Bamboo opens doors to new NHS Patients


Bamboo Dental Have Opened Up Their Books to New NHS Patients

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Are You Looking For an NHS Dentist in Cardiff?

There has recently been a large influx of demand in the area for NHS Dentists. In response to this, triple award winning Bamboo Dental in Cardiff are opening their books to new NHS patients for an exclusive amount of time. There are a limited amount of spaces available and new patients will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.


The practice, founded and led by Dr. Dan Rogers has become an increasingly strong force on the dental scene, with customers as far as Birmingham travelling to be seen by the award winning team. Patients are attracted not only by the professionalism, skill and friendliness of staff, but also by the weekend and evening appointments available at a minute’s notice.



Your Search For An NHS Dentist in Cardiff is Over!

Recently, Bamboo has focused its attention towards leading the market in Six Month Smiles in Wales, delivering straight white teeth to patients in just half a year. As well as that, Dr. Dan is delving into the world of Aesthetics, providing a more rejuvenated look for those who seek it. 


However, the practice hasn’t lost sight on their main objective, to deliver and promote good oral hygiene in the community. “It feels like the right time” explains Dr. Dan. “It’s a very promising and exciting time for the Dental Practice, but as well as delivering top level service to existing patients, we want to welcome new patients into the Bamboo family. So many people put off going to the dentist, simply because they can’t find an NHS dentist and don’t want to have to pay out to go private.”


There Are Limited Spaces

Figures released by the Health and Social Care InformationCentre (HSCIC) last August reveal that half of adults haven’t been to the dentist in the past two years, with experts suggesting limited access to NHS dentists as a factor.


With such a high demand for NHS dentists, Bamboo warns that they expect to fill these newly added extra spaces very quickly, and suggests to get in touch as soon as possible if interested.



How Do You Become an NHS Patient at Bamboo?

There are two ways you can get in touch with us to claim your spot on the NHS list at Bamboo Dental; by phoning us or by completing the short contact form below.



1. Call Bamboo: 0330 102 5515

If you wish to contact us via telephone, please use our special NHS contact number above. You will be directed to a line in which you will be able to send us a voice message with your contact information. 



2. Complete the Contact Form Below

New NHS Patients


A Dentist in Cardiff that is out to make a difference!


  Dentist Cardiff | Bamboo Private Dental Clinic Cardiff

Quite arguably modern lifestyles have changed we all now work longer and often work commitments dictate our personal agenda even impacting our dental health. Them missed dental appointments in Cardiff, therefore allow plaque and dental tartar to build up on our teeth.

Those important aspects of our life such of our oral health often get delayed or postponed as we fit this around our busy schedules.

Bamboo Dental turns this concept on its head!

Bamboo Dental puts its clients first this allows you to pick times that are best suited to you, and not what times are best suited to the dental practice.

Perhaps you need a private dentist in Cardiff, or you need a cosmetic dental treatment that needs to be carried out at short notice, then we are the experts for you in Cardiff.

Anything from cosmetic procedures, through to regular dental check-ups, our experienced Cardiff dentist can offer all manner of dentistry services.

  Dentists within Cardiff | Bamboo Dental Private Dentists

To find out more information about our Cardiff Dentist Dr Dan, why not click here.

We offer the following services in Cardiff

o Emergency and out of hours dental service
o Cosmetic dentistry
o Teeth Whitening
o Teeth Straightening
o Veneers
o Crowns
o Private emergency dental service Cardiff

Out of hour’s appointments, not a problem in Cardiff, we are the dental practice that offers the full range of dental treatments under one roof!

Why visiting your Cardiff dentists is so important with today diets

Sugary attacks are often occurring on our teeth, this acid erosion of the tooth enamel can often cause unexpected pain and suffering for many patients within Cardiff. Do not allow a potential emergency dental situation to occur, look after your teeth, pay regular visits to your Cardiff dentists.

Why Bamboo Dental is different from other dentists in Cardiff

Many patients cannot take unexpected time off work to rectify an issue with their dental health once a dental emergency situation has occurred.

Many instead often suffer with the dental pain for a while, until they can make an out of hours or emergency dental appointment even though that may not be as soon as they would have liked!

Do not suffer with dental pain in Cardiff!

In such a situation you may consider visiting an Emergency Dentist in Cardiff, that puts you as the priority.

Our private dentist in Cardiff, will seek to book you in as soon as possible, so you can gain an out of hours appointment, or sometimes we can even fit you in at very short notice.

So if you have dental pain caused by dental erosion of the enamel, or you have suffered from a dental injury why not call the expert emergency dentists in South Wales.

 Cardiff Dentist | Dr Dan

Why many patients in Cardiff choose our Emergency dental service.

