How Does a Teeth Whitening Kit Work?


Teeth whitening kits are a staple in the home of anyone aiming to look after their appearance. They are simple to use. They are cost effective. And most importantly, they can be extremely good at whitening your teeth!

teeth whitening kit

How Does a Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

Well, there are several types of teeth whitening kit that you can try out. Some work better than others. And each can have its own method of working.


Take Home Whitening Trays Give Amazing Results

Take home whitening kits are, in our opinion, the most effective way of whitening your teeth. The process is simple too. You first need to have a set of trays created. These trays are clear moulds of your teeth that sit snugly against both the upper and lower arch. In order to have these made you’ll pop in to our dentist in Cardiff where we will take a mould of your teeth. These are then carefully crafted to create a perfect tray for your teeth.


So you have the trays, what next?

When coming in to collect your trays you’ll also be given a series of whitening solution and syringes as well as some simple instructions on what to do next.

Once at home you’ll need to open one of the syringes by twisting the nozzle at the end. You will then squeeze just a drop of solution into each of the sections of the tray. At this point you are ready to begin your whitening. You slot the trays into your mouth, wipe away any excess solution that may have oozed out, and then you just need to wait. Whilst waiting you can go about your everyday business. Apart from eating, drinking or doing anything like smoking of course.


After 1.5 hours…

Once your trays have been in for around 1.5 hours you are ready to take them out. Now you can give them a rinse and a clean under the tap and place them back in the box until tomorrow. It is advised not to brush your teeth just yet but instead rinse out your mouth with water.

You can then repeat this process daily for up to 2 weeks. However, you’ll probably reach your targeted stage of whiteness before those 2 weeks are up in which case you can stop whitening them and save your remainder solution for when you want to top up.


What Results Can You Expect From this Teeth Whitening Kit?

The brightest of white smiles can be achieved using our take home teeth whitening kit. In fact, we can guarantee that you’ll reach what is known as ‘saturation point’. Saturation point is basically when your teeth have become the whitest they can possibly become. This will vary with different sets of teeth but we can assure that you’ll reach that point at least. Some people prefer not to reach such a level of whiteness and that is entirely fine too. It just means that you’ll need to decide at what point to stop the whitening process between treatment 1 and treatment 14.


If you’d like to book a consultation to find out more about teeth whitening kits in Cardiff then you can do so by clicking here.


What are the Alternatives to Teeth Whitening Kits?

There are a few alternatives you can go for. However, the thing to note is that most other options cannot penetrate deep into the tooth to remove stains fully. Instead they will only be useful for surface stains. This is great for those who have teeth that are only slightly discoloured on the surfaces. However, in other instances you may be disappointed with the obtained results. Some of those alternatives include, whitening strips and charcoal toothpaste. Although those methods are not so great, there is one other brilliant method to whiten teeth…


Laser Teeth Whitening

Not nearly as scary as it sounds. You get to do this one comfortably sat in the dental chair. With our Philips Zoom laser teeth whitening, your teeth will be treated for 4 x 15 minute sessions to bring your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. One of the great advantages of this technique is the speed in which your teeth can be whitened. After the treatment you’ll also be given a set of whitening trays and some solution so you can maintain your bright white smile in the future!


In Conclusion…

If you really want to achieve a sparkling white smile then your best bet is to go for an in house treatment as this will help you reach saturation point. On the other hand, those less efficient treatments such as charcoal toothpaste and whitening strips will really only touch the surface which may lead to you being disappointed.


If you are thinking about whitening your teeth then it is very important that you first make sure you are dentally fit. Even if all you need is a filling then this can still be dangerous for you to have a whitening procedure before having the filling. This is because the whitening solution will be able to get inside the tooth. You’ll first need to visit the cosmetic dentist for a consultation where he can check out your teeth to be sure that it is safe for you to proceed with the treatment.


How can you get in touch?

Are you keen to get your teeth on the road to whiteness? Then your first step is to get in touch with our five times award winning dentist Dr Dan about your teeth whitening kit. To do this simply give us a quick call on 029 2056 9769. Alternatively you can reach us through our dedicated contact form right here.


Choosing Dental Implants in Cardiff


What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a a cylindrical or tapered titanium bolt that is positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows for a replacement tooth to be mounted. This means that a dental implant doesn’t come loose like a denture can, the fact that the bolt is made from titanium means that there will be a durable structure that ensures the longevity of the tooth implant.

Potential clients must have healthy gums to be able to support the implant, in the rare case that the patient does not have enough room in their jawbone to support an implant, you may require a bone graft. Or if your upper jawbone is too shallow to support an implant, you may require a sinus lift, however, this is rare. For more information and pictures on how dental implants work, click here

choosing dental implants in cardiff

Alternatives to Dental Implants in Cardiff

A fixed bridge is the most popular alternative to a dental implant, which is essentially a false tooth that is supported by two teeth either side of the missing tooth. There are many disadvantages to having a fixed bridge installed compared to a dental implant. firstly in order to install the false tooth, the two teeth either side of the missing tooth must be ground down, damaging healthy teeth, to support the bridge being installed. Another disadvantage is that because the natural bone underneath the false tooth is not stimulated like it would be with dental implants, which may deteriorate over time, causing the appearance of your smile and face to change.

