Is Bad Breath Hindering Your Chances of a Second Date?


New research has uncovered bad breath as being the number one reason leading to first daters rejecting a second date.

bad breath

The recent study placed bad breath at the head of the list with 35% of people citing it as the biggest faux pas. This was not so closely followed by ‘bad conversation’ which came out as 11% of respondents top turn off.

For those of you that put fashion first. This was actually only hinted at as the top factor for 2% of people. Perhaps a visit to the dental hygienist is in order before you upgrade your shoes.


Bad Breath, A Fresh Approach.

According to Dr Nigel Carter, The research has gathered some insights very in line with the close relationship between oral health and attraction.

‘We all know that a healthy smile can be a very powerful instrument for attracting a partner and avoiding bad breath is a key part of achieving this.’ Other studies have often attributed a person smile to being the first thing a person notices. It is true also that those with bad breath feel less confident about sharing a beaming smile with their date. For this reason we get a double effect.


There are lots of causes of bad breath or halitosis. Here are some of them:

Eating certain types of foods

We all know that onion, garlic and curry all expel quite the odour. This may taste nice for your slap up meal but the stench can linger long into the night. If you are looking to keep your breath fresh it is important to eat blander foods that don’t have too strong a smell.



At times certain medication can be the cause of bad breath. Sadly this may not be avoidable depending on your condition. In this case you are best to brush your teeth twice a day and eat sugar free gum to keep that minty fresh taste. You should also visit your hygienist to keep that side of your breath in perfect condition. At least then you’ll put yourself in the best position possible.


Smelly bacteria on the teeth and gums

Many people simply do not follow guidelines to keeping their mouth in good health. This can lead to bacteria building up on the teeth can gums which release smelly gases into the mouth. In this case you should make sure to brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and book in to see our fresh breath clinic to get on top of your oral health.


Bamboo Dental Helps Local Children Learn About Good Dental Health


Late last month, Bamboo held a special event with the aim of spreading awareness of great oral hygiene to local children. It has become common knowledge that statistically, the number of children with dental issues has an increasing trend year on year. Due to this, we feel that it’s the duty of dental practices everywhere to help educate our youngest generations about how they can best look after their oral health.


Super Dentist’s Tackle Dental Health Concerns in Cardiff!

On this day, Bamboo’s dentists woke up with a sparkle in their eyes for they were to become the super heroes that could inspire our youngest generations. What a transformation it was, Dr Dan and Dr Oli had become Mr Incredible and Batman. The only difference was that instead of batmerangs and super strength, they were armed with dental mirrors and excavators! This inspiring theme was carefully selected to bring excitement to the children. We wanted to create a new perception of the dental surgery for the local children who were due to visit. A place where they would feel compelled to learn. We felt that super hero dentists would be certain to light that spark.

dental health in children

As the day progressed each of the children was given a free check-up to see how theyre current dental hygiene shaped up. At the same time we were able to give the kids advice and information as well as answering any questions they had about all things teeth. The familiar faces delivering the check ups made the kids much more relaxed and happy to go ahead with their check ups. Some were even happy to pose for a photo in the dental chair!


In the meantime, other children were entertained by our friendly dental nurses with face painting, dental goody bags and a fun environment for all. This was all carefully designed to make the dental practice a fun environment for the kids to be in. After all, the dental practice should be a positive place for a person to visit.


An Incredible Success for All Involved

The whole day proved very popular amongst children and parents alike – many citing that they couldn’t believe how relaxed their little ones were to be at the dentist. The fun atmosphere and inspiring theme is something that we’ll certainly take forwards in future events aimed at helping children expand their knowledge on dental health.


House of Lords stress dentists’ role in the fight against mouth cancer


House of Lords stress dentists’ role in the fight against oral cancer.

dentists mouth cancer

A recent debate at the House of Lords was focused largely on discussing ways to reduce the overwhelming burden that alcohol abuse is having on our health service.


During the debate Lord Colwyn was able to express some key points in a well received speech. Lord Colwyn, the Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Dentistry and Oral Health was passionate about getting across just how detrimental the effects of alcohol are on the mouth and the development of oral cancer.


Statistics show that 70% of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer drink excessive amounts of alcohol. However the risks are even greater for those individuals who chose to live a lifestyle including both alcohol and smoking. For this group of people there was a 38 times increased chance of contracted mouth cancer compared to individuals who neither smoked nor drank alcohol.


A key point of the conversation was that dentists ‘were on the front line’ in the fight against mouth cancer. They appear in a very unique place on the timeline of mouth cancer progression in that dentists are able to see healthy patients on a regular basis. By keeping vigilant they can spot the signs of mouth cancer at its earliest stages. Here at Bamboo Dental we see the importance of this. Not only is the importance of early diagnosis important but providing patients with information to help limit the risks of such diseases is too very important.


What Steps Can You Take to Lower the Risks of Mouth Cancer?

More than 90% of mouth cancers in men and 85% in women are linked to lifestyle and environmental factors. After this fact you’ll most likely understand that much of the risk is truly in your hands. Below we’ll outline some key lifestyle changes you have the ability to make in order to limit the risks of developing mouth cancer. All of these tips will also benefit your health in general!


