What forms of cosmetic dentistry does your dental practice undertake?

Bamboo Dental of Cardiff undertakes a number of cosmetic procedures at its location on West Cowbridge Road. The dental practice is overseen by an experienced dentist called Dr Dan.

Our dental clinic can undertake private cosmetic procedures, which can range from enhancing your smile through to dental veneers and teeth straightening procedures, which can change the alignment of your teeth in a way you have always wanted them to look.

teeth whitening cardiff

Teeth Whitening Cardiff | Bamboo Dental

Bamboo Dental can offer you professional, affordable and safe teeth whitening procedures right here in Cardiff.

To supplement your teeth whitening procedure our dental practice can also offer a take-home teeth whitening solution just for you.

This at home solution can further enhance the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, once you have the expert advice received from our dental practice.


We offer cost-effective Teeth Whitening why not give Bamboo Dental a ring today?

By visiting Bamboo Dental you have the reassurance that you are undertaking a teeth whitening procedure under the supervision of a dental practice with high professional standards.

Don’t jeopardise the health of your teeth with somebody who might not be trained in teeth whitening.

Come to the experienced, come to Bamboo Dental of Cardiff.

To arrange to come and see us please visit our contact page here. To find out more information about our teeth whitening procedures, please visit this page.


Dental Veneers

We have a range of dental veneer options for you to choose from. Which ever supplier you choose they will be professionally installed by our expert dentist.

We currently supply Veneers by E-Max | Lumineer’s | Knights Dental

If you are considering having veneers fitted, then why not talk to our dentist about your options, that can involve minimal intrusive preparation of the tooth’s surface.

We supply top quality veneers within Cardiff, and we take the time to listen to our patients carefully, so to understand the appearance that they wish to obtain from the procedure.

For a brighter, whiter smile that looks glowing then contact us today for prices and forms of teeth whitening or veneers that will be best suited to you.

So whatever the shading of veneer you desire contact Bamboo Dental today to obtain a cosmetic appearance you have always wanted for your teeth.

cosmetic veneers in cardiff



teeth straightening in cardiff

Tooth Straightening Procedures | Teeth Straightening Cardiff

If you have crooked or slightly misaligned teeth then this can affect confidence, and can even stop people from smiling and showing their teeth to others!

By having your teeth straightening procedure with us, which is not just a cosmetic procedure but can also be one to enhance the health of your teeth overall, by making them straighter and more uniform, therefore easier to clean.

We have vast experience in straightening teeth safely, yet we also use methods which make us the cost effective choose in Cardiff, South Wales.

If you would like to talk to our dentist about a range of teeth straightening procedures we can offer you then please contact us today.

If you would like to talk to our dentist about a range of teeth straightening procedures we can offer you then please contact us today.

We can offer you advice to see if the major teeth straightening brands and procedures will be right for you. The major brands we supply are offered by Six Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner procedure for example.


Specialist Crowns Cardiff

Dental crowns have come a long way, many people think that crowns are ugly and have a bright metallic colour!

This need not be the case today, you can have crowns that can even match the colour of your teeth very closely indeed, so that they match closely to your original tooth shading and colouring and match in well.

To visit our dental crowns page click here, or to arrange a consultation about the type of dental crown that may suit you please visit this page




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Dental Hygienist Services to remove dental plaque, tartar and to freshen breathe in Cardiff

Bamboo Dental offers a range of dental hygienist services to our patients within Cardiff and the surrounding regions.

It is of vital importance that a good oral care regime is in place, to protect the enamel surface of your teeth and in order to maintain good oral health.

A dental hygienist can supplement your oral care routine, so why not pay regular visits to your dental hygienist in Cardiff, who can offer advice and professional deep cleaning of your teeth.

This procedure is often referred to as the “scale and polish” procedure. Your dental hygienist can also offer a range of services, which can help to remove plaque and the build-up of tartar from your teeth.