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9x Award
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9x Award 
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9x Award
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6 July 2015

Thinking about getting dental veneers within Cardiff? Heres what Bamboo Dental can offer you!

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Whether you have just one tooth that is suffering from discolouration or you would like a complete smile makeover, we are the dentists that can help you in Cardiff.

Dental Veneer Experts Cardiff

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, and are self-conscious because of misaligned teeth or you have a smile that you are not proud to show off, then why not book a consultation session with us in Cardiff. Our Cardiff dentist, Dr Dan will be able to discuss a range of cosmetic dental enhancement treatments and a range of dental veneer options open to you in Cardiff. Our expert dentist in Cardiff, will be able to advise how we can help rectify your misaligned, stained or damaged teeth. We can help you gain a smile that you will be proud to show off in any social situation!

How Dental Veneers and Teeth Whitening can enhance the appearance of your teeth in Cardiff

I am unhappy with how my teeth look, but how can dental veneers help the situation?

Dental veneers allow a very thin layer of material to be placed on the front of the tooth to mask its appearance. Here at Bamboo Dental we only fit the latest quality veneers such as those created by top names in the industry such as Knights Dental, Lumineers and E-max veneers.


Top name branded Veneers at sensible prices here in Cardiff, installed by professional, experienced dentists in Cardiff


So you can rest assured that you will be receiving a quality service and also quality veneers installed by expert dentists here in Cardiff. To view where our dental clinic is in Cardiff click here: Contact us Cardiff dentist | For more information on Lumineer veneers click here | for more information on E-max veneers click here. Dental veneers can improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, by covering discoloured teeth and imperfections such as gap spacing between your teeth. If you have a chipped tooth or the alignment of your teeth is slightly crooked then veneers can help in certain circumstances. Whats important is that you discuss with an experienced and expert dentist the best method to meet your requirements. Why not book a consultation session with us in Cardiff today. Contact us


Cosmetic Dentist in Cardiff that truly care's about creating a smile you are completely proud of!


"Can you be more specific on how dental veneers can improve the cosmetic appearance of my teeth?"

Dental Veneers can offer a quick solution when you wish to have a brighter smile thats carefully created to your unique specifications. Dental Veneers can help in the following circumstances:


  • Helping to disguise misaligned teeth
  • Veneers can be installed in a relatively short period (Often over two sessions with us at Bamboo), while also being offered in a shade of tooth colour shading that you desire.
  • From a Hollywood smile right through to shading that matches your existing tooth colour or indeed a less obvious shading, we can help you achieve the look you want!
  • Veneers therefore offer a viable alternative to having braces fitted to your teeth.


"Therefore if you do not wish to have braces fitted to help correct misaligned teeth why not consider one of our dental veneer options?"


Cardiff Veneer Dentists

Accident damaged or chipped teeth

Perhaps you have sustained a sporting injury, or an injury at work to your teeth and you therefore have a slightly chipped or damaged tooth. As your most visible teeth are the ones that are most likely to be damaged within an accident, it is preferable to correct chipped teeth, as these are the most noticeable. Dental veneers installed by our expert dentists in Cardiff, can help correct the cosmetic appearance of chipped tooth or damaged teeth.

Discoloured or Darkened Teeth

In our modern diets we have seen an increase in the amount of discolouration that happens to our teeth, because of everything from over consumption of coffee or smoking habits for example. As we all know smoking and consumption of heavily pigmented beverages and foods can change the colour of our teeth over the years. If you feel that teeth whitening may only offer you a temporary solution when you are thinking about getting dental veneers installed in Cardiff instead, then contact us in Cardiff. Dental veneers can be designed specifically for you to take into account the style, materials that are used and also what shading of white that you prefer.

Maybe you wish to disguise one discoloured tooth or create a whole new smile, whatever your dental ambitions we can help in Cardiff.

Cardiffs Expert Veneer Dentists

"How will my Veneers be installed in Cardiff, what is the process involved?"

All dental treatments will be carried out by a highly qualified dentist within Cardiff. As every patient has different preferences in terms of how they wish to change the cosmetic appearance of their teeth, it is important that you discuss your requirements at the initial consultation with our dentists. To view background information on our expert Cardiff dentist click here: Dr Dan. To contact one of our professional dentists in Cardiff click here: Cardiff dentist contact page After we have had a consultation you will have a better idea and understanding of the options open to you in terms of types and prices of veneers that are available to you within Cardiff. We stock a range of dental veneers varying in price depending on the provider of the veneers and the level of final detailing and finishing touches you want to add.

Dentists in Cardiff who truly understand how to transform your appearance through Veneers

"Are dental veneers the only option open to me for discoloured or grey cast teeth?" Some patients in Cardiff before undertaking dental veneer work may wish to change the appearance of their smile and teeth through undertaking teeth whitening with us. For more information on teeth whitening in Cardiff, why not click here.

"We are teeth whitening experts within Cardiff that can offer a range of solutions to whiten your smile".

You may later feel that teeth whitening only offers a temporary solution, due to lifestyle choices, in terms of your consumption of certain foods or beverages or smoking habits for example, you may then consider the option of dental veneers as a more appropriate option.

Teeth Whitening and Dental Veneer Dentists Cardiff

If you wish to restore a healthier appearance to your teeth then why not consider Bamboo Dental of Cardiff today. The team of experts right from the outset of your initial phone call will be able to explain in more detail the options open to you when whitening and changing the appearance of your teeth.

Cardiff Veneer Dentist transforming the cosmetic appearance of your teeth!

Whether you choose dental veneers or teeth whitening we can offer you a professional solution in Cardiff