Quit smoking tobacco

Mouth cancers are closely linked to tobacco use. This is not limited to cigarettes but also included other ways that you may consume tobacco such as; cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and more. Tobacco use is not a prerequisite of mouth cancer. It is however a big factor and can have ongoing effects that burden your chances of recovery:

  • Tobacco use makes treatment much less effective.
  • Tobacco use makes it harder for your body to heal after surgery.
  • Tobacco use increases your risk of a cancer recurrence.
 It can be a difficult journey to give up smoking. If you find yourself in a stressful situation such as being diagnosed with cancer then this can make matters even more tough for you. You can find help on how to quit smoking here.


Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol, particularly when combined with tobacco use, greatly increases the risk of mouth cancer. Not only this but alcohol alone can increase the risks of other types of cancer in the body. As with tobacco use, ongoing use of alcohol after being diagnosed with cancer is going to hinder the recovery process. We advise you to limit alcohol consumption as much as possible if not stop consuming it altogether.


Eat a diet full of fruits and veg

The diet can be one of the most important factors in your health and in your risk of developing cancer. Fruit and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants that may be able to reduce the risk of you developing mouth cancer.


Avoid exposing your lips to the sun

Many people neglect the lips when putting on suncream. It has been shown that the level of sun exposure hitting your mouth can be linked to the chance of developing mouth cancer. A few ways to combat this may be to stay in the shade, wear a broad-brimmed hat or to make sure you use sun cream on your lips as well as your face.


Make sure to visit your dentist often!

When you visit your dentist for a dental examination you can ask them to inspect your entire mouth for any signs of mouth cancer. Their knowledge and expertise will put them in a great position to spot any abnormalities at as an early a stage of possible. Of course, this all relies on you visiting your dentist as often as possible.


Bamboo Dental | Your Number One Private Dentist in Cardiff


Our private dentist in Cardiff is here to help you keep your teeth looking their best. Whether you are in need of a routine check up or are on the search for a cosmetic make over we know that we can be of value to you. But what makes Bamboo different to all of the other surrounding dentists?

private dentist in cardiff

Your Number One Private Dentist in Cardiff

Over the past 5 years, Bamboo Dental has become one of the most reputable dentists in Cardiff. We truly value our patients and we harvest a warm fuzzy feeling inside when we read about all of the positive experiences our patients have had with us. You can check out some of our reviews on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook.


Five Times Award Winning

We’ve proud to be able to say that we’ve been awarded in five different areas over the pat few years. These awards span from best overall practice to best team and our head dentist Dr Dan earned the title of ‘best young dentist’. We pride ourselves on the work that we do not only in the dental chair but also the patient care that is offered throughout our practice. We believe that this is the key as to why our patients feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting our private dentist in Cardiff.


Experienced Professionals

Our practice is built around the experience of our dentists. They work day in day out to perfect their craft. Dr Dan has catapulted to the number one provider of Six Month Smiles treatment in Wales. This has been achieved through his hard work and dedication to the high quality of treatment he has provided to his patients. We have dentists who are experienced in all types of treatments ranging from dental implants, teeth straightening and cosmetic veneers all the way to general dentistry such as crowns and fillings.


Joining Bamboo Dental Care

After much demand, we decided to open up our books with an affordable private care service. This service, coined the Bamboo Total care Plan, offers an extensive range of treatments that will cover you whatever the needs of your teeth.


What’s included:

  • All dental health examinations are included.
  • Hygiene appointments and scale and polish services.
  • Any x-rays necessary.
  • Any fillings treatments.
  • All extractions.
  • Crown and bridge work.
  • Treatment for root canal issues.


We also offer some added extras:

  • 10% off any treatment not included in the plan.
  • 10% discount on cosmetic and general aesthetics treatments.
  • Extensive expert advise on diet and oral hygiene.
  • A special membership card with a 24 hour emergency dental helpline for use at home or abroad.
  • Worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance.


If you would like to find out more about the plans we have on offer you can do so right here on our Bamboo Care page.


What to Expect When Visiting our Private Dentist in Cardiff

Upon arrival at our location (28 Cowbridge Road West, Ely, Cardiff, CF5 5BS), you will be greeted by our brand new dental practice. You’ll also have the facility to use our on-site parking with specially reserved spaces just for you.


As you enter the practice you’ll be met by the happy energy of our friendly reception staff. They will make sure that you are all signed in and ready for your appointment with the dentist! After this it will depend what you are visiting us for. In most cases your next step will be to pop in for a consultation with one of Bamboo’s experienced dentists. This is your chance to make the most of their expertise and find out any information that has been on your mind.


After this you will be informed enough to decide on the path that you want to take with your potential treatment!


Yes, We Are Open 7 Days a Week

When patients realise that we are open 7 days a week they often have to ask again. After years of desperately shuffling around time off work to fit in their appointments they finally find a dentist that works around them. We believe that this is how it should be. That’s why we make our opening hours as accessible as humanly possible. This means, weekend and late evening appointments are available just for you.