Dentures are another alternative to dental implants, they are an appliance that sits on top of your gums where the missing teeth are. Disadvantages of dentures are the discomfort you may experience when installing and wearing the denture, which causes sore gums and a shift and clicks in the mouth when one speaks, eats, smiles or coughs.

Benefits to Getting Dental Implants in Cardiff

There are dozens of benefits to dental implants, here are a few of them:

  • Because dental implants become a part of you, they eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures and allow eating food to be natural and pain-free.
  • Dental implants are durable, lasting many years or with good maintenance of the implant, they can last an entire lifetime.
  • Your speech will not be inhibited when fitted with dental implants. With dentures, the teeth can slip within the mouth causing a slur in speech.
  • Dental implants can improve your self-esteem due to giving you back a natural looking smile.
  • Dental implants are cleaned in the same way as normal teeth – there is no need to remove them at night for cleaning or soaking like you have to with dentures.

Tom Keyes’ story

Tom Keyes came into our practice for a free consultation and to ask questions about dental implants in Cardiff. Tom is an avid rugby player who plays for a local team in the wing position. One weekend Tom had an away match and forgot to bring his mouth guard to the game, but he was told he was starting the game by his manager, so he didn’t want to let down his team. During the game he was at the bottom of the ruck after getting tackled, because he was holding onto the ball to pass to his team-mate, he wasn’t able to protect himself, and unfortunately a player on the other team accidentally kicked Tom in the face when joining into the ruck. Tom’s initial response was a scream of pain, he released the ball and covered his mouth with his hands. When the physiotherapist came onto the pitch to assist Tom, it was clear that his incisor had been knocked out, and due to being in a remote area far away from his dentists, they were not able to reattach his tooth in time.

Tom was distraught, so he looked to for somewhere that provided dental implants in Cardiff after deciding implants were for him. When going into surgery at Bamboo Dental, Tom was very nervous due to his fear of the procedure being extremely painful, however, when he was offered a sedative so he could sleep through the treatment, a lot of the anxiety about the surgery had diminished.

After the surgery, Tom was amazed at how natural his implant looked, however, he was told he would have to miss playing rugby for a few weeks to allow the implant to heal fully. The dental implant had restored his confidence and after few weeks had gone by, he was back playing for his rugby team and made a joke saying he’d never forget his mouth guard again.

What to Expect When Having Dental Implants in Cardiff

If you’re interested in having dental implants in Cardiff, you can come into our practice after booking a free consultation with our dental surgeon who will answer any queries you may have about the process, we will also discuss your suitability for dental implants using an oral x-ray. If you decide that dental implants are for you, we can book you in for an appointment shortly after the free consultation.

During the procedure, you will be put under a local anaesthetic or to make you more comfortable a sedative can be administered, or if you’re having more than one implant you will be put under a general anaesthetic. The treatment consists of the dental surgeon making an incision in the gum, then drilling into the jawbone to allow a gap for the implant to be fitted. From there you may a second procedure where the top of your gum is uncovered, this allows for the artificial tooth to be fitted. Another option is you may have the artificial tooth attached to the implant straight away, however, this option is less common. After the procedure we will book you in for a follow-up appointment.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

So if you’re looking to get Dental implants in Cardiff with a reliable and trusted business, contact us or call us on 02920005957 for a free consultation where you can start your journey towards a natural looking smile.


A Private Dentist in Cardiff that Looks Out For You


Growing up many see the Dentist as a foe, an enemy that needs to be avoided. Our private dentist in Cardiff wants to quash those beliefs. We are here as a friend. We are here as an ally to help look after your health and to make you feel safe and comfortable whilst visiting us.

a private dentist in cardiff

A Private Dentist in Cardiff that Looks Out For You

We have built our private dentist in Cardiff around you. We aim to give you the most comfortable and peaceful experience possible at the dentist. Our first step was to create an environment that is suitable to those aims. Our brand new surgery is kitted out with brand new equipment giving you the peace of mind that you will be given the best service possible.


This coupled with the award winning team at Bamboo will make you feel assured that you’re in the right place. When you’re at Bamboo, you know that you’re in safe hands.


A Time to Suit You

We understand that it can be difficult for those working in the week to get time off to visit the dentist. Sadly, most dentists operate under the same hours as other 9-5 businesses. We have turned the trend with our weekend and late night opening hours. This is done to make it easy for you to visit the dentist when you actually do have spare time. We take away the worry and let you pick a time to suit you.


Karen said…

‘I’ve always struggled to find a dentist who is open when I am free. It can be a real pain as I don’t want to have to take a day off work just to go to my check up. When I saw that Bamboo is open all week and weekend and for later hours than usual my interest was peaked. This is really something that makes me feel the practice has gone the extra mile to help people like me. I am grateful for that and have found had very useful.’


An Award Winning Team

Bamboo Dental is currently a five times ward winning dental practice. Two of these awards are for ‘Best Patient Care’ and ‘Best Team’. These awards make us feel very proud as they reflect the work we put in to making our patients feel at ease and happy at the practice. Our staff have decades of experience between them and so are able to understand the needs of our patients with great compassion. Something that is not ignored from our patients.