Our expert dentist is professionally trained and well versed in all areas of emergency dentistry, and will be able to get you out of pain and suffering quickly. To see our contact page, why not click here.

“If you require an Emergency Dentist at short notice, or for out of hour’s appointments or at weekends why not consider Bamboo Dental emergency dental service”.

 Emergency Dental Service Cardiff | Dentist Cardiff 

Accidents at work or a sports injury where you need an emergency dentist fast!

Often dental emergencies happen when we least expect it, and often at the least convenient time, if there is such an occurrence!

That is your normal dentist may be closed when the emergency happens, or even absent for a long weekend because of say a bank holiday period for example.

So you may not want to wait, and you may not want to visit a dental hospital in Cardiff, so in some circumstances our emergency service offers an alternative.

Why not visit our Emergency Dental page click here.

 What makes our Cardiff dentist different?

Therefore you may require a dentist in Cardiff that is a little more flexible, who puts the needs of its patients first, and which is a dental practice which is solely designed with customer experience in mind.

Put your teeth in safe hands, therefore choose a customer centric dentist in Cardiff who is flexible to your requirements.

That is you can see your dentist at a time of your choosing, and if you need to you can rest assured you have picked a dentist who is there for emergency treatments if the need ever arises.

Therefore whether you have sustained a sporting injury, or an accident at work, which has impacted your teeth, what’s important is that you have the ability to contact an emergency dentist that you can trust and have faith in, you need Dr Dan.

  Dentists in Cardiff, who carry out cosmetic dental work 

Sensibly priced cosmetic procedures

Perhaps you are used to having dental cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening on a regular basis.

Perhaps you are now searching for a private dental practice in Cardiff that can offer the full range of dental services under one roof?

Then think about Bamboo Dental as we can offer a complete dental solution under one roof.

Bamboo Dental offers just that, a range of dental cosmetic procedures that are offered from a private dentist you can trust.

Our Cardiff Dentist can therefore offer multi-disciplined approach to dentistry.

That is Dr Dan our resident head dentist in Cardiff, can take care of you general dentistry requirements, as well as supplementing that if you wish with cosmetic procedures.

We therefore offer the complete range of dental services in Cardiff

o Emergency & Out of hours Dentist in Cardiff
o Teeth Whitening
o Tooth Straightening procedures
o Braces
o Crowns
o Private Dentistry service in Cardiff
o Fresh breath treatments to treat bad breath
o Veneers
o Dental hygienist services, for polishing or looking after your teeth through preventative dentistry.

There is a whole host of cosmetic dental services on the market, yet you can rest assured that Bamboo Dental only offers high quality and safe methods in cosmetic dentistry services.

For example our dentist in Cardiff Dr Dan, can carry out cosmetic veneer work using the latest and high quality veneers in the market.

Dr Dan can also offers teeth straightening and teeth whitening procedures also.

To supplement this range of cosmetic dental services Bamboo Dental also offers solutions for bad breath or halitosis sufferers, within the Cardiff region’s.
To see Cardiff dental prices why not click here. Our pricing page

 General Dentistry, Preventative Dentistry and Hygienist Services in Cardiff 

Why not take a visit to our Cardiff private dental clinic which can take care of all you dentistry requirements.

We also have full-time dental hygienists and if you require any emergency dental appointments we can fit you week-days and evenings

We are able to schedule you in at short notice and take care of your dentistry needs.

To view our dental hygienist services that are on offer in Cardiff click here

A dentist in Cardiff who truly cares about the health of your teeth!

Dr Dan truly cares and is truly motivated by ensuring that his patients receive a first class service when visiting the dental practice within Cardiff.

To learn more about how to maintain good oral health why not visit this quality website, who also offers quality advice. British Dental Health Foundation.


Teeth Whitening Cardiff | Bamboo Dental


Bamboo Dental your local teeth whitening specialists in Cardiff

Primary causes of tooth discolouration

Tooth discolouration can occur for a multitude of reasons- often the most common reasons are lifestyle habits such as smoking and also the consumption of certain beverages and certain food types.

The consumption of tea and coffee and red wine are widely known causes of tooth discolouration, yet the less well-known causes can include eating certain fruits and vegetables, coupled with poor dental hygiene.

For all your Teeth Whitening requirements in Cardiff, call us today

Image of teeth being checked by doctor

Image of teeth being checked by doctor

Due to these lifestyle factors combined with the accumulation over time of this problem can cause the protective surface of the teeth, what’s known as the enamel to erode and to gradually decay.

The part underneath the teeth is what’s called the dentin and this erosion of the enamel can lead to a primary cause of discolouration and also tooth loss.

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