FAQ’s Bamboo Dental Cardiff

Here you’ll find an extensive list of frequently asked questions to help you with any queries you may be having.


General FAQ’s

Am I able to park my car near Bamboo Dental’s premises?

Bamboo Dental has its own dedicated car park, for the sole use of its Dental patients. This adds to the convenience factor for our patients when choosing Bamboo Dental located right here in Cardiff.

Therefore this allows our patients to also quickly undertake routine dental hygienist procedures and to see our dentist without having to look for parking on a busy high street.

So why not make a quick appointment to look after your teeth with us on a more regular basis, through our quick dental appointments, you may want to have a scale and polish procedure for example just before you start work.


Is your dental practice open on weekends? 

Bamboo Dental is open weekends for routine appointments and to see members of the public for emergency care also.

Bamboo Dental will endeavour to see our patients as soon as feasibly possible, this is why our practice is open weekends and evenings. To make an emergency appointment please do give us a ring, or perhaps you would like to start a cosmetic procedure, then why not enquire about our weekend availability?

Even if you have not previously visited Bamboo Dental before, you can still arrange to see us for preventative, cosmetic, or for your general dentistry needs, within Cardiff, South Wales on a one off basis if you wish.


I am looking for a dental practice that offers private treatments, but a dentist which can also look after me over the long term in terms of my preventative and cosmetic dentistry needs also.

Is this something that Bamboo Dental will be able to offer me? 

Bamboo Dental offers a range of dental solutions, whichever dental procedure you need in Cardiff we often have the solution.

For example many of our patients within the Cardiff and surrounding areas like the fact that we can take care of your preventative dentistry needs at affordable prices, yet also offer supplementary services such as cosmetic dental work as well if required.

So whether you need a scale and polish procedure in Cardiff, or whether you are thinking about receiving professional teeth whitening or dental veneers for example then Bamboo Dental can offer you a comprehensive range of treatments in Wales.


Am I able to visit your dentists for private dental work such as cosmetic procedures without being a regular patient at your practice, will this affect the cost?

Bamboo Dental sees many patients for one-off cosmetic dental treatments in Wales, and our dentists can clearly explain all prices.

For example Dr Dan has vast experience also of implementing the Six Month Smiles dental program, and many people travel for our dentist’s expertise in regards to this procedure.

Bamboo Dental can therefore accommodate your wishes – that’s whether you wish to use us for one-off cosmetic dental procedures, or for preventative dentistry treatments.


Why is it so important to maintain regular dental check ups with you at Bamboo if I am busy with other commitments?

Prevention is a lot better than cure!

What we mean by this statement is that it is far better to keep your teeth healthy than have to carry out reactive procedures to help remedy decayed teeth, which may possibly even need tooth extraction work carried out. A scale and polish procedure is far better than tooth extraction and tooth loss for example. It is of vital importance therefore to look after your teeth and gums, gum disease for instance can cause other serious health problems.


Seriously decayed teeth can mean tooth loss sometimes affecting the cosmetic appearance of your smile, which can impact your confidence and self-esteem, so regular dental check ups are vital! Such preventative dentistry work can be offered also by your dental hygienist as well. For example you may feel that you are brushing your teeth in a perfectly fine way for many years, yet a dentist may spot problem areas straight away, that you may not have noticed.


This often occurs because of those hard to reach areas, that allow the build-up of plaque and tartar to form, which are often areas where teeth can be lost due to decay. It’s also important to visit your local dentists regularly because a dental emergency situation can happen at the most inconvenient times. Dental emergencies can crop up when we least want them to, for example when you are on holiday. It is therefore very important to visit your local dentist at regular intervals, or whenever you are experiencing any form of dental pain.


It’s also important to see your dentist when you are experiencing any mild form of discomfort such as those instances when your wisdom teeth may be pushing through the gum for example. Bamboo Dental can therefore offer preventative dentistry, as well as traditional dentistry in Cardiff when you need it most. What’s important to keep in mind is Bamboo is open longer than some other Cardiff dentists, so we often have that bit more capacity so you can make a check up or appointment at a time best suited to you.


Dental Care FAQ


How should I maintain good oral health? How should I be looking after my teeth and gums?

Maintaining good oral health is essential through regular brushing, flossing and also visiting your dentist on a regular basis. It can be the case that some people follow a set routine of looking after their teeth but this can sometimes be an incorrect way of carrying out oral care. If this is the case it is worth coming to see your local dentist or local hygienist for advice.