Paul said…

“I could tell from the second I called up the practice that I was choosing the right place. The calm but friendly voice at the other end of the phone was not just kind but knowledgable too. The reception staff made me feel at great ease. I had suffered a little dental phobia in the past but they said that I could talk anything through with them and assured me that everything would be okay. This kind of friendly service is something I value greatly.”


Our Values

We have many core values that build the foundations of patient care at the practice. These are built around you, our patients. After all, you have put your trust in us and we want to do everything humanly possible to give you the best quality of care that we can.


We spread happiness

We don’t see visiting the dentist as a chore. It’s a place to spread happiness. We don’t only do this through the fantastic work that our award winning dentists put into transforming the smiles of hundreds of people each year but also through our staff. The happy and friendly philosophy of the staff passes through to our patients who are always commented on how relaxed and at ease they feel when visiting the practice.



We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own a healthy smile that they can be proud of. That’s why we set our pricing structure across our cosmetic treatments to a very competitive rate. On top of this we offer free consultations as well as a range of 0% interest finance packages to make sure that the treatment is as affordable as possible. For example, you could get your teeth straightened with our award winning Six Month Smiles treatment for a similar monthly price to that of your mobile phone bill!


Dental care for everyone

Due to high surges in demand we have taken on several new staff ranging from new dentists to hygienists and dental nurses. We didn’t want any patient to miss out on treatment and so we have made sure that we add to our staff whenever needed to keep our high level of dental care out there for everyone who needs it.


How can I find out more?

If you’ve been looking for that perfect private dentist in Cardiff and are interested to ask us a few more questions then here’s how you can do it. We have a dedicated contact form that is monitored in real time making sure that you receive a reply very quickly. If you prefer to talk over the phone then you can contact us on 0290 20569769.


Is Invisalign the Best Type of Invisible Brace?


When people search for Invisalign as an option to straighten their teeth it is often with thoughts of discreteness involved. Invisalign is perhaps the leading provider of this type of invisible brace, however is it the best one of all?

invisalign invisible brace

Is Invisalign the Best Type of Invisible Brace?

Invisalign comes in the form of a series of clear aligners. These are a kind of mould of your teeth made out of clear material. They sit over the teeth tightly pushing them ever so slightly into the desired direction. This method is by far the most well know invisible way to straighten teeth with many celebrities including Justin Bieber having chosen the treatment.


More About the Invisalign Process

Once you have Invisalign on your radar you will first want to book a free consultation to find out as much information as possible. Here you’ll get the chance to sit down with an experienced dentist. They will talk you through the process and they will find out if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. This may involve a routine examination of the current situation of your teeth. This enables the dentist to get an overview of exactly what is required to get you that perfect smile.


Am I a Suitable Candidate?

At this point you may be wondering what exactly is a suitable candidate and are you even one? Well, a suitable candidate is basically a person who fits the requirements for the treatment. With Invisalign, there are a few loops that need to be jumped through. For example, if your bite needs a large amount of correction then the treatment may not be viable and you may need to opt for a more fixed brace approach such as Six Month Smiles.


There is also a point to consider on your personal commitment and staying power. These aligners are removable. Yes, that’s right. You have the ability to simply pop it out of your mouth at a moments notice. Although a great advantage and unique selling point for many people, this can also lead to the downfall of many teeth straightening journeys. Although Invisalign is a removable teeth straightening option, you do need to wear them for at least 20 hours per day. It is advised to only remove them when you are eating food or drinking. You should then brush your teeth and place the aligners straight back in. If you find that you are not a person with great staying power then you may end up leaving out the aligners for too long each day. This can stall your progress with the brace and put you behind on your treatment plan. So, if you feel that you couldn’t stick to the rules then perhaps a fixed brace is a better option for you.


The Next Steps in the Treatment Process

After your treatment has begun you will have moulds taken of your teeth and your aligners will be fabricated back at the lab. You will then be given your first set of aligners. These will sit comfortably over your teeth but will be designed to slightly move your teeth in the right direction. After around two weeks of straightening, you teeth will fit the aligners perfectly and it is time to move to your second set of aligners. You will continue to move through sets of aligners until your new smile has formed!


In the meantime, check ups at the dentist will enable him to make sure you are on course and in some situations small adjustments may need to be made!


The Key Advantages of Invisalign

There are many advantages of Invisalign that have led it to becoming one of the leading orthodontic treatments in the dental industry. Here are the key ones that you need to know!


They’re Practically Invisible

As we’ve already mentioned, these braces are almost completely invisible. In fact, it is only if someone gets right up close to your teeth that they will even notice you are on a teeth straightening journey at all. The aligners are made out of a type of plastic that is transparent, this is how the invisibility benefit is created.


They are Completely Removable

The Invisalign aligners are removable which means you can still eat all of your favourite foods. Just remember to brush your teeth before putting your aligners back into your mouth. It is still advised to wear the retainers for at least 20 hours per day. However, if you’ve a special photograph or occasion then it is fine to take them out for an hour or so.


They’re Customized Just For Your Teeth

When you start your journey you will have your teeth mapped out digitally. The dentist then spends time to accurately decide on how each of the teeth will be moved over the coming months. The dentist will be able to make a solid plan for each tooth leaving nothing up to chance!


