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Almost everyone has been there at one point or another. If you haven’t been on top of your dental hygiene or attended a regular dental check up, then you might not have realised that you have tooth decay. Tooth decay is the main cause of toothache around the teeth and jaws. If you are suffering then you might need to see our Cardiff based emergency dentist.

Are you experiencing a lot of pain in your teeth or jaws?

The pain caused by tooth decay can vary between patients. For some people it might be quite mild or incredibly severe. The pain can start suddenly as a quick, sharp ache that is continual or intermittent. You might find that the pain gets progressively more unbearable at night when you are lying down.

Other causes of toothache might be losing a filling or breaking a tooth, which can also lead to a considerable amount of pain if not treated immediately.

cardiff based emergency dentist

I’m experiencing severe pain. What is causing it?

There could be many reasons for this pain. Most commonly tooth ache is a result of tooth decay, gum disease, broken teeth or any other trauma that causes an opening in the tooth enamel.

These accessible areas are a perfect place for bacteria to infect the “pulp” or the centre of the tooth. The tooth then develops a painful infection in these areas causing an abscess in the tooth or gum. This infection if left untreated can then spread from the root of the tooth to the bones supporting the tooth.

Other causes of the pain could be a cracked tooth that is often so small that it can’t be seen. In order to detect these cracks you will need to see a dentist immediately and received an x-ray of your jaw.

What should I do?

Have you been in pain for longer than one or two days? You will need to see a dentist immediately to be diagnosed and treated.

You might find that painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen are helping to ease the pain, but they will not solve the problem. You still need to contact a dentist as the pain will only return and develop into a severe and continuous throbbing. Act now before it gets any worse!

cardiff based emergency dentist

I need a Cardiff based emergency dentist! Help!

Don’t worry, as Bamboo Dental is here to help. We are a friendly, professional Cardiff based emergency dentist who will do all they can to relieve your pain.

We offer a quick emergency service at our Cardiff based emergency dentist surgery and welcome all registered and non-registered patients to make appointments with us. We will do everything we can to make you more comfortable & eliminate the pain you are feeling. Call now and you will receive an appointment on the same day.

I’m not registered with Bamboo Dental! How much will it cost?

Our non-registered patient emergency treatment is £65. You pay this fee when you book your appointment and this price includes your examination and any x-rays, temporary fillings, prescriptions, first stage root filling, recementation of veneers/crowns bridges or simple extractions. We are the number 1 Cardiff based emergency dentist with incredibly competitive prices for our non-registered patients. Call today to speak to our friendly receptionist to make an appointment. 

We also offer our cardiff based emergency dentist services on the weekend!

cardiff based emergency dentist



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