information that may relate to assisting good oral health

Some individuals although they are aware of the consumption of certain sugary drinks or food types can be harmful to their teeth, they do not actually curb their consumption, often until its too late. Thats until they receive advice from our expert Cardiff dentist or hygienist team that is, advising them on the extent of the damage sustained through their favourite fizzy drink for example, which sometimes causes shock to curb consumption of some food or drinks. Our Dentist in Cardiff therefore advises them that over consumption can cause tooth decay, and that the extent of damage if worsened can lead to tooth loss. This shock often experienced by some patients can prevent the tooth damage from increasing. This is why if you have any questions for your dentist in Cardiff, do ask them on the next dental check up. If you feel that you have sustained tooth damage and this is now causing you pain or discomfort, then do contact our Cardiff dental emergency dentists, on hand in Cardiff to get you out of dental pain.

How our dental hygienists in Cardiff, can offer advice and good oral care treatments in South Wales


Our professional dental hygienists will therefore have time to sit down and discuss with you what food types could be particularly causing you problems and advise that you may want to reduce consumption of these types of beverages or food. If you feel that a particular food or drink may be causing you problems with your teeth, or you need individual one-on-one advice why not contact our dental practice today in Cardiff, South Wales.


Therefore in between regular dental checkups at our dental practice in Cardiff, you may want combine good oral hygiene methods as well as changing your diet, so that you can help protect your teeth


Regular dental checkups

By undertaking regular dental checkups and visiting our dentist in Cardiff, you are increasing the chances of our dentist finding dental issues before they intensify as a problem. If you leave it long periods in between dental checkups then you are increasing your chances of tooth decay and plaque build-up going unnoticed. Often our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan is able to spot increased levels of plaque and tartar build up that actively decays teeth, and is able to quickly arrange a visit to the dental hygienist in order to help reduce the problem.

I want to visit a private dentist in Cardiff with expert dental hygienists on-hand, is this something you can offer?

We offer a full range of private dental services through our dental clinic within Cardiff, we can offer private dentistry services in Cardiff. Please do remember Bamboo Dental of Cardiff, carries out teeth whitening procedures, tooth straightening, hygienist services, and an emergency dental service which has patients arriving from all over the Cardiff districts. Our dentist in Cardiff can offer you valued experience and a real passion for protecting your teeth and your overall oral hygiene. To arrange a visit to meet our Cardiff dentist or to enquire about our private dental services on offer in Cardiff, contact us today.