It is important also to clean in-between your teeth and those hard to reach areas to prevent plaque from building up through regular brushing and flossing. By visiting your dentist on a routine basis they can check periodically that conditions such as gum disease or large amounts of dental tartar are not building up on your teeth. To really look after your teeth this truly starts at home. This means correct brushing of your teeth and also using a suitable dental flossing between the teeth as well.


How often should I be brushing my teeth?

You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, every day and more if your dentist advises so. It is important to use the correct toothbrush that’s suitable for your teeth, if you are unsure it is worth contacting your dental hygienist for more information. Overly abrasive or incorrect brushing for example can damage your tooth enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity and other dental problems.


If you are using a sensitive toothpaste while brushing currently and you have noticed that your tooth sensitivity is not decreasing or subsidising then do not ignore the problem! Visit your local dentist in Cardiff, either through regular practice hours, or you can arrange an emergency appointment at evenings and weekends with us.


My gums are beginning to bleed – should this be a concern or is it something that is likely to fix itself over time?

 Swollen, inflamed or bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease and could actually worsen without intervention by a dentist. Without your dentist’s opinion on the matter and intervention then this disease could actually spread and this could have an impact upon the mouth’s structure which actually hold your teeth directly to the jawbone itself!


This can have considerable impact on your oral health, worse case scenario is it can involve having teeth extracted. This is directly because the bacteria and gum disease can become so entrenched that this can cause so much damage to your teeth and gums.


Teeth Whitening


Does your dental practice offer teeth whitening in Cardiff?

 Yes, Bamboo Dental has teeth whitening solutions for you. That’s whether you choose to have your Philips Zoom in chair teeth whitening procedure undertaken within our dental clinic in Cardiff., or whether you choose to supplement this with a take-home preparation to use with your dental tray.


Bamboo Dental offers affordable teeth whitening solutions , you can also further brighten and whiten your smile at home, while also gaining valuable advice from our dental clinic if you so need it. This level of advice and guidance means you can carry out teeth whitening safely, and also in a cost effective manner in South Wales.


Does your dental clinic offer take-home teeth whitening kits?

 Bamboo Dental offers both take-home and in-practice procedures. Many patients choose to whiten their teeth through the Philips Zoom teeth whitening procedure in the dental clinic. They then supplement this in-practice procedure through using the provided dental tray for supplementary teeth whitening at home. This is very cost effective, call us on 029 2056 9769 for more information.


You can purchase teeth whitening solution directly from us at our practice in Cardiff as and when you require them. Alternatively if you wish to have a teeth whitening procedure carried out exclusively in practice then why not visit our contact page here, or talk to one of our dental receptionists.


Teeth Grinding and Clenching


I’m getting migraines and jaw pain – can you offer any solutions to teeth grinding and clenching issues?

Migraines, tension headaches and jaw pain can be sometimes due to teeth clenching and grinding, this can have a noticeable impact on your dental health as well. Depending on your individual circumstances and how severe your teeth grinding and clenching habits actually are, this will determine how severe the damage is imposed upon your teeth.


For example teeth clenching and grinding that has gone on for some time can cause substantial damage to the tooth’s enamel surface, that can lead to other issues with your teeth. Thankfully Bamboo Dental can offer devices that can be comfortably fitted within the oral cavity at night for example, to help minimise the damage of teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep. They also provide a noticeable improvement to the pain associated with migraine and tension headaches.


These devices are specifically designed for the individual who they are made for. These devices are also made with comfort in mind and also offer the feature of being adjustable too. Therefore Bamboo Dental offers tailored devices that can be suited specifically for you, to find out if you are suitable for such a device then why not contact Bamboo Dental today, or arrange to come and see our expert dentist,  Dr Dan, in person.


I like the idea of preventing my snoring while I sleep. What is the actual name of the manufacturer of this device and does Bamboo Dental help people in Cardiff with snoring issues?

Bamboo Dental can arrange for a device to be fitted that can help prevent you from snoring while you sleep through use of a device which can be used and removed. Bamboo Dental actively promotes the use where possible for patients of the Sleep Well device to prevent snoring from occurring. Bamboo Dental work hand in hand with a specialist dental laboratory to manufacture this highly effective solution.


If you want a more rested night’s sleep where snoring is not just disturbing your sleep patterns but possibly your partners sleep then contact Bamboo Dental today.




I would like to have braces fitted, but I am worried about the cosmetic appearance of ugly wires and basically I am worried about getting a mouthful of metal!