You Can Follow the Journey With 3D Software

As part of the generation of your aligners, a full 3D model will be created of your teeth. You will then be able to view this and see the path that your teeth are going to take and more importantly the smile that you are going to end up showing off to your friends and family. You are almost seeing into the future with this amazing technology and this cant be offered with many other teeth straightening services.


I Want to Know More About Invisalign!

Want to know more about the treatment? Our friendly staff are always here to give you a help in hand. We are also currently offering free consultations to our very special readers like you. If you would like to get in touch then you can either give us a quick call on: 029 2056 9769


Alternatively you can complete our dedicated contact form below and we will be in touch with 12 hours!

Invisalign Form

Get in touch today!

Looking for an affordable orthodontist in Cardiff?


Looking for an affordable orthodontist in Cardiff?

affordable orthodontist

There was a time when braces were just for kids. Of course, braces for adults were a thing, however it was very uncommon. How many adults had you heard of with braces! Braces were uncool, yet in 2017 a lot has changed: braces are now cool! Cosmetic dentistry has become such a phenomenon that braces have a high approval rating in not only the UK but across the globe. We are in an age where we’ve become more and more interested in the way we look and how others see us. The good thing we can take from such a phenomenon is that people are taking much better care of their teeth. The more interest that we as Brits take in looking after out teeth, the better. So perhaps you’ve decided that now is the right time for adult braces. Perhaps you want to join the hype. Perhaps you want the smile you’ve always dreamed of. However, where on earth do you start? We’ve put together a guide on how to choose an orthodontist, and the advantages of choosing one right here at Bamboo Dental.

Five time award winning orthodontist

You want an orthodontist you can trust. Your orthodontist will be with you every side of your journey which is why it’s important you choose an orthodontist you like and feel comfortable with. At Bamboo Dental, we have some of the finest dental talent in the UK. We have a five time award winning team ready to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our practice principle Dr Daniel Rogers is a leading provider of the Six Month Smiles treatment, the UK’s fastest and most effective teeth straightening system. We believe you should choose Bamboo Dental as it’s crucial you pick a dentist you can rely on, and Dr. Daniel Rogers is that dentist.

There are a number of teeth straightening systems you can benefit from, but we recommend either Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. Both treatments provide you with a straighter smile in a short amount of time. Invisalign is great for those who want a straightening system on their own terms. Invisalign involves the moulding of two tray aligners which are designed to straight the teeth. As they gum shield like in appearance, they are easy to remove when eating and brushing the teeth. Invisalign is popular as it is gives our patients control over their straightening system. The trays are clear and almost invisible in appearance.

Those who opt for six month smiles instead do so based on the impressive speed of the treatment. Six Month Smiles involves brackets and wires but both are clear in appearance, making them very hard to detect. Six Month Smiles braces are fixed, unlike Invisalign, but speed of the the treatment is much quicker than Invisalign. Six Month Smiles promises a straight white smile in just six months. It’s as simple as that. Both treatments are effective and discreet, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results of whichever treatment you choose. Which one you end up with is entirely down to you!

Free consultation by an expert orthodontist

If you think Bamboo Dental could be the place for you to straighten your teeth, why not organise a free consultation with one of our experts? If you’re interested in either Six Month Smiles or Invisalign, call us up and we’ll contact you to organise a one on one with one of our experts. During the consultation, your expert will talk you through the treatment, informing you on everything you need to know about it. He or she will ask you questions about what you want from a straightening system, in order to offer you the most suitable treatment available. He or she will then ask you if you have any questions or concerns about treatment. When both sides are happy, we will invite you to book your first appointment at Bamboo Dental.

One patient who decided to have orthodontic work at Bamboo Dental was Kelly Smith from Pontypool. Kelly shares why she chose Bamboo Dental below.

“I wanted braces for a long time. I wanted them when I was younger but my mother wouldn’t take me to the orthodontist. I saw the other kids at school with braces and although some of them got picked on, i knew they’d have the last laugh when their braces came off. I was jealous of them! Anyway, braces had been something I’d wanted for a long time. It was my new years’ resolution last year to actually do something about it. I didn’t mind amount my braces being discreet or not, I just wanted to be sure I wouldn’t be in any pain or discomfort. The pay monthly options attracted me to Bamboo Dental. I knew I wanted an expert. If I was going to be paying out for adult braces, I wanted the best of the best to be doing the treatment. Who knew that the best of the best would be on my door stop however? That was it. I’d call up the practice and organise a free consultation. When I met Dr. Olly to discuss teeth straightening, I was impressed by his professionalism and just how kind he was. I wanted an orthodontist who wasn’t scary. I’ve had a lot of dentists who are miserable! Dr. Olly was funny but his before and afters were nothing to joke about! They were impressive results! With that, I knew I would proceed with the treatment. I’d found my orthodontist!”

If you think your orthodontist could be at Bamboo Dental, call us today on 02920 569769.


cosmetic dental practice

5 reasons why we’re the go to cosmetic dental practice in Wales

We’re not just your ordinary Cosmetic dental practice. We’ve composed a write up of why we think you should come to Bamboo Dental for your treatment. We’re sure you’ll agree that these five reasons alone are enough to persuade you to take that step towards your dream smile!