So there’s no need to worry if you cant get time off work to visit your dentist for your 6 monthly check up. Just give Bamboo a call and we will fit in around you. This is how we believe it should be done and thats why we are happy to extend our opening hours just for you, our valued patients!


Competitive Prices

As well as making our opening times as accessible as possible we also aim to make our prices accessible to all too. Everyone deserves the chance to have that smile they’ve always wanted and too many dentists charge an amount that is not congruent with that. Our prices are not only very competitive but we also include finance packages to suit everyones needs. Some of these packages are completely interest free and allow you to pay off your treatment cost on a monthly basis for up to 24 months. This can allow you to have a smile makeover for a similar price that you would pay for your mobile phone contract each month.


How Can You Get in Touch?

If you are interested in any of the services that our private dentist in Cardiff has to offer then we have a variety of ways that you can get in touch. Our friendly reception team are always at the other end of the telephone ready to help you wherever possible. if you wish to contact them then you can do so by calling:



Alternatively we have a dedicated team ready to answer your questions through our special email form. You can find that here on the contact page.


Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth


teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

One of the questions we get asked the most about teeth whitening at Bamboo Dental is whether or not it’s a good option for those with sensitive teeth. The truthful answer is that bleach can make teeth feel more sensitive if whitening trays are left in too long. Patients interested in teeth whitening at Bamboo Dental are first invited to a free consultation with a member of our five-time award winning team of dentists. One of our experts will advise that a routine dental check-up is required before any treatment begins. Our dentist will also advise the best course of action for you. Whitening trays are created from impressions meaning they are custom fit to you. The amount of bleach used is the same for every patient but the length of time these trays stay in can depend on your teeth. For example, those with thicker teeth may be recommended to keep their trays in for a longer amount of time than those with thinner teeth. Those who suffer from sensitivity in everyday life may also be advised to keep their trays in for a lesser amount of time. One patient who had their teeth whitened at the practice was 24-year-old Adam. He shares his story bellow.

I’d always been self-conscious about my teeth. A lot of my friends care about their teeth and whiten them regularly. I never used to whiten them, mainly because I never wanted to book a dental appointment. I knew you had to be medically fit before you had any whitening treatment. I guess I just used to put it off. I didn’t like my dentist and I hadn’t been for so long I probably wasn’t even on the books anymore. I’m not afraid to admit that mine were yellow – to the point I would never show my smile. It was a shame really because people told me that I was a good looking guy but that it was a shame I never smiled with my teeth.

Teeth Bleaching

Then one day, my cousin got a job working at a dental practice. He got free teeth whitening as a perk of the job. His teeth looked so white. Members of my family started telling me I should get my teeth whitened. I obviously wanted whiter teeth – everyone wants whiter teeth. I guess I was just nervous about going back to the dentist after so long. I felt I’d be judged for putting off going for so long. Who knew what work I needed doing? I was scared I’d have a thousand cavities, root canals, bridges… you name it.

I decided I wouldn’t go back to the same dentist I went to in Bridgend. I needed a fresh practice where the dentists wouldn’t remember me! I was researching dentists in Cardiff a bit online. I found a few I liked. What really attracted me to Bamboo Dental however was a Facebook post. The post said that the only bad trip to the dentist was the one you didn’t take. It got me thinking a lot. I liked the way they approached that. I felt that booking an appointment and going in would be a lot better than not going at all. They had to recognise that at least right?

I called up reception and spoke to a woman call Liz. I told her that I hadn’t been to the dentist for years and was nervous about calling in. She was absolutely lovely. She told me not to worry and that it was more common than I might think. She explained that the biggest part was calling in and booking an appointment. I was reassured by the fact that I’d walk out knowing I had nothing left to worry about dental health wise.

Free Consultation for teeth whitening

She booked me in for an appointment to see Dr. Dan. I admitted to Dr. Dan that I had slight dental phobia. He was a bit surprised I hadn’t been in six years but said it was nothing to worry about that. Dr. Dan reiterated Liz’s kind words. When I asked him what the damage was he told me that I needed three fillings. His 2.30pm appointment had cancelled so he told me he had time to quickly do them there and then. He offered me a quick scale and polish on my teeth and said that I was dentally fit once more. That’s all it took – half an hour. All that unnecessary worry. The scale and polish on my teeth made a huge difference. All the dark yellow and brown stains around the edge of my teeth were gone. I was ready for whitening now!

Dr. Dan took impressions of my teeth. One of the dental nurses made me laugh because she said the impression mould tastes a bit spicy. It was a weird feeling but not an unpleasant one. I was told to come back in two weeks and my whitening trays would be complete.

True to his word, the trays were ready for collection two weeks later. I got a pot full of syringes. Each syringe had enough whitening bleach for two days. There was enough bleach for two weeks in total. Liz at reception informed me that I’d notice the difference within five days, and by two weeks’ time they’d be bright white.

