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9 July 2015

Do you suffer from overly sensitive teeth? | Bamboo Dental Cardiff looks at the causes and preventative dentistry measures that you can take

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Sensitive teeth can be a minor or a major irritation, depending on the amount of damage that has been sustained to the outer surface of your teeth (The enamel). This also includes the possible damage that has been sustained to your gums, thats possibly incurred through incorrect brushing methods that may have taken place for example. [caption id="attachment_3188" align="aligncenter" ] Emergency dentists Cardiff | Bamboo Dental Are you suffering wisdom tooth pain or dental pain in Cardiff? Why not use our emergency dental service?[/caption] Dr Dan a respected Cardiff dentist, offers preventative, general, and cosmetic dentistry services from his practice located in Cardiff.


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This week we are going to pay particular attention to what exactly causes sensitive teeth, and how the problem can be diminished through methods you can use at home and with the help of your local dentist.

The problem with overly sensitive teeth

A common iteration that many of our patients describe to us when visiting our dental clinic is that they state that they have overly sensitive teeth, and that the problem has got progressively worse. The problem gets aggravated further through consuming cold or hot foods and drinks in a lot of cases.  This means our patients either in less urgent circumstances inform us at a regular dental check-up, or in more severe cases involving dental emergencies, our patients use our emergency dental service in Cardiff to treat the problem at short notice. To prevent your sensitive teeth turning into an dental emergency situation in Cardiff, contact our Cardiff based dentist today.

We do offer an emergency and out of hours dentist service in Cardiff. Click here for more info if needed.

We are now going to look at the problem of overly sensitive teeth in more detail, through this in-depth article, to help many of our Cardiff patients who require further information about the subject.

Can you tell me what exactly causes sensitive teeth and this irritating painful sensation?

The outer surface of your teeth has a protective substance called the enamel which has the purpose of protecting what is contained beneath, which is called dentin. Due to acid erosion, incorrect brushing techniques, or just overly poor dental hygiene, then this accumulates over time and compounds the dental problem further, and this can strip away this protective outer enamel surface. Once this hard outer surface has become removed it can expose the dentine which is when patients can feel an overly sensitive shooting pain or a dull sensation within their teeth. Whats important to note is that this aggravation or pain is a signal that you should visit your local dentist in Cardiff to gain an expert and professional opinion of what is happening to your teeth and an assessment of your overall oral hygiene. To arrange a emergency appointment click here | To ask our dentist in Cardiff or our dental team a question click here

For arranging a visit to our dentist in Cardiff, why not call or email today. Contact page

Can you tell me what are the exact causes that lead to overly sensitive teeth?

Erosion of the outer enamel Our modern diets some may argue have changed substantially over recent years, increasing our chances of experiencing sensitive teeth. Sugary drinks and the overconsumption of certain fruits for example can assist with regular "acid attacks" occurring on our teeth. This dental erosion through acid attacks, can remove and decay the part of the enamel surface that then leads to tooth decay developing, and thus incurring over sensitivity of our teeth.

Is my bad habit of tooth grinding a particular problem when it comes to developing tooth sensitivity?

Those who have developed the bad habit of grinding or clenching their teeth can mean that they are actively eroding the enamel surface of their teeth and this is being gradually worn away. This can cause damage to your teeth, and over time is also another cause of sensitive teeth. If you are suffering from dental pain or discomfort because of teeth clenching or grinding, then you should talk to your dentist in Cardiff as soon as possible to look for a possible solution to the problem. Cardiff dentist | Contact page Incorrect brushing methods  Brushing too hard or in an overly abrasive manner can also strip away the enamel, that over time can help to remove the surface of the teeth as well rescinding the gum line. Correct brushing methods are very important to your dental hygiene, as an overly abrasive manner can expose the sensitive parts underneath a tooth and can thin and damage tooth enamel. Remember if you persist with incorrect brushing methods to try and relieve tooth pain you could be making the problem worse through further aggravation of the gums or teeth. Contact your dentist in Cardiff, contact Dr Dan today, for professional dental advice and help in South Wales.

