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4 February 2016

The Miss Wales Smile Secret

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In a world where so many strive to replicate the famous smiles of TV dwelling folk, it is rare to get an honest insight into how such a desirable smile came to be. We caught up with Miss Wales 2015 winner, Emma Jenkins, to find out exactly what it takes to achieve an award winning smile. Emma's smile has been a trademark that helped her win the much coveted title but she wasn't blessed with the perfect smile through genetics. In fact, she has worked extremely hard to keep her teeth healthy and like many others, has sought out ways to take her smile to the next level. Luckily for us, Emma was happy to share some of her experiences and her beauty regime that has been instrumental in the acquisition of the beautiful smile that she has today.

What is the secret to achieving the perfect smile?

Miss Wales showing off her smile in interview at Bamboo Dental Miss Wales winner, Emma, visiting our dentist in Cardiff.

1. Let's start with your smile maintenance. Could you tell me about your daily routine?

I brush, floss and mouth wash every day and night. I don't feel clean unless I do all three!

2. Great! Sadly, many people avoid using floss, has it always been a part of your routine?

I never used to, but when I had my first whitening treatment I was told what a difference it would make. Its a whole new clean feeling when you floss, and it definitely helps with keeping my teeth white.

3. Do you avoid certain foods with your dental hygiene in mind?

Im ashamed to say I don't! I work in television so I drink a lot of coffee, but I always make sure I take care of them. I think its paid off!

4.Going back to your younger smile, were you on top of looking after your teeth as a child?

I think like every child, I hated brushing my teeth! My mother has amazing teeth and always made sure mine were looked after. I thank her for that now.

5. Were you always blessed with such perfect teeth?

No, not at all! I had braces for 3 years in secondary school. I hated having braces so much, but all the pain was definitely worth it!

6. Had you ever felt self conscious about your smile when growing up?

Yes, I used to either hide my smile in pictures, or pull ridiculous faces so that if I looked bad, I could always blame the silly face! I think its hard to like anything about yourself when your'e a self conscious teenager. Luckily I grew up to realise how little all of that really mattered. I think when you grow up you realise that its not about how you look, its about how you feel! I try and preach this message to so many young girls who tell me they feel ugly or not good enough. I felt that way too! Its just something you grow out of when you find yourself.

7. Have you accumulated any advice that you could give others trying to maintain a healthy smile?

I think as long as you stick to the magic 3 then you are on your way to a healthier smile.

8.In your industry image is vital but how important to you is your smile?

Posing for pictures comes with the territory really, so its very important that my teeth look perfect in pictures. Not only that, but our smiles are our way of showing happiness and love without having to say a word. I always notice when someones smiling, and people always comment on how I constantly smile.

9. Being the current Miss Wales, you have to have a certain confidence, how much of this do you think could be attributed to your smile?

Having the perfect smile is considered very important in the world of beauty, and knowing that my teeth are in good condition definitely helps me shine a little brighter on stage and on TV. I think taking pride in your appearance, (and smile,) does amazing things for your self-worth and confidence. Its definitely worth investing in your smile.

10. Do you often get compliments about your smile?

I do, yes. I think my teeth is the first thing people notice about me because I am constantly smiling. Im very proud of my teeth. Having braces as a youngster, I never wanted to smile in pictures. It was all worth it in the end!

11.Have you recently had any dental treatment to help maintain the smile that you have today?

I have whitening treatments now and again, just to keep my smile at its best. I usually do this before big events so that my teeth look perfect in pictures.

12. What would you say to somebody contemplating dental treatment to help restore their smile?

People always tell me Im silly for whitening my teeth, because my teeth are white anyway. They may not see the difference, but I do. You should never consider treatment if your'e doing so to make someone else happy. Ask yourself how YOU will feel? Will you walk a little taller and smile a little brighter if you go ahead with it? If the answer is yes, then DO IT! Give yourself the treatment you deserve, and you will feel full of confidence and ready to take on the world. It sounds dramatic, but its very true. Confidence is everything.

13. As a whole, what do you think a well looked after and beautiful smile says about a person?

A beautiful smile communicates friendliness, happiness and love! Its our way to communicate without saying a word, so its very important that we keep our smiles in tip top shape. Its our most important and influential asset.

In summary, it is clear to see that a stunning smile is rarely a gift from birth but more a reward for those who look after their teeth. It is calming to know that even Miss Wales 2015 once wore a brace and that her teeth are now appreciated by many!