Whitening trays and bleach

I kept the trays in for two hours a day. They were really simple to use. However, after five days, my teeth weren’t as white as I’d been hoping for. I came into the practice explaining the situation and Liz admitted they could be whiter. Dr. Dan had originally told me to keep the trays in for four hours a day but after two hours I’d had enough. I assumed two hours would be enough. Liz explained that people who keep the trays in for two hours usually have thinner teeth and suffer from sensitivity – which is why they don’t keep them in longer. I told her I’d experienced little sensitivity. She recommended that I stick to four hours like Dr. Dan had originally suggested. The instructions said to leave the trays in for no more than six hours. I thought I’d leave them in overnight – that way I woludn’t have to wear them during the day and I’d surely have the brighter smile I’d been aiming for.

In a matter of days, I noticed a huge difference. I mean, I couldn’t believe it. I had the brightest white smile and it made me a little emotional to be honest. My teeth were a little sensitive as I’d been leaving the trays in longer, but it was nothing a bit of Sensodyne couldn’t fix. I feel much happier in myself now and my friends and family have noticed the difference. I’m still getting used to smiling with my teeth because I’m so used to hiding them!

If you think teeth whitening could change your life as it has done with Adam, call us up on 02920 569769 or contact us on our contact page. If we can help, we’d love to.


Foods and Drinks That Help Battle Bad Breath


Bad breath can be the devious ally of low self-esteem. As soon as you catch whiff of your pongy breath there is no turning back. Your conversation partner will likely look at you strangely as you attempt to subtly sniff to see what’s up with your mouth. Let’s not let it get to that point!

foods that beat bad breath

Food and Drinks that Helps Battle Bad Breath

So, what exactly causes bad breath? Well, there are several culprits that could be to blame and so it will take a little self-diagnosis to find out for sure. Some of the main factors include; the build up of plaque, gum disease, smoking, some types of medication and of course, the foods and drinks that your are putting in your mouth.


In this article we are going to focus on the foods and drinks that you choose to consume. In most cases, people will tell you what NOT to eat in order to AVOID bad breath. Well, we are going to look from another perspective – what foods and drinks CAN you consume to actually HELP promote fresh breath!


1. Did Someone Say Tea?

When you drink black tea you will be consuming helpful polyphenols. These chemicals can aid your recovery from bad breath woes in more than one way. The first way that black tea can help you is by stunted the growth of bad bacteria that would usually develop into plaque and cause you to have bad breath. The second benefit is the reduction in byproducts created by the bacteria in your mouth.


There has also been evidence to support the idea that black tea prevents tooth decay which is the cherry on the cake! But don’t get ahead of yourself, too much black tea will result in too much caffeine. If you take in too much caffeine then your mouth can dry out and this can be very detrimental to your breath! So, drink your tea in moderation and it will be a useful tool in the battle against bad breath.


2. Dear Dairy

Acidity in the mouth is most often the cause of your bad breath. If you choose to eat a slice of cheese after your meal then this can actually neutralise some of those acids and thus limit the effects of bad breath post meal.


If you aren’t a huge fan of cheese then a small helping of unsweetened yoghurt would be the perfect alternative. A study in Japan found that those subjects who ate a serving of yoghurt each day ended up reducing levels of acidity in the mouth, in particularly hydrogen sulfide, one of the compounds that causes halitosis.


3. Beat Bad Breath with a Crunch

Soft and sticky foods are the types of textures that end up getting stuck in your teeth, eventually causing the build up of smelly bacteria. The way to combat this is to eat foods that are crunchy (no, not crunchy chocolate bars!).


The foods you should be considering are the fibrous type such as apples and carrots. These foods actually act as an edible toothbrush scrubbing your teeth as you eat them. The result is the promotion of much better oral hygiene and fresher breath than if you had been eating soft and sticky foods.

4. Chew Your Way to Fresh Breath

Bad breath can be attacked by increased saliva flow in the mouth. This can be achieved by chewing sugar-free gum as your body sends up flows of saliva to digest what it thinks is food (due to signals you send whilst chewing).


Chewing gum also helps to clean your teeth due to its unique texture. The softness allows the gum to mould into your teeth and potentially pull out small pieces of trapped food.


5. Water Down Your Bad Breath

A dry mouth is bad breaths best friend. It allows those left over concoctions of garlic and curry to attack full strength. If you make the decision to drink plenty of water then this can help in multiple ways. Firstly, the water will wash through your teeth pulling out some of the food that may be stuck. Water also helps to move saliva around the mouth more easily thus reducing bad breath.


Is There Any Alternative?

Here are Bamboo, we understand the frustration that bad breath can give to a person. That’s why we have created our very special fresh breath clinic. The aim of the fresh breath clinic is to pin point exactly what is causing your bad breath and to rectify it as soon as possible.


There are several different causes of bad breath but thanks to the unrivalled expertise of our dentists and hygienists we will be able to find out what the root cause of your issue is. Upon finding this knowledge we will be able to treat you accordingly whether that be replacing poorly fitted fillings or advising you on how to improve your oral hygiene.


Why does my breath smell so much?


why does my breath smell so much get fresh breath

Why does my breath smell so much?

Fresh breath appears to be something many of us take for granted these days. Most people with bad breath don’t realise just how offensive their breath may be to others. After all, bad breath, in most circumstances, doesn’t just come over night – it’s a gradual process. There are many causes of bad breath, some of which are easier to fix than others.

