Bamboo Dental Awarded Best in Wales 2017!


We’ve been incredibly grateful to find ourselves amongst more dental industry awards this year. We’ve been awarded two more titles to add to our previous five accolades.

Bamboo Dental Handed Top Accolade at Dentistry Awards

Team Bamboo had made their way up to the great city of Leicester for the annual Dentistry Awards ceremony. At the event, numerous titles are awarded to dental practices around the UK to recognise their exceptional performance in various areas of the industry.


Some of the awards ranged from Best Patient Care and Best Young Dentist to the much anticipated Best Overall Practice. The venue was very fitting for such a worthwhile event. A red glow spread through the crowds and a suspense grew as the countdown pursued. Before long it was time for the awards to be announced. Bamboo had been nominated for three awards this year; Best Practice, Best Patient Care and Best Team.


We were so grateful to be able to win the title for both Best Practice and Best Patient Care. We were also given a highly recommended award for Best Team. We’re so thankful to have been recognised for the work we’ve all put into to building Bamboo Dental the way we have. It’s been a great year and we are looking forward to carrying on our hard work into 2018!


We want to thank the FMC for running such a fantastic event and look forward to being a part of the Dentistry Awards in 2018.



How Straighter Teeth Could Land You Your Dream Job


It may sound unusual, or even bizarre, but we have on numerous occasions had patients say the same thing to us – my straighter teeth have helped me land my dream job! The reasons behind this is not purely aesthetic. There are much deeper rooted forces at play that can yield incredible benefits to your life yet they are so often overlooked by those looking to straighten their teeth. When you are looking to improve your smile you should consider benefits further than the improved appearance you will have at the end of your treatment. A new smile could change your life forever.


Straighter Teeth Are Not All They Seem

how straighter teeth could land you your dream job

Signals of Health

Assume we stood two almost identical people next to each other, one smiling with straight white teeth and the other forcing a reluctant smile with crooked and discoloured teeth. If we then asked you which seemed to be more healthy what would you say?


The answer of course, is the one with straighter teeth. Scientific studies have shown that a persons smile is one of the first things we look at when meeting them for the first time. First impressions certainly count, especially at a job interview. It is built into our genes since living out in the wild that a healthier person is more valuable as they have longer to live, can hunt more vigorously or will be most likely to make it through child birth. These traits are deep rooted in our evolutionary brains. So, when you attend the interview for your dream job a healthier appearance is certainly helpful to your prospects.


Sure, companies should be impartial about this type of thing but subconsciously these small factors will influence decisions with more force than you may think. You wouldn’t attend an interview without showering and grooming yourself first and this is all to show that if you can look after yourself and your own presentation then you are capable to steer the ship of the job you are applying for. Don’t stop at your clothes and your hair cut, your teeth are just as important!


Confidence is Key

You need to be sure of yourself. You need to be confident. This sends a message out to your potential employer that you have self belief and that you know that you can do this job well.


Crooked teeth are among the top confidence killers and if not corrected can send out the wrong message to the people you talk to. If you are in an interview and seem unconfident and self conscious then this feeling will transfer straight on to your interviewer. They will know that you aren’t so confident and will wonder why. This doubt in their mind will not help your prospects of getting hired!


These behaviours are very telling but are not the only factor that confidence plays. If you were to have your smile straightened then you would walk into that interview with a right happy smile. You would seem more approachable and more friendly, an ideal person to work with as part of a team. You would most likely have prepared for the interview with more vigour and attention instead of worrying about what the interviewer will think about your teeth. All of these details add up and could be the difference as to whether you land that dream job or not.


Patients with insecurities often worry about the appearance of their braces when they are considering the treatment. The great thing about cosmetic dentistry in today’s world is that this has been greatly considered in the development of new products. There are several discreet options that you can go for. Invisalign is a see through, removable aligner form of brace that will enable you to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing.


Another option is the Six Month Smiles brace system. This system aims to incorporate both speed with discreetness. The brace is fixed with train track style brackets to give the fastest treatment possible. However, unlike regular braces, Six Month Smiles braces are clear making them hard to notice!


You Will Have More Initiative

One of the biggest revelations we have had from patients is that when they finished their treatment they simply put themselves out there more. They felt more value and self worth and so decided to go for those jobs that before seemed out of grasp.


The boost in self confidence is the catalyst for this and provides a quite incredible snowball effect. Just a small increase in confidence will help you to take more action than you previously did. When those actions yield positive results it will back up the idea in your head that you are good enough and you can achieve these goals. You will then take that momentum and take further action rolling the snowball along into bigger and bigger gains. And it can all start with something as simple as a teeth straightening treatment!



You Will Be More Attractive

Studies have shown that a persons smile is one of the top factors in how attractive you think they are. By going through a treatment to create straighter teeth and a beautiful smile it is obvious that you will look more attractive afterwards. But how will this help you land that dream job?