Five time award winning team

Bamboo Dental are a five time award winning cosmetic dental practice located in Cowbridge Road West, Ely. We pride ourselves on being leaders in cosmetic dentistry in Wales. We are proud to have won awards for our dentists, for our team and for our patient care. Your experience at our practice is the most important thing to us. We believe we should work around you, not the other way around. We believe it’s this kind of attitude towards dentistry and patient care that makes us so popular with our patients. Dr. Daniel Rogers, practice principle is the holder of one of our five awards. Dr. Dan won the award for Best young dentist at the Welsh Dentistry Awards. His dedicated team have helped the practice scoop four other awards since then. Our newest awards for Best Overall Practice and Best Marketing came as recent as last year. We couldn’t have achieved all we have achieved without the help from our patients which is why we always put our patients first. By opting for treatment at Bamboo Dental, you can be assured that you’ll only receive the best patient care and highest level of experience and professionalism from our experts.

Emergency Appointments, Open 7 days a week

We can’t promise top standard patient care without going above and beyond duty for you. Bamboo Dental is proud to be open seven days a week. Most cosmetic dental practices close their doors on a weekend but we understand emergencies can strike at any moment. What’s more, we understand that in this day and age, our patients live busier than ever lives, and we believe you shouldn’t have to take time out of work hours for dental care. We are also open till late on week nights, meaning you could aways visit us after work should your weekends be occupied.
You also don’t have to worry about where to park when you arrive as you have a guaranteed parking space in our carpark, making your trip to Bamboo Dental as stress free as possible.

Leading providers of Six Month Smiles

Bamboo Dental are a leading provider of Six Month Smiles, not only in Wales but the UK. Six Month Smiles is the revolutionary cosmetic treatment which promises you straighter white teeth in just six months. Dr. Dan is a leading provider meaning should you have treatment with him you are guaranteed the highest level of dentistry and the highest quality teeth straightening in Wales. Six Month Smiles is a discreet straightening system which uses clear brackets and wires to straighten teeth. The treatment is so popular as it is almost invisible, meaning you don’t have to worry about showing your teeth to others during your treatment. Long gone are the days of traditional train braces. We believe you shouldn’t have to fork out a fortune for straight white teeth, and you shouldn’t have to be embarrassed by unsightly braces during your treatment.

Monthly Payment Plans

Of course, dental care can be costly upfront. We’re not denying it. We aim to offer the most affordable prices to our patients but understand that it’s not always convenient to pay up front. We don’t think you should have to either which is why offer monthly payment plans to make your journey towards the perfect smile as stress free as possible. You can choose to pay over twelve or twenty four months, meaning your wallet can look as good as your smile. Paying monthly is so much easier than paying up front, and every patient that opts for a pay monthly programme reveals to us they couldn’t have had their dream smile without it. You pay your phone bill monthly, so why not pay for you smile monthly too? Especially when your smile is far more important that your phone!

Free Consultations

Have we convinced you yet? If not, we have one more reason and we think we’ve saved the best. Did you know Bamboo Dental offer free consultations? Pretty cool huh? That means that even if you’re not 100% about a certain treatment, or decide to walk away having changed your mind, you still won’t pay a penny! We hope that won’t happen though! Should you call up and decided to organise a free consultation, a member of our expert team will sit down with you to discuss the treatment of your choice, and how you may or may not benefit from it. Should the treatment be unsuitable for you, our dentists will offer you the best alternative. If eligible for a your treatment, your expert will be on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have about the treatment. In addition, it’s your chance to meet your practitioner and see the dentist who will be there every step of your journey. Should you still wish to continue with the treatment after the free consultation, we’ll book you in for an appointment shortly after.

We hope the above reasons have convinced you as to why you should choose Bamboo Dental as your cosmetic dental practice. Bamboo Dental’s a cosmetic dental practice you can rely on, however if you have any more questions feel free to contact us on 02920 569769. Alternatively, you can contact us on our contact page. We make smiles that change lives and hope yours could be the next.


Clear braces, fast results, a happier you


clear braces

Clear braces, fast results, a happier you

Clear braces: The Choices

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you of the benefits of having straight white teeth. Everybody wants straight white teeth. Not only does having an aligned smile significantly add to your appearance, but it also works wonders for your confidence. We’re sure that the reason why you’re reading this blog now is probably down to a desire to boost your confidence. However, we understand that many people who are self conscious about their smile will be just as self conscious about a train track brace in their mouth. The good news is that we’ve come a long way from the days of traditional train track braces. No longer do you need to worry about silver train track braces on your teeth. After all, you shouldn’t have to worry about the straightening process!

So what treatments do Bamboo Dental offer exactly? Which alternatives do we provide for discreet teeth straightening? We offer two major clear aligning systems at Bamboo Dental – Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. Which treatment you opt is entirely down to personal preference. In this blog we will talk you through the two systems to help you better decide which treatment could be perfect for you. Both are effective, but as we said, the choice is completely down to you.

