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9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
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9x Award
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9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice

16 July 2015

Cardiff Teeth Whitening Experts | Bamboo Dental | Private Cosmetic Dentists

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Cardiffs Teeth Whitening & Veneer Dentists

"Show off your smile this summer with a treatment from Bamboo Dental"

We offer the following cosmetic dental procedures in Cardiff, South Wales:

Teeth whitening o Dr Dan an expert local dentist who carries out full range of private cosmetic treatments o Teeth straightening o Expertly crafted dental veneers o Private dentists in Cardiff who charge sensible rates!

The peak of summer is fast approaching us! Them holiday snaps and momentous family occasions are just around the corner. Look great this summer, choose Bamboo Dental to transform your smile through veneers or through one of our teeth whitening procedures. We have a modern private dental clinic in Cardiff, that's in easy reach from the city centre, and all the surrounding areas. If you need brighter, whiter and more healthy teeth and smile in Cardiff, then we are the dentists for you!

Teeth Whitening the solution for a brighter smile this summer!

Do you find yourself in social situations hiding away your smile? Possibly feeling less confident because of the appearance of your teeth?

Change that and contact our dental team today!

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Perhaps its time to think about getting a cosmetic dental procedure in Cardiff?

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Bamboo Dental are Cardiff based dentists, who offer a whole range of private dental treatments. Teeth Whitening | Veneers | Teeth straightening |

If you want to brighten your smile and change the appearance of a discoloured tooth or your whole smile this summer, then why not consider teeth whitening with us?

Can you please tell me more about the process of Teeth Whitening and how it works?

Teeth whitening is a painless procedure and we carry this out at our dental practice within Cardiff. Our expertly trained dental hygienists and our expert dentist Dr Dan, are on hand to discuss methods of how we can gain you a brighter and whiter smile, for less than you might think.


You need your teeth whitened this summer? Why not consider Bamboo dental?

Dentists Cardiff who offer Teeth Whitening Services

 Why choose Bamboo Dental for my teeth whitening procedure?

As the weather heats up, and gets brighter so can your smile in Cardiff, yet you must make sure that your dental work gets undertaken by a dental professional. Thats why here at Bamboo Dental all cosmetic dental work is undertaken by an experienced and respected Cardiff based dentist. If you are fed up with hiding your teeth away we have a range of options ranging from teeth whitening right through to cosmetic dental veneers. So we have the experience and we have the cosmetic procedures priced sensibly in Cardiff.


We truly care about patient care, this is what separates us from other cosmetic dentists out there



Bamboo Dental has earned a reputation within Cardiff for being a safe and professional cosmetic dental practice. We offer private dental treatments that span the full range of cosmetic dental procedures. Why not visit our teeth whitening homepage why not click here.

We have safe methods to whiten your teeth so why not contact us today?


Teeth whitening dentists within Cardiff

I want a teeth whitening procedure, yet I am afraid the costs will be high. Can all costs be made clear before I commit to a procedure?

Perhaps you have been putting off the idea of teeth whitening, because you believe the process may be expensive and out of price range, yet we offer sensibly priced cosmetic dental work. Bamboo Dental offers a range of sensibly priced teeth whitening procedures. Whether you opt for veneers or teeth whitening, we can offer such services at sensible prices within Cardiff. 

I am unsure between veneers or teeth whitening can your dentists offer me some advice?

Why not pop along to our private dental practice within Cardiff, we offer general dentistry, preventative dentistry as well as all manner of cosmetic dental treatments.

We therefore offer:

Teeth Whitening Veneers Crowns Fresh Breath Treatments Teeth Straightening

Why not schedule an appointment with our Cardiff Dentist Dr Dan?

You can then discuss with our expert dentist Dr Dan the appearance of the teeth that you wish to create. Dr Dan will be able to discuss with you methods are on offer and likely timescales of how long it will take to change the appearance of your teeth.


From veneers right through to teeth whitening we offer the full range in Cardiff!


Dr Dan and this expert team in Cardiff do not just offer teeth whitening, we also offer teeth straightening and other methods to enhance your overall oral hygiene, such as fresh breath procedures to treat halitosis. Whatever the cosmetic enhancement procedure you require in Cardiff contact the expert dentists, contact Dr Dan and his team today.

Teeth Whitening Dentists in Cardiff

Teeth whitening for less than you might think!

Contact us today:

Address: Bamboo Dental, 28 Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, CF5 5BS Telephone: 029 2056 9769

Dentist Cardiff

Discuss prices and timescales for your teeth whitening procedure, contact our dental receptionist they are located on Cowbridge Road West within Cardiff. To find out more information about our range of veneer options click here for Veneers. Contact our dentist in Cardiff this is our contact us page click here.