Your confidence will sky-rocket. You will find that more opportunities land at your feet. This may not necessarily be directly related to the increase in your attractiveness but ore so to your higher feeling of self worth. When you look at yourself in the mirror showing  smile to be envied you will feel more value in yourself. This will lead you to take more chances and seek out those opportunities all because you perceive yourself to be ore attractive.


Not only this but your new demeanour will lead to increased response and engagement from potential employers as they notice how much you value yourself and so value you more automatically.



It Doesn’t Stop at Your Dream Job

These benefits of straighter teeth will help you in many other areas than just on your vocation. You will be in a better position to find that loving soulmate you have been searching for. You may be more energetic and friendly in your social circle. That shy, unspoken person may blossom into a confident, happy person who can share their true self with those round them. That is something to seriously consider when deciding how important your smile is to your life.


Choosing the Right Dentist in Cardiff


In a crowded industry it can be difficult to figure out which dentist in Cardiff is right for you. There is a a lot to consider. Is the head dentist well respected? Is the quality of dental treatment up to scratch? What are others saying about the dental practice? Are the treatments price competitive? Here at Bamboo Dental, we are always looking for ways to help our patients and so we want you to be sure that Bamboo is the right dentist for you. Read on to find out more about Bamboo and how you can get in touch if you decide that we are the best dentist in Cardiff for you.


Who is Bamboo’s Head Dentist in Cardiff?


Bamboo are lucky to have Head Dentist, Dr Dan at the helm. Dr Dan has won various awards including:

  • Best Patient Care in Wales and the South West
  • Best Young Dentist
  • Best Team in Wales and the South West

dr dan landscape

Dr Dan is also the leading provider in Wales for Six Month Smiles teeth straightening treatment. His expertise is second to none and is the go to dentist for teeth straightening treatment in Wales. Dr Dan has a vision to help the community in any way that he can. That’s why he offers competitive prices and affordable 0% finance plans in an effort to make all dental treatment, both private and NHS, as available to anyone who seeks it.


How Good is the Quality of Dental Treatment?


One of the key philosophies at Bamboo is to provide outstanding dental treatment and affordable prices. This is something that Dr Dan has truly embedded at the dental practice in Cardiff. Many practices aim to get patients in and out as fast as they can but at Bamboo this is certainly not the way. We value our patients more than that. You will be able to spend as long with the dentist as you need to ensure that your treatment is completed with the highest quality and care.


For more information about the quality of our treatments we would highly recommend that you read reviews left by patients who have previously had treatment at Bamboo. In order to do this please take a look at the paragraph below which will show you where you can read about others’ experiences at Bamboo.


What are others saying about Bamboo?


When researching your best dentist in Cardiff, it is important to not only read what the dentist has to say but more importantly, read about what others are saying about the practice. After all, they have visited your prospective dentist before and so will have some extremely insightful and relevant knowledge about the dental practice in question.


Bamboo Dental value our patients above all else and always ask for their feedback about their time spent with us. There are various methods that our patients can leave a review about Bamboo and these are listed below so that you can take a few minutes to get a feel for how others regard our dental practice in Cardiff and what you can expect if you decide to have dental treatment with us.



Dental facilities at our dentists in Cardiff


In 2016, our dental practice in Cardiff opened up a brand new surgery. This was built specifically to help us cater for the incredibly high number of people looking to take treatment at our dentist in Cardiff. The new surgery is open to serve all kinds of treatments from private dentistry treatments including; Orthodontics and cosmetic veneers to general dentistry procedures such as crowns and general dental check-ups.


dentist in cardiff


The new surgery not only looks incredibly impressive but boasts all of the latest state of the art equipment that allows our dentists to utilise their expertise to the highest possible quality. It is rare that you will get a chance to see the dental surgery before actually visiting your dentist but we feel that there is a huge benefit for those suffering from dental phobia to be able to see the environment in the surgery before they come to visit.


Dental Treatment Prices at Bamboo Dental in Cardiff

Bamboo Dental are very transparent about the prices of our treatment. We aim to provide the only best treatment and care but look to also provide this at prices that are affordable to everyone. Please take a look at our price list to see the prices of our various treatments.


Where is Bamboo Dental Located – How Can You Get in Touch?

Bamboo Dental is located just a short distance away from Cardiff city centre. We are very easy to locate and have parking (both disabled and general) available for your patients to utilise. Please see below for our full address:


28 Cowbridge Road West,
Cardiff, CF5 5BS
Call us: 029 2056 9769
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can get in touch via our contact us page on our website.


Dentist in Cardiff: “Would a Sugar Tax Benefit Teeth?”


Dentist in Cardiff Shares Opinion on Sugar Tax


As a dentist in Cardiff, we often see the adverse effects excessive sugar consumption can have on your teeth. So when David Cameron decided not to rule out the possibility of introducing a sugar tax, our interest was peaked.


