Need A Cosmetic Dentist To Bring Back The White?


Now that you’ve switched to e-cigarettes, do you need a cosmetic dentist in Cardiff to restore your teeth to pearly whites?

“A person’s smile is one of the first things you will notice when you meet someone. A good or bad smile can have a huge impact on not only a person’s physical appearance, but on their confidence and overall health.”

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Electronic cigarettes have become an increasingly popular alternative to smoking over the last few years. The benefits are obvious; no tar, no odour and no second hand smoke. This inevitably means you and the people around you are healthier and happier. Sure, there are plenty of critics out there who believe that this new fad isn’t as healthy as the manufacturers claim. However, it is definitely true that e-cigarettes are better for you in many ways, not least for your teeth.

By stopping smoking and moving to an e-cigarette alternative you are improving the health and look of your teeth. Smokers regularly suffer from a variety of smoking-related dental problems including tooth loss, yellow stains, bad breath, gum related infections and even mouth and oral cancer. 

If you have found that you have yellow staining from smoking then have you considered a cosmetic dentist to fix this for you? Check out our teeth whitening options for more information!

So, why does switching to e-cigarettes give you healthier teeth?

No more yellow teeth.

Brushing and flossing your teeth is crucial for keeping those pearly whites, but if regular smokers you might struggle to keep those teeth white, regardless of your top notch oral hygiene. The tar released from smoking a cigarette is a fundamental factor behind the yellowing and discolouration of your teeth. When you switch to e-cigarettes, you will no longer have to worry about this as they do not contain any tar. Yellow teeth can have an impact on self-esteem and by stopping you now have plenty to smile about. If you are suffering from impact that smoking has had on your teeth, then please read on for more information on how our cosmetic dentist can help you!

No more bad breath.

Traditionally, smoking cigarettes has always been associated with a bad smell that lingers in hair, clothes and on skin. Furthermore, smokers tend to have bad breath as a result. Cigarette smoke is laden with chemicals which are not only carcinogenic, but also stick to the lining of the mouth and release a foul odour. Switching to the e-cig alternative means that you eliminate that stench and no longer have to be scared to open your mouth in public. Less halitosis, more hallelujah.

No more need for combustion.

Traditional cigarettes deliver nicotine by burning tobacco, which releases smoke. This is very harmful and irritating to your mouth, throat & lungs. Alternatively, e-cigarettes vaporise liquid nicotine and this liquid is exhaled as harmless water vapour. Plus, now you’ll never have to concern yourself with the endless search for that lighter.

Less likely to lose your teeth.

Tooth loss is a natural result of ageing. However, on average male smokers lose almost 3 teeth every 10 years due to smoking cigarettes. This means that the rate of tooth loss is doubled if you are a smoker. Surely that’s a perfect reason to switch over to e-cigarettes, right?

Save yourself some money.

Despite it being obviously a lot cheaper to smoke e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, there are other ways that it can save you money. For instance, less trips to the dentist!

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How can a cosmetic dentist can help with the discolouration of your teeth after smoking?

So, you’ve finally kicked the habit, but you’ve suffered from yellow staining. Are you looking for a professional cosmetic dentist in Cardiff to bring back your glowing smile? Bamboo Dental are the place for you. We offer great, affordable teeth whitening with our No.1 patient-requested brand ‘ZOOM Whitening. If you’re looking for that perfect, white smile then look no further. Call us today for more information or read more about our teeth whitening service here



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