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9x Award
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9x Award 
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9x Award
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9x Award 
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9x Award
Winning Practice

13 July 2015

Veneer Dentist Cardiff | Giving you a brighter, whiter smile this summer!

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Cosmetic Veneers can transform the look and appearance of your smile!

 Cardiff Dentist 

Veneer Dentists Cardiff | Cosmetic Dentistry Cardiff


Our Cardiff dentist, Dr Dan is well versed in transforming teeth, through the use of cosmetic dental veneers. We have a range of dental veneers for you to choose from in Cardiff- thats depending on the look and the appearance of the teeth that you wish to have.

Why not brighten your smile with us this summer at Bamboo Dental, based in Cardiff?

If you choose to come and visit us at our private dental clinic in Cardiff, we can offer you different styles and shading for your teeth- that only an expert dental practice can! Whats important is that Bamboo Dental only offers quality veneers and a quality dental experience within Cardiff. Visit our suppliers websites who supply Bamboo Dental with quality dental veneers, why not visit dental veneer experts: Lumineers, E-max, and also Knights Dental to check out the veneer dental range.

Common questions our patients ask us at our dental practice in Cardiff about Veneers

Dental Veneer Experts Cardiff | Private Dentists Cardiff

Does having Veneers installed hurt?

As with all dental procedures today you do not need to suffer or feel pain, especially when you are receiving a treatment from our expert dentist. You will be in safe experienced hands backed up by a team of dental professionals. Dr Dan, our resident Cardiff dentist will make sure you are informed about the options of pain relief also.


You can rest assured the process is expertly managed by a professional dentist who makes sure that your comfort is a primary focus when carrying out the procedure.

Does the cost increase much depending on what company and brand I choose to design my Veneers?

Yes, the cost of your dental veneers and carrying out the procedure in Cardiff will depend on what type and material you want used for your Veneers. Different dental veneer designers and manufacturers attract different price points. Its worth remembering that Bamboo Dental offers private dentistry in Cardiff at a sensible price point. You can therefore have expert treatments from our dentist and receive the latest veneer products on the market at sensible prices.


"Unlike some dentists we dont just offer you one dental veneer supplier, we instead have a range of options, so you can choose which material and which brand you prefer!"

Can all dentists offer such a broad range of private cosmetic treatments?


Can I see the same dentist throughout or will multiple dentists be taking care of the procedure in Cardiff?

We have a Cardiff based friendly and personable dentist, Dr Dan who can take care of the procedure so you will not be seeing a range of dentists, just one.

Does your dentist and practice take the time to listen and offer varying options, or are you tied to just one veneer supplier?

Some dentists or dental practices may try and accelerate the process, therefore not giving you as much time or valued information to decide on what is the best veneer option for you. Our Cardiff dental team will take the time, they will understand what you want and help you narrow down a dental veneer supplier. No, we are not tied to one dental veneer supplier, we have many separate veneer brands for you to choose from.


"If you want a wide choice of dental veneers in Cardiff, then choose a dentist and a name you can have complete confidence in choose Bamboo Dental of Cardiff today".

Can I see and meet the dentist before I make a firm commitment that having cosmetic veneers is the right option for me?

We understand that if you have never visited our private dental practice for a cosmetic dental enhancement, then you will want to meet our dentist first. We can arrange for you to meet our dentist, if you would like a chat about your concerns with dental veneers and whether the look you desire is possible. Quite possibly you are undecided about receiving teeth whitening or dental veneers, then a conversation with our dentist can help you decide whats best for you.

Cardiff Veneer Dentists

Bamboo Dental of Cardiff is widely regarded in South Wales as an expert within the field of cosmetic dentistry. Our private dental practice therefore offers a range of cosmetic treatments, from dental veneers right through to straightening your teeth and achieving the cosmetic appearance you have always wanted! Whats more is that achieving the cosmetic appearance that you desire need not cost the earth. (Prices page) We have a range of options with varying prices, why not visit our pricing page:

Dentists in Cardiff who install dental Veneers


Our expert dentist Dr Dan is focused on providing a first class customer experiences at our private dental practice in Cardiff. With an expertly trained dental team ranging from dental hygienists, right up to experienced head dentist you will be in safe hands.


Why trust something as precious as the appearance of your teeth with a less experienced dental practice?


Have a consultation with Dr Dan our head dentist, and see our dental practice for yourself, to make an informed decision about what dental veneers would be best for you.

Brighten your smile and teeth with Cosmetic Veneers

Many of our patients have a momentous occasion on the horizon, such as a wedding or special family event coming up. Why not mark the occasion by looking great in your photographs, through having a bright and white smile! This can be achieved through dental Veneers installed by our dental professionals in Cardiff. Our dentists in Cardiff have a primary focus on customer care, we take the time to listen to you so we can gain a full understanding of the cosmetic appearance of your smile that you wish to achieve.

Cosmetic Dental Practices Cardiff

If you are searching for a private dentist in Cardiff that offers a whole range of cosmetic treatments, then why not consider us at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff. Having your veneers installed is a painless procedure, one which a dentist like Dr Dan has carried out frequently and is now considered an expert within the area of cosmetic dentistry.

How Dr Dan can expertly install dental veneers in Cardiff:

Why not take the first step in achieving a smile and cosmetic look to your teeth that you have always wanted, contact our dental team today on: Cowbridge Road West Cardiff.


Bamboo Dental, 28 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5BS

We can schedule an appointment time for you, where you can come and meet our head dentist and our dental team. We can show you are range of dental veneers, which vary in style appearance and price point. We look forward to seeing you at our dental practice in Cardiff.