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At Bamboo Dental in Cardiff, we do our utmost to attend to your needs, to keep you comfortable & pain free.

Everyone is welcome to use our emergency service. We offer emergency dental treatment to registered and non-registered patients, and same day emergency appointments in Cardiff. We will provide the necessary treatment to get you out of pain.

The fee for emergency treatment, is £85 payable at the time of booking with emergency clinics on the weekend.  No need to wait for hours at your local A and E, simply get advice from the emergency section of our website or call our dedicated out of hours emergency team to book your appointment. Easy.

“Your Local Emergency Dentist in Cardiff”

Emergency Booking System, Call: 02920569769


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Bamboo Dental practice in Cardiff | Emergency dentists you can trust

 Conveniently located on Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff, we are ideally located and in a centralised location to serve Cardiff and all the surrounding areas.

What we can offer you, when you need an out of hours appointment or emergency dental service in Cardiff


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Bamboo Dental offers emergency appointments whether you are registered with us or not currently registered as a patient with us.

  Emergency and out of hours dentists Cardiff 

What should I do to alleviate my dental pain or discomfort?

If you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort then please do contact us at Bamboo Dental at the earliest opportunity.

Call one of our friendly reception staff, who will be able to advise you on the earliest opportunity for you to come and see us in Cardiff.

We endeavour to see our prospective patients as soon as possible if you are experiencing a dental emergency or any dental discomfort.


Need an emergency dental appointment in Cardiff, call Bamboo Dental today 

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What exactly constitutes as a dental emergency?

Persistent Toothache

If you are experiencing persistent or intermittent pain originating from your teeth or gums, then this could be a signal that you should not ignore. Do not delay as the problem could get progressively worse.

Toothache can be caused for a multitude of reasons, what is important is that you contact our Cardiff dental emergency phone number as soon as possible.

Our contact details | telephone number: 029 2056 9769 | Contact Page


Fractured or broken teeth

Whether you have a fractured tooth or it has been removed or damaged due to an accident it is imperative in this situation that you remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Whether you have slightly fractured your tooth or it has been removed completely, call us on:029 2056 9769

“If you are in dental pain or discomfort, do not suffer in silence contact your local emergency dentists within Cardiff today”

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Chipped tooth, tooth pain ? |Contact your local emergency dentists in Cardiff today

Toothache because of an infection to the gums or teeth

 Poor dental hygiene over time can accumulate and can present itself as a dental emergency situation.

If you are currently experiencing swelling within the oral cavity or a persistent form of toothache then please call us today.


Poor implementation of a cosmetic dental procedure or pain from a dental procedure sometime after you have had work carried out

It is possible that you may encounter a dental emergency after you have recently undergone a dental procedure.

It is also possible for a cosmetic dental procedure to later cause problems and discomfort.

For example dental bleaching or a teeth whitening procedures with poor implementation, can cause over sensitive teeth due to erosion of the tooth’s protective surface the enamel.

This can be found if teeth whitening has been carried out at home using a non-approved teeth whitening product for example.

Always contact your local dentist in Cardiff for advice if you have carried out a cosmetic dental procedure at home, such as teeth whitening or bleaching that has gone wrong or is causing you discomfort.

As with all matters that originate from your gums or teeth such a problem cannot be delayed or ignored.

If it is not possible to see your dentist as soon as you would like, why not consider using our emergency dental service within Cardiff, South Wales.

We are a dental practice in Cardiff with an emergency and out of hours service you can rely on when you need urgent dental care and advice.

Contact the experts, visit our contact page in Cardiff for more advice. Contact page

“If you have had a cosmetic dental procedure or recent dental surgery and you are now suffering as a result of this, do call our dental emergency helpline in Cardiff”

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What if my dental emergency is of less urgency and priority?

Bamboo Dental in Cardiff regularly has patients who need to see us on an urgent basis in between regular dental checkups, yet this does not fall precisely into the category of a “dental emergency”.

We would therefore stress that if you are in any kind of pain or discomfort that you should not be concerned as to whether it falls into the category of a dental emergency or not.

We would urge you to call us so that we can give you the best possible advice and remedy.

Can you give me an example of a less urgent dental emergency, yet one I should still see a dentist for?

Less urgent dental emergencies or appointments in Cardiff may be needed when for example when wires on braces snap or protrude causing discomfort.

Here are some further examples of less urgent dental emergency situations, yet you should still consult your dentist as soon as possible:


Losing a filling or veneer

Other instances may originate from more cosmetic dental surgery related matters such as losing or missing your teeth covering called a dental veneer.

Although losing dental veneers are less of a priority in terms of dental emergencies, if you wish to remedy that problem we would urge you to call us at the earliest opportunity.


Losing a filling or noticing that you spit blood when you brush your teeth

Other instances may include lost fillings, or you are noticing small amounts of blood in your toothpaste waste when brushing your teeth.

All instances should not be ignored and as they are unique to your circumstances you should consult your local expert dentists here at Bamboo Dental within Cardiff.

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Cardiff’s Dental Emergency Experts | Bamboo Dental of Cardiff 

I need an emergency dentist, what do I do if I am not currently registered with an NHS dentist in Cardiff or I am a visitor to Cardiff on an infrequent basis on business?

Bamboo Dental welcomes non-registered patients and visitors to our dental practice within Cardiff.

So no matter if you are within Cardiff or on business or simply a tourist in the area and need an out of hours emergency dental service, then we can offer you an expert advice and dental procedures here within Cardiff.

What should I do if I cannot wait for an out of hours and emergency appointment after work, do you do same day emergency appointments?


Bamboo Dental will endeavour to fit your dental emergency in as soon as is feasibly possible.

We have dedicated emergency dental receptionist ready to handle your call within the Cardiff region’s.
If you are work un-sociable hours and you can not wait until a regular appointment why not contact us today. 029 2056 9769

I have recently had cosmetic dental procedure that I believe this has gone wrong and is causing me pain, would it be possible to obtain a second opinion?


With the rising popularity of cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers and teeth straightening procedures to name just a few there will always be a small number of cases that due to poor implementation by other dentists you may need a secondary opinion and rectification procedures.

Bamboo Dental of Cardiff can offer experienced and expert advice when you are suffering from dental pain due to a incorrect cosmetic procedure.

Also if you have carried out a teeth whitening course of treatments at home that is now causing you discomfort you should consult your dentist as soon as possible.

If teeth whitening is carried out incorrectly or the substances used are not approved this can lead dental problems and discomfort.

What ever the dental emergency in Cardiff call us today for help and advice 

Whatever your dental emergency Bamboo Dental can help in Cardiff


Expertly trained and experienced dentists are on hand. Do get in touch today, do not suffer in silence.

Bamboo Dental Cardiff contact page | For further emergency dental advice in Cardiff please click here: Emergency Dentists Cardiff