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9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
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9x Award
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9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice

6 July 2015

Looking for a Private Dentist in Cardiff? | Why not contact Bamboo Dental today?

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Private Dentist Cardiff

Telephone: 02920 569769

If you are looking for a private dentist in Cardiff then look no further, Bamboo Dental can offer you everything from general dentistry checkups, to preventative dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry services. Bamboo Dental are a private dental practice in Cardiff, that offers the full range of services to both registered and non-registered patients throughout the area, regularly seeing customers from Penarth and other surrounding areas of the capital city.

What Bamboo Dental can offer you:

We are a private dental clinic that offers an out of hours dental service We also offer an Emergency dental service Cosmetic dentistry services, teeth whitening, veneers, teeth straightening. In some circumstances we are even an alternative to visiting a dental hospital in Cardiff, if you need to use us for some dental emergency procedures .

Can you tell me more about your Private Dental treatments you offer in Cardiff?

Bamboo Dental are a highly skilled dental team located on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff. For a whiter, brighter or just a healthier smile why not contact Bamboo in Cardiff:

Telephone: 02920 569769

Bamboo Dental therefore offers a comprehensive range of private dental treatments within Cardiff. Whether you need teeth straightening or just a private dental surgery when you want it, then we are the natural choice for you Cardiff, South Wales.

Where is your Private Dental Clinic in Cardiff?

Conveniently Located on Cowbridge Road within Cardiff we are easily accessible by good road links connecting us to the capital of Cardiff and the other surrounding regions such as Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan areas. We regularly see customers using our private dental service, and visiting our expert dentist from the following areas:

o Newport

o Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan areas

o All the Cardiff areas, including business and tourist visitors to the capital

o Caerphilly and other surrounding regions to Cardiff

Address: Bamboo Dental,

28 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5BS

Will I be able to afford Private Dentistry within Cardiff?

Bamboo Dental has a philosophy of offering high-quality professional services yet at affordable prices within Cardiff, that put such procedures in the price range of many. We often tell our patients that its difficult to put a price or something as crucial as your teeth and maintaining your oral health, so price shouldn't be the only differentia when choosing your dentist. Thats why we offer our private dental services in Cardiff at a price point that is affordable and sensible, yet offering professional solutions (See our pricing page). Thats whether you use our cosmetic dentistry services or our traditional dentistry service. The exact pricing of our private dental treatments, whether that be cosmetic dental or traditional general dentistry, will need to be confirmed with you in person as all treatments are specific and tailored to each individual patient in Cardiff. To schedule an appointment to come and see one of our expert dentists within Cardiff, to discuss costs and a plan of action why not call us today. We can achieve your desired smile and cosmetic appearance that you desire, contact us today.

Private Dentist within Cardiff, South Wales

I work late, and rather un-sociable hours in Cardiff, will this matter when I need to make an appointment at your dental practice?

Our private dental service appreciates that for a lot of our patients that work unsociable hours because of work commitments, it can be hard to find a quality dentist. This was the crucial and driving factor that drove Bamboo Dental to start a professional out of hours private dental clinic in Cardiff. You now have access to a professional dentist in Cardiff at a time best suited to you, so whether you need an emergency dental service or cosmetic procedure we can help you achieve what you desire. We therefore welcome visits from our patients out of hours and on weekends. Or if you require a dental emergency situation, call us now we are open certain evenings and weekends, call to arrange a visit.

Telephone: 02920 569769

Talk to one of our friendly private dentistry team today to discuss your options. Why not contact us today. Cardiff dentists contact page.

Im looking for a private dentist within Cardiff, and making the process of receiving a dental procedure pain-free, is this possible at all?

As soon as you step into our private dental practice, you can begin to see how we have created environment that alleviates stressful feelings, and a stressful experience often associated with visiting a dentist. We have achieved this through employing friendly, personable dental reception staff, that are there to help and go the extra mile as opposed to a less welcoming presence that may be experienced at some dentists. When you then make your way into our waiting room you can see that we offer a clean and professional premises, that we operate from within Cardiff. Then you will meet our experienced and knowledgeable dentist in Cardiff, you can call him Dr Dan if you wish. Our dentist will then listen to your requirements and what you want from your private dental treatment, offering you a more tailored professional experience.

In the past I have had great difficulty securing an appointment at short notice from my dentist, will I have this problem with your dental practice in Cardiff?

Bamboo Dental prides itself on offering a professional dental service that fits around the patient and not the other way around. This means that we will endeavour at short notice to see each one of our patients who require an emergency dentist at short notice or who require a normal dentists check-up in Cardiff. Our private dentist can therefore allocate you in an emergency appointment slot if you need a visit at weekends or on an out of hours appointment.

I would like to choose a Cardiff dentist that not only who takes care of my general preventative dentistry needs, but also can who offer me cosmetic dental work, is this something you can offer me?

Bamboo Dental offers a wide range of dental services and procedures in Cardiff both cosmetic, traditional dentistry and an emergency dental service. Here is a small selection of the services our Cardiff dentists can offer you o Teeth whitening o Teeth straightening o Cosmetic veneers o General dentistry & routine check-ups o An experienced professional dentistry service o Crowns o Hygienist services in Cardiff o Bad breath solutions o Expert dental advice and guidance, regarding cosmetic or traditional dentistry. o An easily accessed and located dental practice in Cardiff It is therefore possible to have one dentist which carries out your preventative dentistry needs and the same dentist for your general dental checkups, who can also offer you cosmetic dental procedures as well if you desire. So quite possibly in the future you may want dental veneers or a teeth whitening procedure, to give you that glowing natural smile, we can offer all this all to you at sensible prices in Cardiff, South Wales. So yes, whether it be Saturday appointment you require, or you really want to get that misaligned or wonky tooth sorted out at short notice, we can offer you a service in Cardiff that you need from your dentist, for a lot less than you might think!

You mentioned Dr Dan as an expert in this field, so tell me a little bit more about what dentistry tasks Dr Dan can carry out.

Certainly, Dr Dan is professional and experienced dentist who is well respected within the general dentistry profession in Cardiff. Dr Dan goes the extra mile in terms of customer service, offering out of hours and emergency dental services are just one of the ways that Dr Dan fits his practice around his clients. Dr Dan undertakes general dentistry services in Cardiff and is also considered an expert in cosmetic dentistry services in Cardiff also. For those unfamiliar with cosmetic dentistry this ranges from everything from teeth whitening, right through to straightening or realigning your teeth. For example adding veneers to cover discoloured or darkened teeth, is also another speciality of Dr Dan. Whatever you require cosmetic or general dentistry Bamboo Dental are here to help you within the South Wales regions.

Private dentist in Cardiff

Contact our friendly team today, to help you get a brighter whiter smile, or just to keep your teeth in tip-top healthy condition.