Are there any viable alternatives you can offer me to teeth straightening in Cardiff? 

Bamboo Dental can offer you a range of solutions when you wish to have your teeth straightened with us, this ranges from treatments such as Invisalign clear aligners right through to the Six Month Smiles orthodontic program.


The truth is orthodontics in terms of teeth straightening procedures and devices has come a long way since the process of having unsightly metal wires and braces fitted within the oral cavity. Depending on individual circumstances, it is now possible to have clear aligners fitted that are a discreet system fitted within the month that are hardly noticeable!


These devices have not got to be on show, as they gently straighten your teeth while you are at work or out socialising. To find out more about these forms of teeth straightening in Wales why not give us a quick call?


All teeth straightening procedures that may be suitable for you, will depend solely on your individual circumstances and on the procedure that you wish to choose as to how visible it actually will be. For further advice and guidance why not arrange to meet our dentist in person, Dr Dan to discuss your requirements with us?


“If you have a crooked or misaligned frontal teeth then why not arrange a visit to see Dr Dan at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff.”


We can help you improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth for a lot less than you might think!


Does your dental practice offer the Six Month Smiles dental program?

Bamboo Dental does offer the Six Month Smiles program, our resident dentist called Dr Dan is highly experienced in implementing this procedure as well. Dr Dan is a Six Month Smiles mentor, regularly providing advice and guidance to other dentists wishing to advance their knowledge in the treatment.


If you wish to get your teeth straighter and to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your teeth through this program then please do contact our dental receptionist today on 029 2056 9769. We can advise you about a time you can come in for a consultation with us and meet our dentist here in Cardiff.


Does your dental practice offer the Inman Aligner dental teeth straightening procedure?

Bamboo Dental offers the Inman Aligner teeth straightening procedure, which offers a discreet solution to straightening teeth. This popular teeth straightening device allows you to straighten your teeth discreetly but also in a way which is comfortable for you.


For more information about the Inman Aligner teeth straightening method of gaining a more cosmetically pleasing smile, then contact Bamboo Dental today.


Dental Emergencies in Cardiff


What if I have a dental emergency situation in Cardiff? How can Bamboo Dental help?

Bamboo Dental will do its utmost to fit you in around our normal opening hours, weekends or even some evenings. To choose a flexible emergency dental practice, then you need Bamboo of Cardiff.


We aim to see new emergency patients as soon as possible with appointments available early mornings, late evenings and weekends why not save our number (02920569769) on your phone in case you ever need us! Our dental practice is flexible in the sense that we open later and also on weekends, so that we can cover as many dental emergency situations that we can within the Cardiff area.


So whether you play sports or you work in a risky industry such as construction, why not write down Bamboo’s number in an emergency book, as time is of the essence when you need to save a tooth.


I have Wisdom Tooth Pain that is causing quite considerable discomfort to me, would this be classed as a dental emergency in Cardiff?

If you are in any form of discomfort or pain then this can be classed as a dental emergency situation, that’s if it can not wait until normal practice hours. You may want to visit your dentist as soon as possible to find a solution, this can be done out of hours or weekend appointment slots, call us now for availability.


We understand that when Wisdom Teeth are pushing through the fleshy gum layer and if they become what is called “impacted” then this can cause quite considerable pain to our patients. What’s important to note is that in some circumstances these teeth need to be extracted, and the pain will not subside totally until that occurs in some circumstances. So get your dentist’s advice urgently to help remedy the situation as you will not want the pain to get worse.


If you wish to arrange an appointment to see our dentist Dr Dan to remove Wisdom Teeth in Cardiff, then please visit our contact page here.


If I sustain an injury at work or through a sporting injury and I have hurt my teeth substantially can I still see your dental practice in Cardiff for a remedy to the problem?

Dr Dan will be able to see you through our emergency dental service, to check availability an how soon we can arrange for you to come into practice please do call us at the earliest opportunity. Perhaps you have chipped or fractured your tooth through a sporting or work injury, this will need urgent dental attention in order to see if tooth’s structure can be saved.

For further advice about dental emergencies and how to proceed in your individual case please contact our dental emergency receptionist’s today on 029 2000 5992.


Dental Hygienist Services


Why should I see a dental hygienist in Cardiff? Why is it so important to me?

Your dental hygienist can help prevent the onset of dental diseases, and decay through professional deep cleaning of the oral cavity. This can help your overall oral health, that’s if you visit your dental hygienist routinely because it can help to remove tartar deposits upon your teeth.