Invisalign – The convenient clear aligning system

Everybody wants that perfect straight white smile. The whitening process is simple enough but the actual straightening process requires more effort and care. The length of treatment time from one system to another varies. At Bamboo Dental we offer only the fastest and effective treatments. We don’t like to sacrifice quality of treatment for faster treatment time-  but luckily for you – we don’t have to! Our five time award winning team of experts can provide not just the very best treatment, but provide it fast.

One of our straightening systems at Bamboo Dental is Invisalign. Invisalign is an innovative treatment that offers you discreet straightening fast. Invisalign involves coming along to the practice and having impressions taken of your teeth. Once these impressions are taken, we will provide you with two gum shield like trays to wear at all times. These custom fit trays are designed to straighten the teeth whilst making little difference visually. These trays are close to invisible and our patients comment on how friends and family fail to notice they’re even wearing the aligners. During you treatment, Dr. Dan or another member of the team will regularly see you to make any adjustments that are required. You’ll be able to follow your progress via the amazing Invisalign app on your phone or tablet. We’re here with you every step of the way and will support you in any way we can. These clear braces are hugely popular as you are able to remove them when eating or drinking, or cleaning teeth. If you think Invisalign is something you may be interested in, read more about it here.

Six Month Smiles – Clear braces

Although Invisalign is a hugely popular treatment, Six Month Smiles is our number 1 clear braces system at Bamboo Dental. Why’s that you ask? There are several reasons. Firstly, Dr. Daniel Rogers is a leading figure in the UK for offering Six Month Smiles – the straightening system that promises you straighter white teeth in just six months or less. We’re offering you world class state of the treatment at affordable prices. No other system is as fast or effective as Six Month Smiles. Why do people opt for Invisalign over Six Month Smiles then? Six Month Smiles is a fantastic straightening system, however the clear braces are fixed to the teeth. Composed of thin clear wires and brackets, Six Month Smiles is just as discreet but you can’t remove them as you can with Invisalign aligners. Which ever treatment you choose therefore will rest on one question. What is more important to you – quicker results with fixed clear braces, or just as effective results but over a longer period of time? We must stress that both methods are just as effective as the other, which one you opt for is again your choice. Dr. Dan or another member of the team will offer his expert opinion and which one you could benefit from more during your free consultation for clear braces at Bamboo Dental. To find out more about Six Month Smiles, why not read up on the treatment on our Six Month Smiles page?

Free consultation for clear braces

Should you be interested in either of our clear braces systems (and why wouldn’t you be!), why not give us a call on 02920 569769 and organise a free consultation. We aim to offer answers to any questions you may have on the website or over the phone. However, the best place to ask an questions or queries is at a free consultation with one of our experts at the practice. In organising a free consultation, you’re securing a slot with one of the countries leading dentists. The expert is there to hear your concerns, answer your questions and offer you the best course of action based on your current smile. The consultation is absolutely free, meaning you have zero to lose by popping along for a chat.

Should you be happy to proceed with treatment, we’ll book you in for your first appointment at Bamboo Dental for either Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. The free consultation is your first step on your journey to the perfect smile, so why not get in touch today? If you are in need of that push to give you extra confidence, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  We also offer pay monthly plans so should you worry about the price of treatment, you know there is an alternative to paying upfront. Give us a call today and make the change you want to see happen!


What a Private Cardiff Dentist Can Offer You?


Our private Cardiff dentist is not only open 7 days a week but is manned by a 5 times award winning team. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider registering at our Cardiff dentist now! But that’s not all, there are so many reasons that you should consider when deciding on which route to take your dental treatment down. Take a seat and contemplate. It’s a very important decision and should be thought about carefully.


Our Cardiff Dentist is the Dentist for you!

Many people are deciding to switch their dental provider from the NHS to private and this is not surprising considering the wide plethora of benefits to making the change. Here we are going to discuss what these benefits may be and open the lid on real life after joining a private Cardiff dentist.


Why join Bamboo’s private Cardiff dentist?

If you start to consider switching your dental provision to private then you will most likely come across the general stigma that it is just too expensive. Well, this is actually no longer the case. In fact, the price of private dentistry has decreased dramatically in recent years making it more affordable than ever. Due to this large decrease in price there has been a 20% increase in cosmetic work carried out through the last 3-4 years. This is not only due to the decreased prices but also due to the advancements in technology that have made a wider variety of treatments even more accessible to those searching for ways to look after their smiles.


A wider choice of treatments

New innovations spring up in the dental industry every year and you’ll find these mostly available in the private sector. This is due to the fact that most newer treatments wouldn’t be eligible for NHS funding. If you chose to go private then a wide range of treatments are available to you ranging from fillings and crowns to teeth whitening and dental implants. Not only this but there is an incentive for private dentists to keep on learning about new techniques and treatments as these add an extra dimension to the practice. Having these available to you may be priceless in your future dental treatments.


More time with your dentist

Under the pressure of NHS targets, many dentists will be forced to cut the time they can spend with you to as little as possible. However, when you visit a private dentist there is more leeway. The dentist does not need to be so rushed and can make sure that your treatment has been completed thoroughly and to a high standard. NHS targets can be a real burden in terms of the quality of treatment provided. It is kind of a paradox in that targets are needed to provide enough treatment for everyone who needs it but the more people that require treatment means that less time can be spent on each patient per time period in order for all of the targets to be met. In private dentistry, your practice will only accept the amount of patients that it has the capacity to treat to the high standards that they have set. This reflects strongly on the individual practice and so is certainly the way to go!