Brushing your teeth is not always a remedy for bad breath. For example, smokers will know that that the smell of cigarettes lingers far after brushing your teeth. The smell of cigarette smoke is hard to get rid of whether it’s under your fingernails, on your clothes or your breath.

How do I get fresh breath?

For most of us, bad breath comes only in the morning. When we wake up, our mouths are particularly dry – the perfect home for bacteria. In turn, bacteria cause an offensive odour. Luckily, brushing our teeth is usually a good fix for this. Similarly, smelly foods can leave our mouths with a funny taste and smell, but brushing teeth can usually fix this too.

However, for those suffering with consistently bad breath, there is usually a deeper and more serious reason causing it. The main culprit is bad oral hygiene. Those who suffer with bad breath due to bad oral hygiene will notice that brushing teeth, flossing and mouthwash only temporary freshens breath. This is usually down to untreated gum disease. Though mouthwash can help gum disease it should not be solely relied upon. Many of our patients believe that mouth wash alone can act as a quick fix for gum disease but this just isn’t the case. It’s essential to see a dentist if you believe you may be suffering from gum disease. If you have bad breath and can’t understand why, pop in and see your dentist who will be able to offer you advice and help you back on the road to fresh breath.

Get fresh breath in Cardiff

One patient who suffered from such a problem was Jenny from Newport who came to Bamboo after her mother kept nagging her about her bad breath.

“I thought it was normal. Everyone gets bad breath from time to time. You just have a mint don’t you? That’s what chewing gum is for – to freshen your breath. I never really suspected it could be anything more. To be honest, not many people told me I had bad breath. My mother would, but she’s brutally honest. I used to think my mother just exaggerated about my bad breath, like she does about everything else. I always have chewing gum on me, not because of my breath but I suppose it’s just a habit.

I would brush my teeth twice a day but I hadn’t seen the dentist for at least two years. I don’t know why to tell you the truth. There’s no excuses. I suppose I just live a busy life, and have two kids to look after and life gets in the way. You don’t put yourself first sometimes even though you should.

Dental hygienist for fresh breath

My mum had told me to go to the dentist about my breath. After enough times of her saying it, I thought to myself that I probably should go for a routine check-up anyway.

When I called up my dentist in Newport, I had the horror of finding they’d taken me off their NHS list. Apparently, I hadn’t attended my last few check-ups they had sent reminders out for. I mean, I know I should have gone, but I wasn’t purposely not attending them. I couldn’t get the time off work.

It was a bit of a wake-up call I think. I spent hours the following day trying to find a new practice who were taking on NHS patients. It wasn’t an easy task I tell you. I came across your practice, Bamboo Dental. I called up and unfortunately you weren’t taking on NHS patients. However, I noticed that Bamboo did evening and weekend appointments -something which really interested me. I can’t really afford to take the time off work and my boss can be a bit of a nightmare with things like that. I hadn’t really intended to go private but I saw that Bamboo did affordable payment plans, meaning that any treatment I had I would be able to pay off over a number of months. That didn’t seem so bad really. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while but I didn’t think I’d need any major work doing. I thought I could just pay for the one off appointment while I was waiting for a new NHS dentist, and if I did need any work doing I could pay it off over a number of months.

Fresh breath – get rid of bad breath caused by gum disease

I booked an appointment with one of the dentists and let me tell you now, I’m so glad I did. My dentist Cath revealed to me that I was suffering with gum disease. My instant thought was mouth wash as a quick fix. She told me that neglecting to come to the dentist had probably been a factor. She was really lovely and talked through my dental regime. She told me I should floss more often also.

I’d told her that my mother said I had bad breath. Cath explained that it was down to my gum disease. So my mother wasn’t being nasty after all! Cath did a scale and polish for me and my teeth looked whiter and healthier. As soon as I got home my mother had noticed that my breath was already fresher. She was telling me to make sure I carried on going to the dentist. I’m 42 but she still loves to give me a lecture!

Fresh Breath – Breath of fresh air

I was so impressed with my experience at Bamboo that I’ve decided to stay a private patient. I feel like I’m getting the very best treatment at Bamboo Dental by friendly and highly trained staff. The payment plans, on-site parking and flexible hours are a god send. Now I’m continuing to see Cath and the hygienist to bring me back to a dentally fit state once more. “

If you, like Jenny, are suffering from bad breath and think you could benefit from a trip to Bamboo Dental, please call us on 02920 569769, or message us on our contact form.


What Happens if You Put Off Visiting the Dentist?


You need to visit your dentist for regular check ups! You must have heard this sentence numerous times in your life but people forget to talk about the why. This article aims to inform you of WHY you need to keep on top of your dental hygiene. After all, it is fair to appreciate that everyone needs a reason to be doing something and visiting your dentist is no different.


what happens if you avoid the dentist

What Happens if You Put Off Visiting the Dentist?

