Common Teeth Straightening Myths Debunked


Conflicting information soaks up much of the internet like an unintentional game of Chinese Whispers. We are often asked very similar questions about teeth straightening that are simply not true yet seem to circulate conversion regularly. Here we’ll go through some of the most common untruths we hear. It’s time to get to the bottom of the teeth straightening myths working their way around the world!

Common Teeth Straightening Myths Debunked

#1 Only children and teenagers wear braces.

There is an image many hold in their mind of the stereotypical teenager, complete with messy hair and train track braces. The truth is that private dentistry accommodates for both adult and teenagers nowadays. In fact, more and more adults are opting for braces to correct cosmetic issues.

I key reason for the large influx in adults seeking teeth straightening is the development of more discreet looking braces that are barely noticeable unless you get up super close.


#2 Veneers are a fast alternative to braces.

In some cases this could be true, however, in only in the idea that it is a quicker way to get a tip top smile. This does come with some caveats though. Some people will find that their teeth are particularly crooked and in those cases some work may be needed on your teeth before the veneers can be fitted to your teeth. This can mean that you even need your teeth straightened prior to you having your veneers being fitted. In other circumstances you may need some tooth preparation in the form of shaving down of the teeth. This creates a gap around the tooth for the veneer to fit on to.


#3 Braces take too long to straighten teeth!

With today’s technology this is not necessarily true. One of our most popular treatment is the Six Month Smiles braces system. Yes, you guessed it, it can straighten your teeth in just six months (sometimes less!). This is about one third of the time that orthodontic treatment used to take and in the big scheme of things is not too long at all. If you require very little movement then alternative treatments such as the Inman Aligner can be used to correct the tooth position in even less time.



#4 Wearing braces will feel uncomfortable and look bad.

It will always feel odd having something like a brace in your mouth. However, with new technological advancements, you won’t necessarily be feeling discomfort. Within a short term you’ll get used to the feeling and likely forget that you even have the braces in. Now to tackle the myth of the brace looking bad. You may have heard of invisible braces or clear aligners. These are a type of teeth straightening, such as Invisalign, which are completely transparent and almost invisible to the eye. Even fixed braces can now come in tooth coloured varieties so that they are as discrete as possible.


#5 Once my teeth are straightened, they’re good for life.

Sadly this is not the case at all. If left to their own devices your teeth will most likely start to move back to their original position. This is easily prevented though. After treatment you’ll be given a retainer which keeps your teeth in place and you can wear that over night. An alternative is to get a fixed retainer which is placed behind the teeth and permanently holds your teeth in place. A lot of people avoid wearing their retainer and feel that their teeth are special and will not retreat to their old position. After some time they often regret the decision and may need further orthodontic work to get their new smile back on track.



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