These tartar deposits may not be easily removed at home through regular brushing, and flossing for example, so you may need an expert dental hygienist to undertake this work. Dental tartar forms if plaque is not removed through regular oral hygiene methods.


I have bad breath, it is something that your dental practice can treat and help me with?

In some circumstances bad breath can be improved through visiting your dental hygienist and receiving a deep clean of the oral cavity, through such procedures such as scale and polishing. Tartar left on the tooth surface makes it harder to clean the gum, contributing significantly to the development of gum disease.


You can also receive a special treatment of a professional treatment range, that we can carry out to help relieve the symptoms of bad breath. In some circumstances, bad breath (halitosis) is caused by certain medical conditions, or even by taking certain medicines for example. When the cause of your bad breath is less obvious then a more in-depth look will need to take place in order to ascertain what is causing the bad breath.

In the first instance it is worth arranging to see your local dentist. If your bad breath is caused possibly through a poor dental hygiene routine, then our dental hygienists will be able to spend time with you to help to remedy the situation, and provide expert advice tailored for you. This can involve advising about brushing techniques, but also advice on how to remove stubborn stains that stick to your teeth such as plaque and tartar.


Does your dental practice offer the traditional scale and polishing procedures from your dental hygienists?

Our dental hygienists will be able to offer traditional scale and polishing procedures, this can be carried out at affordable prices in Cardiff.


Are your Dental Hygienists able to offer any other form of preventative dentistry that can help me protect my teeth further?

Once prescribed by Dr Dan, our hygienist at Bamboo Dental can apply a fluoride varnish to your teeth. This can help form a protective barrier over your teeth, when it has been noted by our dentist in certain circumstances that your dental enamel is currently wearing thin. The extra fluoride boost helps to fight against cavities.


Cosmetic Dentistry

How can I Improve the appearance of my smile through cosmetic dentistry?

There are many options that we can offer you to help improve he cosmetic appearance of your smile.

These range from traditional orthodontic procedures, right through to dental veneers.

If you want to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, then we are likely to have a solution that will suit you.


Do you offer a range of dental veneers, or do you only promote the use of only one dental veneer provider?

Bamboo Dental is able to offer you a range of dental veneer options. These range from Lumineers through to our signature E-Max Veneers made by Knight Dental Design of London.

We are therefore able to offer you a range of dental veneers, for you to pick from depending on the style you may want and the materials you want used, also it depends on the longevity of the dental veneers you require also.


I am looking for a dentist in Cardiff that can offer me different forms of dental crowns. This is so they are more suited to the cosmetic appearances of my teeth. Is this something that you are able to help me with in Cardiff?

Some dentists may restrict the types of dental crowns that you may receive, therefore sacrificing on the cosmetic design of the appearance of your teeth, for example you may not be offered specialist white dental crowns in some instances.

Bamboo Dental is able to offer you a range of dental crowns, ranging from different materials from gold to more aesthetic crowns, which can match the colour of your existing teeth.

If you are looking for dental crowns which can blend into your existing teeth, then Bamboo Dental is the dental practice for you in Cardiff.


Nervous Patients

I am very worried about visiting the dentists in general. The thought worries me and I am very anxious about going to the dentist, does your dentist understand such matters?

Bamboo Dental has a reassuring and experienced dentist called Dr Dan. We are able to offer you a range of pain relief options also, so that you are not in any pain when you have a procedure undertaken by us here at Bamboo Dental.

Patient care is our number one priority when you come to our dental practice, whether that be from relaxing within our modern waiting rooms, or just by making it simple for you to park right outside our premises! When you visit our dentist, he can reassure you, and talk you through the procedure fully of just what is going to happen when you visit our dental clinic.

Bamboo Dental can offer you an oral sedative as a prescription to take before your treatment. This often relaxes nervous patients enough to undergo all of our procedures.


If I experience pain after a procedure, or any form of discomfort is this something that I should just get on with? Or instead should I contact Bamboo Dental?

It’s important that you communicate any pain or discomfort that you may experience after having a procedure with the dental practice where you received treatment.

If your dentist did not already communicate with you that is, if you were not told there would be a period of discomfort afterwards then do call your dentist.

Perhaps in very limited circumstances the gum lining of the oral cavity and teeth may be aggravated due to a manner of certain procedures, depending on how invasive your procedure actually was.

If you are in any form of discomfort that has not been explained prior to you by your dentist at Bamboo Dental, then it is important to contact the dental clinic straightaway, to talk about the pain you are currently experiencing.