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7 August 2018

Grow Your Confidence with Composite Bonding

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Composite bonding is becoming the treatment making the headlines in the past year. It has become so popular in the United Kingdom amongst those seeking a newfound confidence due to it's quickness of treatment and adaptability to most shapes of teeth. It's also a very safe and painless procedure, requiring no preparation of the teeth. composite bonding

Composite Bonding Could Cure Your Confidence Issues

Composite bonding works by using a very durable and versatile material called, you guessed it - 'composite'. This material is used to build up the areas of your teeth that require attention. That may be; cracks, chips and misshapen areas. The result is a beautiful smile that is not only natural but incredibly durable too. The common ingredients in dental composite usual comprise of very fine particles of glass as well as plastic resin filler. It also does not matter what shade your teeth are as the composite can be bound to any shade of teeth. Related: Find out more about composite bonding in Cardiff here.

 You are able to go for two options that are based around either composite veneers or composite bonding.

composite bonding cardiff

Composite veneers

These are essentially like a porcelain veneer in that your whole tooth is covered but the material used is composite instead of porcelain. In this case, the composite will be built up around your entire tooth encasing it in the material. This provides a brand new shape for the tooth and is a one stop solution to a bran new sparkling summer smile.

Composite bonding

This is used for cases where there is no need to cover the whole tooth and so is a lower cost to you. In these cases you may have a chip on the tooth or an area of misalignment which can be evened out using a layer of composite material in the area of interest. This is best applied where you are feeling a lack of confidence due to a small are of your smile. Often a slight asymmetry or chip that you are feeling looks noticeable. With a little composite bonding, you can even out the tooth very quickly and overcome the issue.

Composite Bonding can be useful for...


  • Discoloured teeth

  • Chipped teeth

  • Spaces and gaps

  • Crooked teeth

  • Mis-shaped teeth

  • Cavities

What are the key benefits of composite bonding?

Composite bonding has become so popular due to the huge amount of benefits of the treatment and here are some of the most important ones for you to know.

Quick Treatment Time

Once your check up and consultation is completed then you only need to visit the dentist once to have your composite bonding completed. This is much preferred by many as the alternative of teeth straightening or veneers can take several appointments over time.

No Preparation Required

In some cases of porcelain veneers you'll need your teeth to be prepared before hand. This is often the case when teeth are too crowded together to fit the veneers over. Common ways to prepare teeth would be shaving down of the tooth or with the use of a teeth straightening treatment before hand. As composite bonding is placed over the teeth differently, there is no preparation needed.

Durable Material

Composite bonding treatment can last for several years and are very easy to maintain if they do show signs of wear and tear. You can just pop into your local dentist in Cardiff who offer composite bonding and they can touch up your smile.

Cost-effective Treatment

Compared to full porcelain veneers you'll be able to get your composite bonding done at a snip of the price. If you are looking for composite veneers then the price will be around 300 per tooth, a full 210 cheaper than porcelain veneers.

How do I book an appointment?

If you were interested in finding out more about composite bonding or composite veneers then we'd highly recommend booking in for a consultation with our award winning dentists. Having been crowned best overall dentist in Wales you'll learn a wealth of information including whether composite bonding is suitable for you. You can get in touch with us below: