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9x Award
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9x Award
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15 July 2015

Dentists Cardiff who can offer you cosmetic dental procedures such as Teeth Whitening and Teeth Straightening

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Teeth Whitening Cardiff | Cardiff Dentists | Teeth Straightening

Its hard today to figure out if somebody has perfectly healthy teeth, or whether they have undergone cosmetic dental procedures to the un-trained eye. Thats how far private cosmetic dentistry has come! You can achieve such results through professional private dentists such as Dr Dan, who can carry out your cosmetic procedures such as teeth straightening and teeth whitening procedures. Cardiff dentist Dr Dan is in demand across the South Wales regions carrying out professional cosmetic dentistry.

Need to look good this summer, why not change the appearance of your teeth with Bamboo?

Whether you have a wedding coming up or a special occasion why not treat yourself and look great on the day with a cosmetic dental treatment from Bamboo Dental? For example you may require teeth whitening or quality veneers fitted in a short period of time, Dr Dan is able to offer you such a service in Cardiff at sensible prices.

For private dentistry in Cardiff choose Bamboo Dental

Perhaps you have the wedding day coming up or a special event that you want your teeth to shine as much as your'e going to. Why not discuss with our Cardiff dentist Dr Dan, your cosmetic requirements and what you want to achieve thorough the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

Dentist Cardiff | Teeth Straightening Dentist | Teeth Whitening Dentist |


Un-happy with the appearance of your teeth at the moment? Contact our Private Cardiff Dentist full help and advice Perhaps you have a slightly discoloured, or a grey tooth that has become a focus of your attention that you wish you could hide? Why not discuss this with us at Bamboo, about what dental veneers you can choose to cover discoloured teeth, we are the experts in this field of private cosmetic dentistry.


For private Cardiff cosmetic dental treatments, that are delivered by a dental professional choose Bamboo dental every time.

Cosmetic Dentists Cardiff | Teeth Whitening Dentists | Teeth Straightening Cardiff

Create that smile you have always wanted with Bamboo Dental of Cardiff.

Whats different about Bamboo Dental to some private dental clinics is that we make sure that we take the time to listen to what you require. Perhaps you know what you would like your teeth to look like, then why not come and talk to our private dentist who can offer advice and cosmetic treatments that will be suited to you. We can even sometimes carry out procedures via our dentist out of hours, as we are a flexible dental practice in Cardiff. Our private dentist will have the time to discuss a range of options with you. With a more in-depth discussion with our Dentist in Cardiff you may even feel that the cosmetic procedure may not be right for you, for example many patients find it hard to choose between teeth whitening as opposed to dental veneers. Our dentist can help guide your decision. We are easily located from all over South Wales, and regularly have clients from such areas as the Vale of Glamorgan, Cowbridge and Penarth areas that come and use Bamboo Dental in Cardiff. Dr Dan our Dentist listens carefully to what you want from your cosmetic appearance of your teeth, then our Cardiff dentist will be able to tell you the range of private dental options that are available.

Dentist Cardiff | Teeth Whitening Dentist in Cardiff

If you'd like to learn more about Dr Dan, click here | Dentist Cardiff Dentists Cardiff who can offer you Teeth Whitening procedures for a winning smile! Teeth whitening, has increased in popularity, hit TV series often show off celebrities with perfectly aligned teeth showing a glistening and bright white smile. Why not achieve a similar look in Cardiff, contact the teeth whitening experts in South Wales. Bamboo Dental Contact Page

Professional Private Teeth Whitening Dentists Cardiff

Some home teeth whitening procedures could even be considered unsafe! Don't leave the health of your teeth to chance, your teeth are a vital commodity to your overall health. Why not think about getting teeth whitening completed by a professional, experienced dentist in Cardiff. Why not then think about receiving a procedure from Dr Dan and his expert team of private dental professionals.

We offer the following cosmetic private dental treatments in Cardiff

Teeth Whitening Veneers Teeth Straightening Crowns Cosmetic dentistry of all forms offered from our Cardiff branch. Emergency Dentists on hand in Cardiff.

For more information please visit: If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening why not visit our dedicated page to this. Teeth Whitening Cardiff Our Dentists can also offer you Teeth Straightening procedures Perhaps for a very long time you have got used to the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, and had crooked smile that has effected your confidence? Perhaps you have been put off and delayed having that smile corrected because you are fearful of dental costs. Do not be deterred our private dental costs are reasonable and offered by a well known Cardiff Dentist Dr Dan, so do not delay get in contact today! If you'd like to learn more about Six Month Smiles program click here.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cardiff | Cosmetic Dentist Cardiff

Perhaps you have been seeking a dentist in Cardiff which offers pain-free dental procedures? That understands that you might be an anxious patient when visiting a dental practice in Cardiff.

Bamboo Dental offers sensible prices on cosmetic dentistry, and private dental treatments that you may require. To discuss a more accurate costing and too get an estimate for how much dental procedure will cost you, give us a call today in Cardiff.

Teeth Whitening | Teeth Straightening Dentists Cardiff

If you are an anxious patient, then rest assured Dr Dan our dentist will do everything he can to eliminate your dental discomfort. While you are undergoing a cosmetic or private dental procedure here at Bamboo Cardiff.

Private Dentists in Cardiff

There are many ways that our dentist can help to alleviate the pain when your'e at our dental practice in Cardiff.

Dentists in Cardiff who can offer you Cosmetic Veneers

Cosmetic Veneers are increasing in popularity, and are a safe way to mask the appearance of an unhealthy looking smile and teeth. Perhaps you have been a regular smoker or you have got into a dietary habit which has discoloured your teeth or caused plaque build-up on the outside of the enamel surface. Perhaps you are looking for a quick solution in Cardiff, to mask the appearance of your teeth, while creating more healthy appearance of your teeth, then Veneers may be the option for you. Our dentist Dr Dan, will be able to talk you through a range of dental veneer options to help cover up slightly misaligned teeth, or teeth that have become discoloured. If you would like to see some of our providers of dental veneers why not visit Lumineers Veneers, E-Max Veneers or Knights Dental Veneers for more information about our quality suppliers of dental veneers.

Cosmetic dental experts within Cardiff

Why put your dental health at risk, come to a competent and professional dentist in Cardiff who truly understands patient care and after-care. Come to our dental practice and we can showcase why we are the professionals for your cosmetic and private dental needs. Contact our dental team today Contact our dental receptionists, located on Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff. Contact our private dentistry practice click here