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9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
Winning Practice
9x Award
Winning Practice

6 July 2015

Bamboo Dental | A name you can trust | Dentist Cardiff

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For all your preventative, general and cosmetic dental needs in Cardiff choose Bamboo Dental today

 Dentist Cardiff | Bamboo Dental Services

Healthy teeth | Bamboo Dental | Dentist Cardiff[/caption] Bamboo Dentals Dr Dan is a resident dentist in Cardiff that heads up an expert and highly focused team of oral care practitioners within South Wales. Bamboo Dental offers a highly personalised service within Cardiff, that's whether you choose our dental practice for your general or cosmetic dental needs. At Bamboo Dental we are passionate about creating a cosmetic appearance for your teeth that inspires you and gives our patients increased levels of confidence. We also pride ourselves on our general and preventative dental services, that offer high professional standards within Cardiff at sensible prices.

Cardiff Dentist with an eye for detail | Cosmetic | General Dentistry

We can offer our patients in Cardiff the following services: Cosmetic dental services delivered from a highly experienced dentist (Dr Dan)

What are your values in terms of customer service and creating loyalty from your patients to your dental practice within Cardiff?


Dr Dan is an established dentist in Cardiff, with the renowned reputation for offering excellence and high levels of customer service. The Dental practice situated on Cowbridge Road, located within Cardiff is in close proximity to the city centre in terms of only being a short drive away. Upon arrival you will meet a team of highly focused dental professionals, focused on providing excellent customer care and focused on delivering excellent results. Dr Dan our resident dentist, pays attention to detail in regard to every aspect of our dental practice. From the moment you step foot into our dental clinic, you will be greeted by friendly and welcoming staff who will put anxious patients at ease. Our modern premises allows our patients to wait in comfort until you receive the expertise and professionalism thats offered by our dentist in Cardiff, Dr Dan.


"I am thinking of changing dentists, I need a private dentist for my cosmetic dental and preventative as well as my general dentistry needs. Can you detail to me a list of services that your dental practice offers in Cardiff?"

Preventative Dentistry | Cardiff Dentist

Here is a shortened list of some of the preventative dentistry procedures that we can offer solutions for, to our patients in Cardiff. As this is a non-exhaustive list, why not contact us for more personalised approach to see how we can help you in Cardiff.

Preventative Dentistry | Overly sensitive teeth

A common irritation from many of our patients is overly sensitive teeth, aggravated further by the consumption of certain cold or hot foods and beverages. If biting into cold substances such as an ice lolly makes you shudder just at the thought, then perhaps its time to pay your local dentist in Cardiff a visit. Sensitive teeth can be caused by a number of factors, yet the main cause is because of the erosion of the decay of the outer dental enamel. The outer hard layer of your teeth is known as the "enamel" which protects underneath what is called "dentine". Possibly due to dental hygiene issues or the consumption over many years of sugary foods and drinks will over a period of time cause the enamel to erode over time. This exposes the softer material underneath called dentine, which is what causes the shooting pain and irritation within the teeth. High sugar diets can increase the chances further of having overly sensitive teeth and incurring tooth decay. Due to modern lifestyles many people suffer overly sensitive teeth, which is why its important that you do not ignore the problem and that you arrange a check-up with your local dentist within Cardiff. Contact page Cardiff Dr Dan an established dentist in Cardiff will be able to advise and customise his advice specifically for you, to help you reduce the sensitivity thats felt in your teeth.

Preventative Dentistry | Bad Breath or Halitosis

Bad breath can make us to feel self-conscious while at work and also within our personal lives. Yet many ignore such a problem or even worse get used to having bad breath and ignore the problem for many years. Halitosis can be caused by poor overall dental hygiene, although there are many other medical conditions which can cause bad breath also. Its important to note that through good oral hygiene and getting yourself in a regular routine can help reduce the chances of having bad breath. This means that regular and correct brushing of your teeth thats complemented by dental flossing. Some individuals brush their teeth incorrectly allowing the build-up of food substances between teeth and for them to be trapped between the gap space of your teeth.  The decay and decomposition of this food over time can allow some individuals to have foul-smelling breath. Why not contact our Cardiff dentist for expert tailored advice in Cardiff, Dr Dan. Our resident dentist may recommend that it is advisable to pay a visit to our dental hygienist you will help you to reduce the levels of plaque present in your teeth, that may be difficult to eradicate through your normal dental routine.

Preventative Dentistry | Generally looking after your oral hygiene which includes, your gums and teeth.

Bamboo Dental has an expert dental care team which are on hand in Cardiff to help you with looking after your overall oral hygiene and health. Bamboo Dental offer a private dental service complemented by other services such as dental hygienist services and performing cosmetic dental procedures in Cardiff. Our friendly dental hygienists will be able to advise the best possible way to remove plaque and the build-up of tartar on your teeth. Bamboo Dental uses the latest and modern equipment thats available to carry out procedures on your teeth which will help improve your overall oral hygiene. For example Bamboo Dental offers normal scale and polishing procedures, as well as procedures such as ultra white polishing, and fresh breath polishing. For more help and advice regarding dental hygienist services in Cardiff, why not contact your local dentist or our dental practice in Cowbridge Road, Cardiff.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Dentist Cardiff

Teeth Whitening

Discoloured or heavily stained teeth can cause an individual to feel self-conscious even shy away from social situations. We can help you regain a whiter more healthy looking smile, through teeth whitening, delivered through our expert dental team located here in Cardiff. Why not arrange a consultation with our dentist in Cardiff, who can discuss a range of options open to you when you believe teeth whitening is the best approach to regaining you a more enhanced brighter smile. At Bamboo Dental we offer teeth whitening through an in practice procedure, and also a take-home treatment. For more information about our teeth whitening services that are on offer in Cardiff, contact us today. Contact page Invisible braces Some individuals with a slightly crooked or wonky teeth alignment can mean a person feels self-conscious, in the same way discoloured or stained teeth can cause embarrassment.  Bamboo Dental can offer a range of options when it comes to invisible braces, Bamboo Dental offer Six-Month Smile treatments, the Iman Aligner procedure, and also Clear Aligners. Whatever approach you wish to take to straightening your teeth in Cardiff we can help. We understand that many still have the preconception that in order to straighten your teeth you need ugly metal braces, that need to be fitted, this is no longer the case! Bamboo Dental can offer a range of options which means that aligning your teeth and straightening your teeth can now can be achieved through invisible brace methods. To get your teeth straightened and to start the process of straightening and realigning your teeth, to achieve a more healthier smile and to help with your oral hygiene over the years ahead contact us today. This is because straighter teeth reduces the chances of you capturing food deposits within the gap spacing between your teeth, increasing the chances of tooth decay and bad breath, do get in contact with us today.

Cardiff Dentist offering Preventative | Cosmetic | & General Dentistry Services |

Bamboo Dental is an award winning dental practice with a focus on cosmetic dental services and general dental procedures. Whatever your requirements whether you need an emergency dentist, or a private dentist within Cardiff to undertake a private cosmetic procedure, we can help.

Cardiff Dentist undertaking Private Dentistry Procedures

Contact a dentist in Cardiff that truly cares, contact Bamboo Dental todayContact page