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Bamboo Dental,
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Bamboo Dental offers something new, that’s a dental clinic that fits around you and offers a whole new dental experience in Cardiff, South Wales.

If you’re searching for a dentist that can offer you everything from preventative dentistry procedures (Hygienists) , right through to offering cosmetic enhancement treatments , then we are the dental practice you have been searching for!


  “Dr Dan is a dentist who truly cares about your oral health”


We have guiding principles at Bamboo which set our private dental practice apart from many. We offer:


A Flexible, Friendly and Tailored approach for all our clients


We offer a private dental practice that is a little different from the norm.

That is we aim to please and we go out of our way to Woman holding small mirror in which we can see her reflected smile. achieve first class patient care, at sensible prices.

For example if you need an Emergency Dental Appointment say at late evenings or weekends, then no problem, Bamboo Dental is there for you.

Why not come and meet our friendly dental team located on Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff.


Bringing a range of dental procedures in-house


 Young woman holding an apple to her mouth whilst looking over her shoulder.Many of our patients appreciate that we can take care of your preventative, general and cosmetic dental requirements all under one roof, so you can have a dentist that truly offers it all.

We can therefore take good care of your teeth, by designing that smile and cosmetic appearance of your teeth just the way you have always wanted! Check out our dedicated cosmetic dental pages


Teeth Whitening | Teeth Straightening | Fresh Breath to treat Bad Breath | Veneers | Crowns


“We therefore offer private dental treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening and dental veneers are just some of the cosmetic procedures that we carry out.


Private dentistry and cosmetic procedures at sensible prices


Using high quality materials in a modern practice setting, we can offer you private dental treatments and cosmetic procedures that are within the price range of many.



A Dentist in Cardiff takes the time to listen!

Dr Dan Rogers in white dental clothing smiling.

Our Cardiff dentist takes huge pride in offering first-class private dental procedures, and also cosmetic procedures which can boost an individual’s confidence and self esteem.

Why not ask about our specialisms which are teeth whitening, veneers and teeth straightening procedures in Cardiff. We are experts at cosmetic dental work and we offer this at sensible prices in South Wales.


 A multi disciplined Dentist in Cardiff

Dan Rogers in magazine cut out.

We can offer the full range of cosmetic dental procedures, that we can carry out for our clients within Cardiff.

We have a dedicated and hard-working dental team, that are on hand to ensure you receive superb patient care.




What our dental team can offer you in Cardiff:


Tooth straightening procedures

Teeth whitening

Dental Veneers

Dental Implants

Fresh breath treatments to treat bad breath

Dental Hygienist Procedures


Emergency Dentist Appointments


Do you shy away from showing off your smile?


 Young woman smiling with bright white teeth.

Perhaps in social situations you find yourself self conscious because of the appearance of your teeth?

This need not be the case anymore, Bamboo Dental can offer you a whole host of cosmetic treatments to get you a smile you deserve.

If you have crooked, misaligned or wonky teeth then why not have a chat with our dental team in Cardiff.

We can offer a range of dental treatments such as the Six Month Smile program, Iman aligners and also clear aligners are just some of the solutions that we can offer.


Teeth Whitening

Are you at social events and feel that your smile is not standing out as much as everybody else’s?

Do you look back on photographs and wished you had a dental procedure to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth earlier?

Modern lifestyles can easily damage our teeth, causing them to be discoloured and have the natural shading become discoloured.

Our range of teeth whitening procedures can enhance your smile, we can also help you show off your teeth with a renewed sense of confidence!


Halitosis & Bad Breath

For some it’s a problem that they might keep putting up with, convincing themselves that it will sort itself out.

The truth is bad breath can cause a first impression to go bad, and also unfortunately a lasting impression that you might not want to be associated with!

Our expert dentists based and located within Cardiff, can offer you treatments to treat foul-smelling breath.

Freshen up your breath with our dental practice, contact Bamboo today for a fresher tomorrow.


Hygienist services and preventative dentistry


 Hygienist brushing a small set of educational plastic teeth.They do say attack is the best form of defence!

So why not attack your tooth decay by visiting your local dental hygienist within Cardiff today.

From traditional “scale and polishing” right through to more advanced methods of dental cleaning, our expert dental hygienists can offer a full range of dental services to you.




Veneers | Design the cosmetic appearance of your teeth!

Veneers are often a quick way of quickly changing the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.Young woman smiling holding dental apparatus.

Our Cardiff dentist can offer you a range of options when you choose Veneers as the option to change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

From Lumineers, to E-Max and also Knights Dental, we use only high quality veneers within Cardiff.



Our expert dentist Dr Dan, can offer you dental procedures to have crowns fitted in a way that only a professional dentist knows how. To visit Dr Dans our Cardiff dentists main page click here.

If you are worried about visiting a dentist because you are anxious just at the prospect of seeing a dentist, come and discuss this with our dental team, so we can allay your fears.

Put your dental needs in hands of professionals, our expert Cardiff dentist (Dr Dan) can make sure that your fears are recognised and you are reassured. Visit Dr Dan in Cardiff.


Emergency Pain Relief


 Graphic of a tooth showing dental pain for a dental emergency.If you need an emergency dentist quick in Cardiff then why not consider Bamboo Dental?

Renowned for our private dental treatments, we also offer an Emergency Dentist service in Cardiff for out of hours dentistry services.

For tooth decay, or wisdom teeth pain, or any other dental problem that is causing you pain why not pick up the phone and talk to our expert team.

The truth is you need not suffer, with an expert emergency dentist on hand in Cardiff we can see you quickly and at late evenings or weekends. Nothing in terms of dental customer service is a problem when you choose Bamboo Dental of Cardiff!


Why not see our Prices from a transparent dental practice


Our dentist in Cardiff Dr Dan, is committed to offering transparent pricing on all dental procedures that we carry out within the Cardiff area.

Why not visit our pricing page for more information on our cosmetic and traditional dentistry services.


Private Dentists in Cardiff who go the extra mile!


Woman smiling after treatment with Cardiff dentist.

Perhaps you are thinking about swapping dentists? Or you need the reassurance that you will be receiving expert and professional care in Cardiff before you swap dentists.

Don’t entrust something as valuable as your oral care in the hands of the less experienced dentists in Cardiff.

We can offer you a whole range of dental care, right from receiving procedures from our dental hygienists right through to customised cosmetic dentistry.


 Dentist Cardiff who you can trust!

Dr Dan smiling at dental practice, Cardiff.

Why not come down to our dental practice on Cowbridge Road West, Cardiff. Our experienced dental team will show you around the practice, so you can meet our dentist, Dr Dan.


Emergency Dentist Cardiff


You can see our practice and our dedicated dental team who are focused on providing first-class customer experiences.