Where NHS treatments often focus on solving issues that you have with your teeth it is important not to neglect the idea of prevention. When you visit your private dentist, not only will current issues be solved but extensive care can be taken to make sure that you are very low risk from gaining problems in the future.


A range of finance options

When opting for higher end treatments such as dental implants or cosmetic veneers or simply choosing to sign up to a dental plan, there are numerous ways you are able to pay for your treatment.


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is widely available and can be purchased from several reputable companies. Some of these include; Bupa, Cigna and Allianz and you can expect to pay around £20 per month. Many employers will actually offer you dental insurance as a part of your contract. When you go for this type of dental insurance you will usually have 70% – 100% of your treatment costs covered.


Monthly Payment Plans

The majority of private dentists have some form of payment plan available. These come in the form of a medical loan and can help you spread the cost of your treatment interest free across up to three years. This can make a seemingly expensive treatment very affordable and accessible to everyone!


Practice Dentist Plans

Most private dentists will have some form of health plan available for its patients to sign up to. One of the most popular is called Denplan. This plan has a general cost of £15-£25 per month and is great at nurturing the habit of visiting the dentist for regular check ups, something essential for healthy oral hygiene.

These regular visits enable the dentist to spot any potential issues very early. This means that problems can be resolved before the get worse down the line.



You’ll find that when you go private, you will see a higher quality of care that is back up by guarantees. For example, Bamboo Offer a personal 5 year guarantee on cosmetic treatments. This is key as it reflects the immense confidence that our Head Dentist, Dr Dan has in the quality and success rate of his treatments.


Want to join?

If you would like to consider joining the private list then take a look at our Bamboo Dental Care plan and complete the contact form or give us a quick call on 02920569769 if you are interested!


Is the Inman Aligner Right For You?


The Inman Aligner is one of the few teeth straightening solutions that can give great results in a very short amount of time. In fact, it can straighten your teeth in just 12 weeks. So, if you are looking for a quick fix to create a confident smile then Inman Aligner may just be the ticket. Read on to find out if you could be a great candidate for the treatment!

inman aligner

Is the Inman Aligner right for you?

So why is it that the Inman Aligner can straighten teeth so quickly? And are there any scenarios where it won’t work for certain teeth types? Well, you’re in the right place to find out.


The Inman Aligner is actually most useful for less severe teeth movements. If your teeth are very crooked or spaced out, then another option such as Invisalign may be a better option. However, if you fall under the category where your teeth need to be straightened but there is not a whole lot of movement needed then it may be a little too much to go for a treatment such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles. In this case, we recommend that Inman Aligner is the treatment to you. It is not only much quicker but also a lot more cost effective!


How does the Inman Aligner work?

The Inman Aligner has two key components – the two aligner bows and the titanium coil springs. The bows are actually powered by the titanium coil springs. The two bows oppose each other and work to guide the teeth into the desired position. The force is gentle but active over a wide range of movement. This is what makes the Inman Aligner work so quickly.


Previous patients have described the Inman Aligner as ‘extremely user friendly’ and ‘such a simple way to straighter teeth’. The fact that this teeth straightening solution is also removable is a huge bonus for many. It means that for certain occasions such as eating food you are able to actually remove the aligner from your mouth. It is still recommended to wear the Inman Aligner for at least 20 hours per day though. If this rule isn’t adhered to then you may see stalls in the speed of your treatment.


Inman Aligner was right for Julie!

Ever since experiencing the simply fantastic results of the Inman Aligner, Julie has done nothing but sing its praises. She can’t understand why others wouldn’t want to invest a little money and just a few months of their time to gain such improvements in their smile and their confidence.


Julie had one ‘rogue tooth’ according to her description. That’s all it took to knock down the confidence of a very successful woman in her early thirties. Said rogue tooth happened to be one of those at the front and as it was just the one it seemed to be all the more noticeable. After much research and little action taking, Julie decided that she needed an expert opinion.


On arrival at her free consultation, Julie broke down tears. She explained how she felt half the person she knew she was. It was just impossible to have a conversion with anyone else without feeling a deep prickle of anxiety over her chest. The worry of judgement engulfed her mind into a frenzy. This took its toll over the years and her confidence had spiralled down into nothingness. Letting this all out to the dentist at her consultation was the first step for Julie to turn her life around and get back on track!


The options…

Julie had a few different treatments available to her. However, her situation fell into the Inman Aligner bracket just perfectly. That was great for Julie as this particular treatment is not only one of the fastest teeth straightening treatments available but it is also one of the least expensive. After realising how little effort would even be needed to straighten up her rogue tooth, Julie felt an immense sense of happiness and frustration at the same time. The frustration came from the fact that she had left it so long and would not get that time back again. ‘Regret is a funny thing’ she said. ‘You don’t feel that until its too late and there is no way to get rid of the feeling, it’s just something you have to live with.’


