Getting Teeth Whitening in Cardiff?


Teeth WhiteningRegular visits to your dentist and hygienist can help to keep your teeth in good condition but the effects of ageing and time can still leave you with a less than perfect smile. Smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and staining foods like berries can all contribute to teeth staining and in fact no amount of brushing can change this.

For many people a dull smile is something they would like to improve upon and the good news is that teeth whitening can be very effective in reversing the effects of teeth staining. Having a brighter, whiter smile can be great for your confidence and it is possible to get treatment right here in Cardiff, so why not check out your options for improving your smile?


What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure which aims to restore your smile to its natural brilliance through a simple procedure administered by a professional dentist. It strips away the stains left by food, drink and lifestyle and leaves you with a more natural, whiter smile. Here at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff we offer the respected Philips Zoom whitening procedure.

Why trust Philips Zoom?

Philips Zoom is the number 1 patient-requested teeth whitening procedure and has already been used by over 10 million people worldwide. It is tailored to your individual needs, which means that you are most likely to get the best results. It has also been featured on the Today Show and Extreme Makeover and more, so it is clear to see that the product is getting the results.

How does it work?

Your dentist creates a customised whitening tray which is specifically moulded to your mouth and then tailors the formula concentration to suit your individual whitening needs. They will then devise a whitening schedule to suit you, after taking into consideration your gum sensitivity and lifestyle factors.

And the results?

You can expect your teeth to become up to eight shades whiter with a full treatment, though it is likely you will see changes after just one application.
The results can be truly stunning and can help you to restore the confidence in your smile once and for all. So if you’re curious to see just how good your teeth could look why not try teeth whitening?





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