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9x Award
Winning Practice
9x Award 
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9x Award
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9x Award 
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9x Award
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Hygienist Services

We apologise, this treatment is unavailable for new patients.

Sure, you see your dentist every six months but how often do you visit the hygienist?

more than a scale & polish!

Without scaring you too much, your teeth are under daily attack from acid erosion and the build-up of plaque and tartar. No matter how sophisticated our modern toothbrushes are, only the experts (that’s us, by the way) can get to those hard to reach places in your mouth.

Ideally you should be visiting your hygienist every three months as they can spot any problems in between your trips to the dentist and can offer you much more than just a scale and polish. Bamboo Dental provides a full range of dental hygiene services, whether you want pain-free treatment for gum disease or our most popular service, the Bamboo Fresh Breath polish.

Hygienist services we offer (unavailable for new patients)

Bamboo Ultra White Polish

£65  |  30 minutes

If you want a hi-tech version of the traditional scale and polish, this prophyflex power clean system fires a jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles at your teeth to polish the surface and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. It gives your teeth a thorough clean and removes stains to give you an instantly whiter smile without bleaching.  

Bamboo Fresh Breath Polish

£80  |  30 minutes

Feeling fresh? You will be after a Bamboo Ultra White Polish. After polishing your pearly whites, we apply f UltraDEX odour eliminating solution to the areas that cause bad breath. It’s our most popular service for customers who want a healthy, stain free smile. 

You can also buy our popular Fresh Breath oral spray to take away and use at home or out and about. This nifty spray uses clinically proven technology to instantly eliminate bad breath and kills the bacteria that causes plaque, tooth decay and gum problems. 

It’s discreet and easy to use, and the bottle can fit easily into pockets, bags or desk drawers. 

  • 130 sprays within each pack.
  • Perfect for on-the-go freshness, all day long.
  • Clean mint flavour, sugar and alcohol free.
  • Alcohol free and safe for daily use.
  • Contains fluoride* (230ppm) to help strengthen teeth
  • Free from colouring and comes in a mint flavour or unflavoured (comes with a separate mint sachet to suit personal taste). 

The spray uses iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology® which is clinically proven to:

  • Instantly eliminate odour-causing compounds (VSC) to give you minty fresh breath for 12 hours.
  • Whiten teeth within 14 days by gently lifting organic stains to reveal their true brightness.
  • Kill the harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum problems and plaque.