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Cardiff Dentist offering general dental care and cosmetic treatments


A warm welcome to Bamboo Dental, we are dentists within Cardiff.


If you are looking for a local dentist near you in Cardiff, that can offer you routine examinations, hygienist services and also emergency dental care then we are the natural choice for many.


Why choose Bamboo Dental, as your first choice of dental surgeries in Cardiff?


There are many reasons why our patients from Cardiff are switching to Bamboo Dental, these include our strong reputation locally, and also our range of additional cosmetic treatments that we can offer you:


Our dental practice can offer the following:


General dental care
Dental checkups and examinations
Professional hygienist services
Expert dental advice on hand at any time you choose
Cosmetic dental specialists
Teeth whitening services
We can also offer teeth straightening services and cosmetic veneers.

Cardiff Dentist | Bamboo Dental


I need to change dentists to one that can fit me in around my occupation, is this possible?


We understand that in a busy and thriving city such as Cardiff, you need a dental practice that can fit in around your busy schedule, and not the other way round!


Some Cardiff dentists for example may offer an emergency dental service, yet may not be able to see you as quickly as you may like.

Bamboo Dental offers an emergency dentist service that seeks to fit in our patients as soon as possible. That means our emergency dental service can see you in the evenings and weekends, and not just to attempt to fit you in empty slots sometime in the week.


Our dental practice is therefore a modern forward thinking practice, that puts our patients first and aims to see you as soon as possible.


That’s whether you wish to use us for our late evening or weekend appointments, we will be able to accommodate you at a time of your choosing.


Dentists Cardiff


“I am looking to build a relationship with my dentist in terms of them carrying out routine examinations and also cosmetic treatments for me. This is so they have a good understanding of my dental needs, is this something that is possible at Bamboo Dental of Cardiff?”


Most certainly, Bamboo Dental incorporates general dental care with the latest methods of cosmetic treatments and dentistry.


Many of our patients within Cardiff choose us as their dentists of choice simply because we can carry out traditional dentistry procedures, while complemented with cosmetic enhancement treatments.


For example we can carry out installing cosmetic dental veneers, teeth whitening procedures and teeth straightening services within Cardiff, South Wales.


If any of our general dental care services sound of interest and you are interested in receiving a cosmetic dental treatment, why not contact us today.


Private Dentists in Cardiff


“My biggest phobia and fear is that I choose a dentist in Cardiff does not understand the anxiety that I feel when I visit my dental practice within Cardiff”.


Rest assured Bamboo Dental do everything that is feasibly possible to allay your dental fears.


We are passionate about teeth, and we even more passionate about building sound relationships with our patients over many years within Cardiff.


We therefore go to great lengths in making sure that our dental practice in Cardiff is as relaxing and enjoyable place as it can possibly be to visit.


This means we employ friendly dental receptionist that are on hand to ask and answer any questions you might have.


We also have an expert resident dentist in Cardiff called Dr Dan. His expertise spans cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and is a renowned and established dentist in this field.


We therefore make sure that our dental practice offers professional levels of dental service, that is offered through a friendly and personable service.


Emergency Dentist Cardiff


“I am concerned about the high costs that can be associated with emergency dentists in Cardiff. Should I just wait to go to a dental hospital in Cardiff instead?”


There are some dental emergencies that we can offer assistance to at our dental practice within Cardiff, meaning you can avoid visiting a dental hospital in some circumstances.


Bamboo Dental offers high standards and high quality dentistry, yet many of our patients are surprised at our price point that is not as high as they might  have first thought.


We therefore offer reasonable prices for professional dentistry, to discuss likely rates for your individual circumstances, why not contact us today within Cardiff. Contact our Cardiff dental practice today.





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