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7x Award 
Winning Practice
7x Award
Winning Practice
7x Award 
Winning Practice
7x Award
Winning Practice

Teeth Grinding
& Clenching

Are you suffering from unexplained headaches? Teeth grinding
(it’s also called bruxism, which makes it sound even worse) could be to blame.

our treatments

We can help to eliminate head and neck pain caused by teeth clenching with the SCi. We all grind our teeth from time to time and it’s usually made worse by stress but when it’s done constantly it can have long-lasting effects which will require dental treatment.

As well as headaches, migraines and chronic tension, clenching and grinding can seriously damage your jaw and even lead to broken teeth. Although up to 80% of the population is affected by teeth grinding, it often goes unnoticed – unlike snoring, which is something else we can help you with.

There are lots of solutions for teeth grinding, including physiotherapy, hypnotherapy and antidepressants, but it’s generally agreed that orthodontics are the most effective method to alleviate the symptoms.

At Bamboo Dental, our dental splint laboratory offers clinically effective and proven treatments for tooth grinding and clenching. Our most popular treatment is the SCi (sleep clench inhibitor), a dental splint that fits over your teeth to separate them and stop you from grinding in your sleep.

How does it work?

Put simply, the SCi reduces contact between your posterior and canine teeth, which stops the temporalis muscles (they’re the ones that help you chew) from clenching. If that all sounds like a foreign language, don’t worry; our dentists will explain everything to you during your initial consultation.

We can fit an SCi splint for you in one visit, which will give you immediate relief for acute pain. If you want a tailor-made splint, you’ll need to visit us a second time.

What do patients say about us?

We’re grinning from ear to ear at all the nice things people have said about us. Read on and you’ll see why we’re on of the most popular dentists in Cardiff.


The teeth grinding and clenching SCi appliance costs £105 and all treatments over £350 at Bamboo Dental can be paid for with 0% interest and you can pay the monthly payment over 12, 24 or 36 months – you choose.

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