In the past visiting the dentist may have been an ordeal but in today’s world developments in technology mean that dentist’s can perform very complex procedures with very little discomfort to their patients. If you do visit your dentist for regular check ups then this is even more so the case. Whereas if you decide to avoid your dentist like the plague then you may be building up a much more severe illness that will not be so straight forward to treat! Here are some pits that you may find yourself digging should you avoid seeing your dentist on a regular basis!


1. Your teeth may fall out

One of the things you certainly don’t want to happen is for a tooth to fall out. Sometimes, in the case of an impact this can be unavoidable. However, if you don’t look after your teeth then small problems can lead to a big gap in your smile. This can be the result of various issues ranging from periodontal disease to tooth decay. If you happen to lose a tooth then you will have to eventually visit the dentist anyway to get a costly replacement. If visiting the dentist is inevitable then you may as well go before things get out of hand!


2. The tooth hurts

The truth does hurt when it comes to avoiding the dentist. A small toothache that doesn’t seem too bad can soon develop into an agonising beat of pain in the affected tooth. You may feel pain whilst chewing food or you may feel some sensitivity to different temperatures. These can all be signs of toothache and potential future issues. The quick fix is to take a painkiller obtained from your local chemist. However, this only covers up the issue. As soon as the painkiller wears off you will feel the pain again and as it the issue has not been addressed the pain is likely to be even worse. If you start to feel any discomfort then your best course of action is to get in touch with the dentist for expert advice. Check out this article to find out when your toothache may be considered something that needs urgent attention.


3. Gum Disease

Gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, is a very common issue that can be incredibly detrimental to your oral health as well as your general health. This type of disease doesn’t just crop up out of the blue. Rather, it is most often the result of prolonged neglect to your teeth and gums. One of the obvious signs of periodontal disease is bleeding of the gums or regular pain in the gums. If you leave periodontal disease untreated then more serious problems can arise. This can vary from painfully inflamed gums or to actually losing your teeth. There has also been evidence to support the idea that other issues such s heart disease are more likely to hit people with gum disease. So keep those gums healthy!


4. Hefty hits to your bank balance

Avoiding the dentist is merely a temporary tactic. Nobody can avoid the dentist forever. That is if you want to have any teeth left at all. What does this mean? If you turn up to the dentist with a wealth of problems then it make take lots of treatment to bing your oral health back up to standard. Here’s a prime example of how you can save money in the long term. Say you have developed a cavity in one of your teeth. It’s starting to hurt. If you chose to go to the dentist then you would simply require a filling. This would be fast and painless. But it would also be of little expense to you. However, if you put off getting your cavity treated then not only will you put yourself through more pain but by the time you are in enough pain to urge on your visit to the dentist you may have to go for a more complex procedure such as a root canal. This will be a prolonged and more expensive treatment that could easily have been avoided. Visiting the dentist once every 6 months keeps you in great oral health so that none of these issues arise. This is the way to keep your dental visits simple, quick and painless.


5. It’s not just your teeth at stake

Studies have brought forwards evidence supporting a link between gum disease and different health risks including heart disease.When plaque forms in your gums it doesn’t stay there. It can, in fact spread to other parts of your body. Hence, you need to control plaque and bacteria build up at its source, your teeth and gums. New research has also found links between dental diseases and other diseases such as; diabetes, dementia, breathing issues and cancer. Although the correlation is still being researched it is obvious to see that looking after your teeth and gums is vital if you are to keep your overall health in check.


6. Your dentist can remove stains

The dentist not only checks your teeth for their condition but they will also clean your teeth. This will reduce staining build up of your teeth. As you live your life, your teeth are under attack from many staining agents. Whether you smoke, drink tea or coffee, or eat particular foods, some staining is purely unavoidable. Regular visits to the dentist mean that your teeth can be given a regular deep clean which keeps stains to a minimum and keeps your smile looking white and fresh.


7. You could develop bad breath!

Bad breath is a very embarrassing thing to have. It can make you feel self-conscious even just talking to others. Although a poor diet can be a cause of bad breath or halitosis this is not the only factor. Dental problems can also be a major factor in the development of bad breath. Issues such as gum disease and tooth decay can both add an unpleasant odour to your breath and so regular dental check-ups are important to keeping this at bay. Of course you still need to do your part in maintaining good dental hygiene! If you need advice or attention for halitosis treatment then we do offer a fresh breath clinic to help bring back your fresh breath.


Do I have Bad Breath? How do I get fresh Breath?


do i have bad breath how do i get fresh breath

“Would you like some gum?” It’s a question we’ve all heard. Someone pulls out a pack of chewing gum, takes one, and then offers you one. Would I like some gum? Not particularly, but do I need some? It’s an armed question, which once posed leads to more questions. Someone could just politely be offering a piece of gum but quite often, especially amongst us Brits, is a suggestion as subtle as a cloud of knives. Always take the gum. Even if you think your breath is fine, it’s still polite to. However, the chances are a loved one is trying to protect your feelings. They’re offering you the quickest fix on how to get fresh breath.

So why is bad breath such a taboo subject? In fact, having bad breath is frowned upon just as much as passing wind and burping. It’s viewed by many as unhygienic. But what are the most common causes of bad breath? And what’s the best way to avoid this social faux pas?