Many get into a set routine when it comes to brushing your teeth, yet its of vital importance to your oral health that you brush your teeth correctly.

You can make a visit to see our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan, or you can arrange to see our dental hygienist team in Cardiff, who can assist with informing you about the best way carry out brushing your teeth and how to look after your oral health.

I believe that my diet is having a negative effect on my teeth, but would this be causing my teeth to feel sensitive?

Its important that if you are experiencing dental sensitivity, that you examine closely youre eating and drinking habits. Therefore you may wish to reduce the frequency that you drink fizzy drinks for example, this can help you cut down on the acid attacks that might be forming on your teeth throughout the day. We also have to look closely at other food types too, we might be eating fruits, ciders, wines for example that we may be consuming that are unwittingly destroying our tooth enamel. We therefore have to think of counter measures, or changing our diet in some circumstances to help protect our teeth, as with all dental problems it is individual to the patient, so make sure you discuss any concerns with your local dentist within Cardiff, South Wales. We also have to look at times that we brush our teeth, as sometimes patients that have certain diets such as consuming large amounts of fruit when coupled with brushing their teeth straightaway, can actually enhance the process of forming an acidic attack on our teeth and cause abrasion. This can accelerate the process of thinning and decaying our enamel. Whats important is that if you have any concerns about your diet or you feel that this is impacting on your oral health, then communicate this with your dentist, either at your next check-up or arrange an appointment.

To speak to our Dentist, Dr Dan in Cardiff then why not schedule a visit with us soon?

daniel-rogers I think that preventative measures in terms of visiting a dental hygienist is not what I require, I think that the enamel of my teeth has become so decayed that I need to see an emergency dentist is something you can offer in Cardiff? Our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan operates an emergency dental clinic within Cardiff. For your private dental needs, or to use our out of hours dentistry service in Cardiff, why not give us a ring to arrange an appointment. In cases of overly sensitive teeth this can be a distraction from business and your personal life, if you wish to get the problem rectified as soon as possible why not arrange a visit with our emergency dentist in Cardiff today.

I have been using sensitive toothpaste and a sensitive mouthwash and this has not reduced the dental sensitivity issue.

What can your dentist in Cardiff offer in terms of treating my sensitive teeth?

As in all cases of dental sensitivity you have to be examined on an individual basis by our Cardiff dentist, in order to find out the exact cause of the dental sensitivity issue. Our dentist Dr Dan in Cardiff, will then be able to advise on a range of options that are deemed as the best option to treat your overly sensitive teeth. This includes using special fluoride substances, and also other special dental sealants to prevent the sensation of oversensitivity within your teeth.
Its important that you visit our expert dentists in Cardiff such as Dr Dan, this is because you may not know the true causes of your dental sensitivity until you have visited a dental professional in Cardiff.
For example many who suffer with stress at work for whatever reason may subconsciously be grinding their teeth. Teeth whitening also can be teeth sensitivity problem if carried incorrectly and may have caused over abrasion of the outer surface of your teeth. Perhaps you have had a high sugar diet, thats lead to severe tooth erosion, what ever the dental emergency or situation in Cardiff we can help you.

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I have been grinding my teeth for years, its only now the dental pain has got worse. I am distracted at work in Cardiff, how has this happened?

These habits over time can grind away the enamel through microscopic fracturing of the tooth enamel surface. Therefore our expert Cardiff dentist can advise on different options that can help reduce or slow down this habit that is causing dental problems. Some solutions might be for example would be to wear a mouth-guard for example.
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Bamboo Dental Banner Contact_2 We hope that your dental sensitivity problems do not reach the stage that you need an emergency dentist in Cardiff, yet if you do we can offer the service to you. Emergency Dentists Cardiff Contact Page If you are concerned that your teeth that they are starting to become overly sensitive then it is important to book a check-up appointment with our Cardiff dentist today. We can offer a range of services that range right from dental hygienist services to preventative dentistry, right through to general dentistry, that will fix problem teeth.
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