Could this tax be the birth of a new era for dental hygiene, or will its launch create new difficulties for your oral health?


image of sugar in the words tax by dentist in cardiff


How Would the Sugar Tax Work?


Public Health England recently produced a much anticipated report outlining the current effects that sugar is having on our health. The report concludes by stating that our unhealthy sugar consumption is leading to health issues and obesity.


A proposition of what can be done was outlined by Public Health England. Amongst various suggestions lay a key idea that is causing a stir in the food and drink industry:


“A tax on sugar between 10-20%.”


If implemented, the sugar tax should force up the price of the affected foods and drinks. In theory, this will lead to consumers buying less of these products and thus decreasing sugar consumption in the economy.



What Does Less Sugar Mean for Your Teeth?


Our Dentist in Cardiff often treats patients for tooth decay (causing cavities). This is certainly a consequence arising due to excessive sugar consumption.



Tooth Decay


tooth decay dentist in cardiff


Cavities are formed due to bacteria living in the mouth. These organisms digest small pieces of carbohydrate debris that is stuck to the teeth after you eat. This excess debris is often left after eating foods such as; cookies, sweets and fizzy drinks.


As these bacteria progress with digesting the excess carbohydrates, an acid is formed in your mouth. This acid reacts with your saliva to form your tooth’s arch enemy – plaque.


This plaque starts to accrue in your mouth every time you eat. If you fail to brush your teeth properly and regularly, the plaque remains. Consequently, this leads to the erosion of your tooth enamel. As this worsens, the plaque begins to attack the deeper layers of your teeth resulting in cavities that can cause intense tooth pain.


So, although sugar is not the direct cause of cavities, it certainly acts indirectly in a way that leaves you set on the dreaded path to tooth decay.



The Case of Substitute Goods


girl drinking coffee at dentist in cardiff


Although, in theory, the sugar-tax will greatly reduce consumption of sugar in the United Kingdom. This is certainly not the end of the story. As sugary products become more expensive for the average consumer, what will they consume instead?


This is a key concept for us to consider. Our dentist in Cardiff knows first hand, that sugary foods are not the only culprit of poor dental health. If our consumers end up replacing their excessive sugar consumption with increased purchasing of something equally damaging or even worse, then the tax on sugar would be ineffective.


For example, if sugary snacks become too expensive, some people may start to snack on foods such as pickled onions or gherkins. These foods are drenched in highly acidic vinegar which can cause damage to your teeth.


What about fizzy drinks? The increased prices for these may lead to people choosing to consume higher amounts of coffee as a replacement. The tannic acids in coffee can result in the wear down of your enamel.


On top of this, too much coffee can cause your teeth to become discoloured. Although this can be rectified with the use of a professional teeth whitening treatment.



What if Producers’ Try to Cut Costs?


Sugary treat producers will see a dramatic fall in profits as a result of the implementation of a sugar tax. Naturally, they will look for way to bring their sales back up. One way of doing this is to cut the costs of production in an effort to counteract the tax. If successful, the company can offer their sugary snacks at the original price and still make the same amount of profit as they used to before the tax!


In an effort to cut costs, the quality of these sugary snacks will inevitably drop:

  • Cheaper, less healthy ingredients may be used.


  • Unhealthy additives may be bolstered on to the ingredients list in an effort to increase shelf life.


  • Forms of sweeteners may be developed that could be even worse for us than sugar is.


These are just a few of the ways our sugar rich snacks could be adapted following the introduction of a sugar tax, and just some of the reasons why our Dentist in Cardiff believes that the bigger picture must be assessed when discussing the tax.



So, What Can Be Done?


It has been suggested that any money generated through the tax should be reinvested into other healthier food industries.


This will help with the development of new healthier snacks and could lead to the rise of a new healthier food industry. If these types of healthier snacks could be subsidised by the Government then sugary-snack producers may have a strong enough incentive to move away from their old products and start producing those foods and drinks that will give us better nutrition.


Some of the funds generated from the tax should also be used to provide information to the public. Over-consumption of these sugary foods can be greatly reduced if we work to getting more and more information and knowledge out there that explains to consumers what they are putting into their mouth.



Is Your Dentist in Cardiff in Favour of the Sugar Tax?


dentist in cardiff bamboo


Bamboo Dental, our dentist in Cardiff, believes that the introduction of the tax can potentially have incredible health benefits for your teeth. From a dentist’s point of you, this is great and would be warmly welcomed.


Of course, there would need to be other strategies put into place that can help shape the snack industry in the right way if the tax is introduced. But, all said, it’s introduction is very likely to have a positive effect on the nation’s dental health.




We have had a great day with Shark Biscuit Productions having our photos taken to show everyone the great team that makes up Bamboo Dental.