1. Poor Oral Hygiene

It’ll probably come as no surprise that our number one cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Failing to brush your teeth enough or correctly causes bacteria to build up on and between teeth. Bacteria also sticks to gums and your tongue and causes horrible smelling gases. It is essential to clean your tongue also as bacteria can live on the surface of the tongue. It’s important to regularly see your dental team to fix any problems and a scrape and polish can go a long in way in aiding the fight against bad breath.

2. Morning Bad Breath

It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to your brushing and flossing, most of us still wake up with a bad taste in our mouth in the mornings. This is because the mouth gets dry during the night and saliva production significantly decreases. Saliva is crucial for getting rid of food particles stuck in the teeth and mouth. Without this saliva, food particles linger and collect bacteria. A dry mouth is the perfect home for bacteria where it can grow, and the sulphur compounds it produces cause the bad smell we commonly identify as morning breath.

Dehydration and certain medications can also lead to a dry mouth and cause the same odour.

3. Food and Drink

Sometimes, you can tell what someone has been eating or drinking just by getting a whiff of their breath. Classic culprits include garlic, onions and alcohol. Chemicals in food and drink rummage their way to the bloodstream and we then breath them out through the lungs. Of course, bad breath from eating these foods are only temporary, even if food can repeat us on from time to time! The best type of way to prevent this kind of bad breath is to simply not eat smelly foods. Or eat alone!

4. Smoking

This one will come as no surprise. Cigarette smoke lingers on clothes and the skin, so it’s often easy to differentiate between a smoker and a non-smoker. If the smell of cigarettes isn’t recognised by odours left on the skin, hair and clothes, it soon will be when a smoker speaks. The problem with cigarette smoke is that even brushing and using mouthwash can’t immediately hide the odour. You will still be able to smell smoke as it stays on the breath for hours. Cigarettes leave smoke particles in the throat and lungs, and as smoke can linger in the lungs for hours, a smoker is left with a stale scent. On top of that, smoking can also cause gum disease, which in turn wreaks havoc with your breath.

Top Tips For Curing Bad Breath

1. Teeth Brushing and Flossing

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the best way to get fresh breath. Using a toothpaste containing fluoride and a soft toothbrush, spend at least two minutes brushing, paying particular attention to hard to reach parts of the mouth. The best time to brush your teeth is before eating or a couple hours after in order to avoid decay. Brushing will help remove food particles and leave you with a minty fresh taste. Flossing between the teeth is essential in order to remove food particles in areas that a toothbrush can’t reach.

2. Mouthwash and Chewing Gum

Mouthwash is another way to get fresh breath. It should never solely be relied on, but should complement brushing and flossing. Chemicals in mouthwash can kill germs and bacteria and leave you with a fresh minty taste. However, we recommend you speaking with your dentist about available mouthwashes to find out which could be most beneficial for you.

Sugar free chewing gum is also highly recommended by dentists.Chewing gum increases saliva flow, helping to wash away any remaining food particles. Chewing gum also offers a refreshing taste – a quick way to get fresh breath.

3. Change of Lifestyle

Cut back on sugary and acidic drinks which can damage teeth and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Smokers should try and quit smoking to avoid developing gum disease, to remove offensive odours that linger and to get fresh breath.

4. See Your Dentist Regularly

See your dentist at least once a year. Your dentist will able to detect problems with your teeth such as cavities, plaque and gum disease. Although prevention is better than treatment, your dentist will identify issues and do his or her best to fix them and educate on better oral hygiene.

How can I tell if I have bad breath? How can I get fresh breath?

If you feel you may have bad breath, or loved ones and friends are constantly telling you that you do, we recommend booking an appointment immediately with your dentist. The chances are, there are underlying dental problems that need fixing. At Bamboo Dental, we have a Fresh Breath Clinic, offering professional oral care for bad breath. We understand bad breath can make you self-conscious, which is why Dr. Dan and his team of hygienists aim to alleviate your symptoms of bad breath. If you feel you can benefit from fresher breath, give us a call on 02920 569769, or contact us on contact form here.


Use Brain Power to Create Good Oral Hygiene Habits


As a cosmetic dentist we work each day to give people a smile that they can be confident to show off. What is worth noting is the thing that caused their teeth to need such treatment in the first place. Often genetics is to blame – that is unavoidable. However, in many cases, patient’s oral health has been dominated by bad habits and poorly set out routines to look after their teeth. It is very easy to fall in to bad habits and it is the brain that forces us into them.

bad oral hygiene habits

Use Brain Power to Create Good Oral Hygiene Habits


Think about your daily routine. There are things that you without even thinking about them. Your brain develops a way of working that allows you to act on autopilot as much as possible. It does this to make your life easier. To help you save your brain power for more urgent and imminent decisions. However, these ‘autopilots’ that were once very valuable can sometimes be detrimental to us. Our brains seem convinced that the easy route is always the best and it takes a lot of willpower and determination to persuade it otherwise.


You may have heard yourself saying ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’ll skip this for today, one day won’t hurt’. Well that’s your brain taking the easy route. In some cases you won’t have time but in most, if you question the statement for one second, you will realise that actually you can manage the extra 5 minutes.