The treatment…

Two months past in no time. The treatment was straightforward as the Inman Aligner is simply a removable aligner type device. Julie would wear the device for the majority of the day, only taking it out to eat food and for the occasional drink. Regular check-ups enabled the dentist to make sure the Inman Aligner was working effectively and after two months the treatment was complete! Following a complimentary teeth whitening, Julie was ready to enter the world once again, beaming smile and all.


Julie’s advice…

We asked Julie what advice she would give to anyone else considering the treatment. Well here’s what she said; ‘I know it sounds cliche but time really is of the essence. I have to live with the regret that I waited close to 10 years before taking action. That really hurts when I think about it. If I could give any advice it would be that if you are going to do this eventually, just do it now. Why wait? My life has improved 100 fold since going through the treatment. It may just be the one most important thing i’ve done so far in my life!’


You can find reviews from patients covering a wide range of treatments here…


Which Teeth Straightening Method is Quickest?


quick teeth straightening

Teeth Straightening: Which Method is Quickest?

Fast Teeth Straightening in Cardiff

We all want straight teeth. The rise of cosmetic dentistry has seen more of us than ever headed to our local dentists for the perfect straight smile. However, the promise alone of a straighter smile isn’t enough. We understand our patients are busy people and want a treatment that schedules in well along side. Gone is the time of having to have braces for years on end to have a straighter smile. As cosmetic dentistry advances, so does the competition. There are more straightening systems than ever before, which can only be a good thing for those interested in straighter teeth. Not only does the price decrease, but so does the treatment time. We understand that no straightening system is ever 100% convenient – which is why you’ll probably want the teeth straightening system that takes as little time as possible. At Bamboo Dental we have a number of different straightening systems. In this helpful blog, we’ve collated our top three straightening systems – all of which provide fast and life changing results. After all, you shouldn’t have to wait a moment longer than you need to for that dream smile!

Six Month Smiles: Fast Teeth Straightening in Cardiff

Our most popular teeth straightening system at Bamboo Dental is Six Month Smiles. Why? Because it works, and it works quickly. Most patients who come in interested in teeth straightening opt for Six Month Smiles because one can’t deny the benefits of the treatment. Six Month Smiles is discreet. Unlike traditional train track braces, the brackets and wires are clear in colour making them difficult to detect. This is great for anyone who’s worried about the appearance and discretion of braces. The other huge advantage is the speed of the treatment. The clue is in the name – straight white teeth in only six months. Quite often, treatment is faster than six months. Depending on the treatment, some cases have only taken three months. The best way to know how long your treatment may take is to organise a free consultation with us at the practice. Six Month Smiles is such a triumph in dentistry as it gives you exactly what you want in such a short time period. Our patients are never disappointed in the treatment, this is probably down to the fact that Bamboo Dental is the leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Wales. Not only are we leading providers of the treatments, but our team is five time award winning. You’re in safe hands at Bamboo Dental knowing you’re getting only the best teeth straightening treatment by the best providers. If Six Month Smiles sounds like the ultimate teeth straightening system for you, why not read more about Six Month Smiles here?

Invisalign in Cardiff

Next up Invisalign. How is Invisalign a different straightening system you ask? Unlike Six Month Smiles, Invisalign isn’t a fixed straightening system. Invisalign treatment is essentially two gum shield like trays that are placed onto the teeth in order to straighten them. These trays are custom fit to your teeth and are remade as your straightening journey progresses. The trays can be removed whilst brushing and eating and drunk. Whilst we don’t recommend removing them for any other occasion, the fact these trays can be removed for very special events are also a huge plus. Invisalign trays are also clear and are close to invisible when worn. Whilst Invisalign usually takes longer than Six Month Smiles treatment, the huge draw to the Invisalign treatment is that removable element. Through out the journey, you’ll be able to follow your progress through the Invisalign app. Regular appointments at Bamboo Dental will also help to keep you on track. If you think Invisalign is a treatment you may be interested in, read more about the Invisalign straightening system here.

Veneers: The Quickest Alternative?

There is a third option. We’re about to offer you a cheat code here. Many patients with small issues eventually opt for veneers over straightening systems. We see many patients that are insecure about the odd tooth here or there. Whether a tooth is chipped, cracked, or misaligned, many patients save hundreds of pounds just by choosing veneers. Veneers don’t actually move teeth, but more hide small dental imperfections. Why spend months straightening a tooth when you can stick a veneer on? Ok, it’s not always so simple, and not everyone is a perfect fit for veneers, but why not book a consultation to find out if you are? The good thing about veneers is that it is indeed a cover up. Those of you who don’t want to wait months and months for straighter teeth (especially when the problem is only small) could really benefit from veneers. Veneers are a thin layer of material that are glued to the teeth. Veneers are hugely popular as they provide natural results and they provide them fast. Veneers are popular with people of all ages and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the results. If you’re interested in veneers as an alternative to teeth straightening, why not read more about Veneers here?

So what next? If you think one of our teeth straightening treatments could be the perfect fix for you, call us today on 02920 569769. One of our expert dentists can reveal your options during a free consultation at the practice. The consultation with a member of our five time award winning team is free so you have nothing to lose by popping by and showing us our teeth. At Bamboo Dental, we think you deserve the smile of your dreams, and deserve it fast! So get in touch today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!