How much sugar does your favourite drink contain?


The school holidays have finally arrived and with many of us enjoying an unusual UK summer heat wave we will be looking to cool off by sipping our favourite drinks.


Are you aware of how much sugar your favourite drinks contain?








Coca Cola
12 oz (355 ml) Can

Sugars, total: 39g

Calories, total: 140
Calories from sugar: 140*
20 oz (590 ml) Bottle
Sugars, total: 65g
Calories, total: 240
Calories from sugar: 240
1 Litre (34 oz) Bottle
Sugars, total: 108g
Calories, total: 400
Calories from sugar: 400


Did you know that Red Bull has the same amount of sugar in a smaller (250ml) can as a 355ml can of coke?

red bull

Red Bull Energy Drink
8.3 oz (250 ml) Can
Sugars, total: 27g
Calories, total: 108
Calories from sugar: 108



A popular option is to purchase flavoured water as most people think that water is a healthier option, however, you may be surprised to hear that even Vitamin Water contains a high amount of sugar.








Vitamin Water, B-Relaxed
Jackfruit and Guava Flavour
8 oz (240 ml) Serving
Sugars, total: 13g
Calories, total: 50
Calories from sugar: 50
20 oz (590 ml) Bottle
Sugars, total: 33g

Calories, total: 125
Calories from sugar: 125


Natural squeezed orange juice also contains a high amount of sugar.







Orange Juice
8 oz (240 ml) Serving
Sugars, total: 24g
Calories, total: 110
Calories from sugar: 96
16 oz Bottle
Sugars, total: 48g
Calories, total: 220
Calories from sugar: 192

You might want to think about how you quench that thirst this summer by cutting down on sugary drinks. One of the most sensible solutions to this would be to drink plain water or plain sparkling water as sugary drinks can often make you feel even thirstier. Drinking plain water is more likely to fill you up more. Many experts recommend that each individual should consume at least 2 litres of plain water daily, so what’s the harm in giving it a try?
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