When you visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation you will often be asked about your oral hygiene habits. You will be advised that if the cause of your dental issues was your oral health habits then you need to take action to keep your teeth healthy post-treatment. Your oral health does not stop at teeth – our bodies are connected and issues with your dental health and be linked to issues with other areas of your body.  If your daily routine is not strong enough and you start to skip flossing or even brushing on a weekly basis then you need to confront your brain about what is going on. You need to retrain your brain to stop following these bad habits and to put in place a positive oral health regime that works on autopilot. You want this to become a regular part of the day that doesn’t fall into the category of ‘well I could skip it tonight’.


Let’s have a look at how you can do this.


Developing a new habit

There has been extensive research into the development and integration of habits. Leading neuroscience findings have put forward that habits are made up of three stages: the cue, the routine and the reward. In it’s simplest terms, the cue is the prompt or the nudge that get’s you to do something, the routine is the actual thing that you do and the reward is the pay-off you are getting for completing the routine. These three stages put together are the backbone of any habit. For another view on how bad habits can be broken check out this Ted Talk by Judson Brewer.


An example

Let’s look at one of the reasons you may have bad oral hygiene habits. Skipping your teeth brushing and flossing routine before bed. In this case, ‘the cue’ would be that you are late going to bed and want to get as much sleep as possible that night. You then start to think of ways to shorten your evening actions. ‘The routine’ is the act that you perform. Here is is that you get straight into bed without brushing or flossing. Finally we arrive at ‘the reward’ which is that you get to go to bed 5 minutes earlier and thus sleep for 5 minutes longer that night.


As we now understand the breakdown of a habit it becomes easier to manipulate the individual stages to help you overcome your bad habit. Studies have shown that the most effective action to take it to alter the ‘cue’ and ‘routine’ stages of a habit and to keep the ‘reward’ constant.


In our example we are aiming to keep the reward of that 5 minutes extra sleep but at the same time we don’t want to follow the routine of feeling tired at night (cue) and so ruining our oral hygiene habits (routine).


note: if you are concerned that poor dental hygiene is giving you bad breath, our fresh breath clinic will be the perfect place to start getting your dental health back on track.



How can we put this into action?

In our example the key factor is time. We are concerned that we will not get enough sleep so much that we are willing to sacrifice the health of our teeth for just 5 minutes more in bed. If we can find a way to look through our daily routine then surely we can find 5 minutes spare that are less important than the 5 minutes allocated to looking after your teeth.


To change this habit you could watch 5 minutes less TV for example. This would mean that you can go to bed 5 minutes earlier and fulfil the reward that your habit had sought. Now the cue would be that you wanted to go to bed, the routine would be that you brush and floss your teeth and go to bed and the reward is exactly the same as before. You get 5 minutes more sleep than you used to.


Of course there are endless ways that you could find that extra 5 minutes in your day and the best place to take them from will be different for each individual. Ultimately, they are being re-allocated to improve your oral hygiene habits!



Turning the routine into a habit

The majority of routines last less than a week. The brain doesn’t like change and will find ways for you to slip back into your comfort zone. In order to change the brains perception into seeing the new routine as comfortable you need to stay determined and stick to your guns for at least 21 days. This is known as ‘the 21 day rule’.


You will find times where you really want to break out of this new routine and if you do you will regret it afterwards. You need to keep focused and have faith that what you are doing will stick and become easier once your brain has become used to it. Here are some ways that can help you through that 21 day stage into evolving your routine into a habit.


1. Reward yourself

Your brain loves to be rewarded so reward it plenty. A great way to do this is to stagger the reward at set points e.g. 7 days, 14 days and 21 days. This will give you that little extra motivation to see your goal through to the end.


2. Document about your progress

This works brilliantly at reminding you how far you have gone. As a cosmetic dentist we find that this is often very beneficial to teeth straightening patients who are setting up routine around maintaining their teeth whilst wearing a brace. There are times when it is important to look behind you and see how far you have grown. If you write about your experience or keep charts of your progress then you can look back and see how well you are doing and feel strongly that you would be throwing it all away if you were to stop now.


It is also a great idea to visit our local dentist for a dental hygiene check up before you start adjusting your habits. You can then get some advice as well as visiting for a follow up appointment to see how much you have improved. This will give you confidence that what you are doing is working!


3. Use technology

You may genuinely forget one day to brush your teeth – or you brain may be playing tricks on your to make you forget. I great way to overcome this is to set up an alarm on your phone. This will remind you that you need to brush your teeth – no excuses!


4. Tell people what you are doing

If you tell people that you are trying to improve your oral hygiene habits or about another goal that you are working towards then it becomes real. You feel more weight and pressure to actually do the thing that you set out to do because there are now others that will be curious as to whether you will stick with your routine. You can also discuss any issue that you have with the people you chose to share your goal with. This will help to motivate you.


5. Remind yourself of the why

Constantly remind yourself that this new routine is not a pointless endeavour. Allow yourself time to think about the health benefits and the other reasons that you are trying to improve your oral hygiene habits.